Silencil Review – Negative Side Effects or Real Ingredients For Tinnitus Treatment?

There is a problem that most people suffer from – especially aged people. This is known as tinnitus. A sharp sound or buzzing in the ears affects the brain and every other sensitive part of the body, leaving people with a feeling of depression, distress, anxiety, and frustration.

Tinnitus is an ailment that is usually caused due to age, as hearing loss affects them more as well as lack of sleep.

Suffering from tinnitus is truly disheartening. Imagine hearing sharp sounds in one or both ears and knowing that it is not a general sound heard by everyone around, and it is usually painful and inconveniencing.


As the saying goes, “most problems experienced when people are old are the consequences of what they did when they were young”. One of the causes of tinnitus is using very loud earpieces and people in a very noisy environment due to work and other reasons.

Some causes might not be due to self-inflicted actions. Most people suffer from tinnitus in their old age, probably because they were involved in an accident. Sometimes, those in the armed forces are often exposed to the sounds of gunshots.

Tinnitus doesn’t just make people hear sharp sounds, it also leads to sleepless nights and lots of other issues.

This is a feeling nobody should experience, and that is the reason for this review.

An active, healthy supplement has been produced using 100% natural ingredients, which are now made available for people with this condition, this scientifically produced supplement is no other than Silencil.

This is a unique supplement that can remedy those with tinnitus and help solve other health issues, especially in old people.

To understand the benefits attached to adding Silencil as a daily supplement and other important questions will be clarified in this review.

What is Silencil?

This is a triple-action supplement produced with health enhancement ingredients and some special herbs that curbs tinnitus. It takes the action of combating brain inflammation.

Silencil is a specially formulated supplement that improves the overall brain functions and strengthens the immune system to withstand other ailments that might be trying to formulate and has been in use since 2018.

When the inflammation of the brain is reduced, the brain will automatically heal naturally, a supplement that boosts mental health.

Silencil is produced under strict supervision and approval by the FDA without any GMO by a research analyst by the name of Henry Sanders, who is known to have worked for a popular pharmaceutical company for over 25 years.

He also has a track record of working with renowned doctors and healthcare specialists. He went into research to find a remedy for tinnitus due to his experience of it, which came suddenly and unexpectedly.

Henry Sanders went into research relating to the condition, and after a long time, he came up with a solution that combats brain inflammation known as silence. This is the best medication for tinnitus and other health issues related to hearing and the brain.

The founder always shares the story of how his tinnitus problem led him to discover this natural and low price solution that makes people suffering from tinnitus regain their hearing abilities and eliminate the sharp noise they experience.

It is a natural dietary supplement that is so powerful that it eradicates tinnitus without any trace of it and restores sanity and clarity.

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How Does Silencil Work?

Silencil is a supplement that targets brain inflammation, a major cause of tinnitus. It is hyperactive when taken. It works rapidly and aids mental wellness, shields people from migraines and fatigue in the brain.

When taken, this supplement can go further to combat life-threatening brain disorders like dementia and memory loss (amnesia).

Silencil works independently without any extra medications, surgery, or sound therapy, which has been proven not to be of any help at all rather than giving extra excruciating pains.

This clinically tested and easy-to-follow solution is the best when it comes to eliminating that buzzing or ringing sounds in the ears and other disorders that may occur in patients with tinnitus.

Regaining peace of mind, happiness and comfort is paramount and for those that have had theirs stolen by tinnitus, Silencil is the recommended solution to remedying it.

Ingredients Used in Producing Silencil


According to the official websites, Silencil supplement was uniquely produced using the careful articulation and combination of 28 herbal extracts and vitamins. Here are a few of the ingredients used in procuring this specially formulated supplement.

Hawthorn BerryThis is a plant that contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that attacks brain inflammation. It has numerous properties like lowering blood pressure, cholesterol in the body, prevents cardiovascular disorders, hair loss, and a host of other problems, it is very active in eliminating inflammation of nerve cells.


This is very effective for issues relating to the brain and it protects people from a brain disorder. It is also known as Scutellaria and is recommended for old people because it is a unique plant that has the potential to cure insomnia, stroke, anxiety, paralysis, etc.

Oat Straw

With a special property of strengthening the nervous system, it reduces the effect of depression while combating the depression itself. It moderates blood sugar and reduces inflammation.

This is an ingredient found in Silencil due to its ability to end tinnitus and it serves as a brain enhancer and booster.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is a herb that lowers blood pressure, heightens dopamine, and aids the overall mood of people. This plant extract is a nervine tonic and is highly anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B1, B2, and B6

Vitamins are essential for the body and overall health. Vitamin B1 is known to prevent problems that might come up in the nervous system, heart, and muscles. Vitamin B2 aids in breaking down carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and Vitamin B6, which curbs depression symptoms, enhances brain health, and helps in artery issues.

The other ingredients are Rhodiola, Potassium, Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, Chamomile, etc.

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The Benefits of Using Silencil Dietary Supplement 

Combats brain inflammation which is the root cause of tinnitus:

Silencil stops the inflammation that destroys nerve cells that leads to the noise due to the powerful ingredients called hawthorn and skullcap that can fix brain inflammation.

Eradicating the sharp and buzzing noise inside the ears:

As inflammations are eliminated, the nerve cells naturally begin to heal due to Oat straw, Rhodiola, and Mucuna Pruriens ingredients added to the supplement.

Having a sharper and more rejuvenated mind

Due to the potassium and vitamins B1, B2, and B6 added when producing Silencil. The mind can find peace when the brain inflammation has been combated.

Directives on How to Make Use Silencil Supplement Dosage

Silencil supplement comes with a pack of 30 capsules in each bottle which means one bottle is stipulated to last for one month.

The daily recommended dosage of his supplement is 1 per day. For the effective result, users are advised not to skip dosage or take it lackadaisically without keeping to the recommended daily dosage.

It is also advised that users should not exceed the dosage recommended by the company to avoid negative side effects and other effects of drug abuse.

Current Discount Prices and Packages of Silencil Supplement

  • 1 Bottle – 30 Day Supply formerly $99, discount price $69 per bottle + low shipping fee
  • 3 Bottles – 90 Day Supply formerly $297, discount price $177 per bottle + free shipping within the U.S
  • 6 Bottles – 180 Day Supply formerly $594, discount price $294 per bottle + free shipping within the U.S

Silencil supplement can only be purchased from the official website to avoid fake distribution because the company cares for its clients.

Orders should be made swiftly for clients to enjoy the current discount prices on all packages.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

For the security and assurance of the clients, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee that covers the clients. This is in case clients feel like they are not getting the desired results.

With the 60-day money-back guarantee, users are free to return the product and get a 100% refund of their money.

So this will eliminate any kind of doubt or worries that prospective clients might have.


Some Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Silencil 

Q.Is Silencil Effective and How Long does it Take Before it Starts Showing Results?

A.Reviews and feedback from clients show that Silencil immediately starts taking effect from the first 2 days of using the supplement by experiencing a reduction in the buzzing and ringing sounds they hear in their ears.

Q.Is Silencil Limited to a Certain Age Grade?

A.This supplement, according to the official website, is safe for those within the age of 20 – 80 years.

Some people around their 20s might be suffering from memory loss. This is effective in solving the problem.

Q.How Can Silencil be purchased?

A.It can only be purchased from the official website to avoid extra charges or fake distribution.

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Silencil is a great and recommended supplement for people suffering from tinnitus. It contains 100% natural ingredients without any artificial ingredients.

It contains antioxidants that reduce the chances of various diseases like heart disease, neurological disorder, and feelings like depression, it combats free radicals in the body and fights oxidants that cause cell damage.

It is a highly anti-inflammatory supplement that makes it possible for it to fight brain inflammation that causes tinnitus, and it improves mental health.

Silencil is the best supplement recommended because it does what it is meant to do and more.


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