What are the different aspects related to solar mounting system?

The solar mounting system, also known as photovoltaic mounting system, is used for fixing the solar panels on various surfaces such as building facades, ground or the roof. The mounting systems help in the retrofitting of the solar panel on surfaces such as roofs or on the structure of the building. The mounting systems are necessary for appropriate design as well as functioning of solar photovoltaic system. The mounting systems tend to provide structural support which is needed for sustaining solar panels at the optimum tilt and it also affects overall temperature of system.

Choosing the right solar mounting system 

Based on the type of mounting structure the mechanism of cooling can be different. The solar panels that are mounted on ground provide better air flow from both sides. This is why they cool off more easily than the panels that are mounted on the roof. This affects the overall temperature control for the solar panels and the efficiency of these panels. The decision on the type of solar mounting system also has an effect on the overall cost of project. The installation of the roof mounting can potentially lead to modifications in the structure of the house which will cause further increase in the costs. 

The type of mounting system has a direct impact on the efficiency of the system as the systems that are ground mounted provide better maneuverability for the tilt than the roof mounted panels, and thus it has an effect on power output of the system across the year. This is why it is important for the customers to determine the type of solar mounting system that is compatible with their requirements. The different types of solar mounting system options that are available includes roof mounted, ground mounted and floated mounting system. 

The inclination and orientation plays a vital role in the process of mounting solar racking system. The solar cells usually perform at optimum when panel surface is in perpendicular to sun’s rays. This angle changes constantly throughout the day and this is why solar racking systems are used for fixing solar arrays at same angle as latitude of array’s location for maximizing the annual production of energy.

What to expect from Mibet energy?

The Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co. Ltd., also referred to as Mibet energy, is an high-tech enterprise which specializes in the research and development as well as manufacturing plus selling of the solar energy products. With the right infra and ecosystem in place, the https://www.mbt-energy.com/ has dedicated all efforts in providing top class solar mounting system solutions across the globe. 

The economical and reliable solar mounting systems from company are sold in excess of 100 countries and Mibet energy has become one of the largest exporters of the solar PV system located in China. The featured solar mounting systems provided by the company are Floating PV system, MRac ground Solar PV system, MRac Flat Roof solar PV mounting system and MRac pitched roof Solar PV mounting System.

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