5 Best Adobe XD Alternative Tools


UX design is a very crucial element of every design because it defines how users are going to interact with your application. This explains why a plethora of design companies heavily invest in good UX designs. While there is an assortment of factors that dictate the success of a UX design, a prototyping tool is no doubt the most important requirement for every UX designer.

A prototyping tool is simply a program/software that helps designers translate their design ideas into a practical application. This translation is a whole process that involves the actual designs, testing, and editing of the design to meet the customer or client’s needs before the full production. Therefore, a prototyping tool will give you a platform to practically see how your design idea works in real practice. It gives you all the necessary design resources and features to transform your idea into a practical application.

Adobe XD is one of the top-rated prototyping tools leveraged by scores of designers, developers, and project managers across the globe. However, Adobe XD is not an all-in-one fit for all designs and this is why it is good to have some of the plausible Adobe XD alternatives in mind. Fortunately, this article takes you through the top 5 best Adobe XD alternative tools to choose for your project.

5 Best Adobe XD alternative Tools

Here are the five best Adobe XD alternative tools

1. Wondershare Mockitt

alt: wondershare mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is no doubt the best Adobe XD an alternative tool for UX design in the market. This amazing tool makes it seamless to do design, prototyping, and collaboration. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, Wondershare Mockitt gives you a plain sailing experience. The elegant and intuitive interface characterized by clear and straightforward icons makes navigation easier than ever. This program is equipped with a plethora of features to help users create eye-catchy and effective designs that seamlessly appeal to the clients/customers. Wondershare Mockitt is packed is a cloud-based application and is therefore compatible with several popular devices ranging from Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android among others. You simply need a browser to log in to your account and access your work anywhere at any given time. Free of bias, Wondershare Mockitt has nearly everything you would demand from a modern UX design tool. Try Wondershare Mockitt and get the experience you always yearned for.

Features of Mockitt

  • This program offers an assortment of templates that suit diverse industries. With these templates, you don’t have to start your designs from zero.
  • This program provides multiple widgets and icons to make your design magnificent.
  • Wondershare Mockitt supports real-time collaboration. Therefore, team members can collaborate to co-edit, comment, send and receive feedback about the project in real-time.
  • This program has an intuitive interface that makes user navigation much more seamless.
  • With this program, you can transform static prototypes into interactive and animated prototypes with ease and speed.
  • Wondershare Mockitt allows users to share their designs/prototypes with friends or colleagues. They can use the visibility settings to define those who can access the project.
  • Designers can hand over the project directly to the development team by generating the respective CSS code.


  • Starter –It supports up to three projects and a single member. It is free.
  • Personal- This is suitable for professionals and only one member is supported with an unlimited number of projects. Its price is $69 per year.
  • Enterprise- This plan is suitable for collaborative teams and supports multiple members with unlimited projects.it goes for $99 per member per year.

2. UXPin

alt: uxpin

UXPin is one of the most powerful Adobe XD alternative tools trusted by scores of people worldwide. Here, you design and manage your entire project on this single platform. UXPin does not fake interactions but rather uses interactive states, logic, and code components to make interactions more real and simplified. With the interactive stateful elements, you won’t suffer from chaos and redundancy because you simply fill your design with interactive elements without duplicating artboards. With the help of code components, you can generate functional and interactive elements from production code to prototype with a single source of truth. Another standout feature here is the conditional interactions, variables, and expressions. This is a good feature because it allows you to add logic to your prototypes to help manipulate user inputs.


  • It has built-in libraries and hundreds of icons to allow users to work faster on their designs.
  • It provides useful form elements like text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons.
  • It allows users to create interactive designs with the help of states, variables, and conditional interaction features.
  • It allows users to preview their prototypes on mobile devices with speed and ease.
  • Users can collaborate to share, collect feedback, and receive approvals from stakeholders.
  • Users can build and reuse components.


  • Basic Plan: $19 per editor per month.
  • Advanced: $29 per editor per month.
  • Professional: $69 per editor per month.
  • Enterprise: custom

3. Protopie

alt: protopie

Protopie offers one of the most intuitive platforms to prototype and perfect designs. This amazing platform offers a unique way to create interactive prototypes. With the unique conceptual model of Object + Trigger + Response, users can create any interaction for their prototypes. The good thing here is that you don’t have to write codes to create desired prototypes. You can seamlessly create interactions using a native camera, native keyboard, SVG, sound, vibration, proximity, and multi-touch among others. Protopie allows users to create the simplest of interactions from Excel-grade formulas to powerful interactions without writing a single line of code. Although this tool doesn’t have as many features as the likes of Mockitt, it is still worth giving a try.


  • Protopie allows users to collaborate and work together on a project via interaction libraries and communicate via interaction recipes.
  • This program supports both simple mind-blowing interactions like the chain, detect, formula, and variables.
  • Users can create interactions using a native camera, native keyboard, SVG, Tilt, vibration, and proximity among others.
  • With the help of the unique conceptual model of Object + Trigger + Response, users can create any interaction.


  • Individual: $11 per month or $129 per year.
  • Team: $42 per month per editor or $499 billed yearly.
  • Enterprise: custom.

4. Figma

alt: figma

Figma is an excellent prototyping tool designed for collaborative design. This tool makes it seamless for teams to work together on a project from the beginning to the end. It has an online whiteboard called FigJam where designers and their teams can brainstorm and workshop ideas for their project. Figma is a web-based application and users or team members can access it without time and space limitation. One unique thing about Figma is that is packed with some unique design features and inventions you will easily love. These include the arc tool, auto layout, and vector networks.


  • Figma provides a good platform for users to test their designs and gather feedback.
  • It offers interaction and animation features to make your design livelier.
  • With this program, users can share libraries, reusable components, and styles for their designs.
  • Figma is designed for collaboration and hence team members can collaborate without the limitations of space, device, and time.
  • Figma provides some unique design features like the arc tool, vector networks, and auto layout.
  • This program is fast and the files are always up to date.


  • Starter- Free.
  • Professional: $12 per editor per month.
  • Organization: $45 per editor per month.

5. Mockplus

alt: mockplus

Mockplus can’t miss out on the top Adobe XD alternative tools for obvious reasons. This tool is a robust design, prototyping, and collaboration platform. With this tool, you can design your systems with speed and ease without the need for a third-party tool. Here, you can leverage the assortment of components, and icons to create amazing prototypes. Again, you can use several interactive features to turn your static prototypes into interactive prototypes without writing a single line of code. The good thing with Mockplus is that it is not a complicated platform. If you are an amateur, you only need a few training and you are ready to get started on your own.


  • With Mockplus Cloud, you can bring all stakeholders on board and work together on your project. You can invite team members, designers, product managers, and developers to work together and accelerate the project’s pace.
  • It allows users to build scalable designs and establish consistency as well as predictability across the team.
  • Users can share their prototypes with friends or team members.
  • It provides several design resources ranging from icons and components to help turn your designs into functional prototypes with speed.


For Mockplus Cloud

  • Basic: free.
  • Pro: $5.95 per user per month.
  • Ultimate: $12.95 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: custom.

For Mockplus Classic

  • Individual: $199 per year.
  • Team: $1999 per year.
  • Enterprise: $9999 per year.


This guide has undoubtedly expounded on some of the best Adobe XD alternatives worth choosing for your project. Although these tools are powerful and useful, they don’t offer the same UX design experience. This is because of the difference in capabilities and the features they offer. When choosing the right tool for your project, things like features and price comes into play. However, you need to be cautious to avoid picking a tool that is under par. If you need an inexpensive and feature-rich tool, then Wondershare Mockitt is the ideal choice.

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