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The COVID-19 pandemic has made its adjustments in the daily lives of each of us. Some work remotely at home and some have lost their jobs. And, it is a fact that tens of millions of people around the world are still closed due to a pandemic. Also, many people no longer buy tickets to movies and concerts of their favorite musicians, do not visit bars and restaurants … But as many people as possible discover streaming television, which helps to deal with boredom and even stress.

New Formula Channel – a breath of fresh air during a pandemic!

And in such difficult times of the pandemic, the international company Vuuzle Media Corp fulfills an important mission and represents the  New Formula Channel! This is also an entertainment channel on the Vuuzle.TV platform, which is broadcast live.

The potential audience for the New Formula Channel is growing rapidly as people of different generations around the world begin to watch streaming television. New Formula Channel is sure to win the attention of viewers thanks to interesting shows available to everyone for free!

New Formula Channel – entertainment content of the PREMIUM class!

Entertainment media is a type of media that brings people pleasure by presenting information in an entertaining way. People use entertainment for many purposes: recreation, fun, and so on. The moral component of entertainment has been considered since ancient times. Michel de Montaigne and Sigmund Freud saw entertainment as a recreational way to reduce stress, boredom and unhappiness.

Why are people more and more eager to spend their time on entertainment?

Any human action is based on motives. Because media entertainment is a part of human life, it is chosen to enhance or maintain a good mood for a long time. Yes, individuals use entertaining media based on knowledge of their regulatory effect.

Research has repeatedly confirmed that people who were bored were more interested in watching comedies than those who were in high spirits. In many countries, television entertainment programs are a tool for development and positive social change, as they promote respect, equality, education and more.

One of the first companies to use entertainment content for social purposes was the Mexican company Televisa, which in 1975-1982 released several series of programs, in particular, in the genre of soap opera. These programs promoted gender equality, adult literacy, sexual responsibility, and birth control. This type of series was very popular, and viewers also received useful information along with entertainment. This model of broadcasting social programs has been adopted by other TV companies in different countries.

Therefore, in the face of today’s challenges and the pandemic, the New Formula Channel is a powerful entertainment channel that successfully performs important social functions: it helps to fight boredom, stress, enlightenment, share new knowledge…

On the New Formula Channel you can enjoy streaming shows for FREE, anytime and anywhere.

In a recent  interview,  Vuuzle Media Corp. founder Ronnie Flynn said that over the next few years, people will spend more daily minutes watching videos than ever before, with more advertisers investing in online video advertising to help attract them. . That’s why Vuuzle Media Corp has created the New Formula Channel, where talented and creative producers, directors, screenwriters, cameramen and other members of the film crew create video stories about interesting personalities and world-famous companies from around the world.

More than 300 TV shows and a mini-series called The Portal have already been shown on the New Formula Channel.

Meet popular content on the New Formula Channel!

Creative videos and shows are created at the innovative Vuuzle Studios, which is equipped with the latest technology and uses the world’s most advanced film technology to produce live TV programs.

Hot Topics with Ronnie – now in TREND!

Successful, talented and creative people come to visit the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Ronnie Flynn. This includes businessmen, artists, musicians, singers, bloggers, restaurateurs and even world-famous travelers.

The founder of Vuuzle Media Corp. Ronnie Flynn is also the executive producer of the Vuuzle.TV media platform. He starred in the mini-series  The Portal  and is the host of the show  Hot Topics with Ronnie . Ronnie Flynn was born in the United States in Los Angeles, California. He also spent most of his career in Asia and Indonesia. He also owns many entertainment corporations in Romania, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom. Ronnie Flynn has over 33 years of experience in entertainment and business. Flynn starred in popular Hollywood movies and as a DJ traveled almost the world. Ronnie Flynn has also become one of the most sought-after personalities in business as a corporate advisor and consultant to well-known multibillion-dollar corporations.

Angie TV: Live in Dubai – a magnetic show!

Watch the show “Angie TV: Live in Dubai” on the New Formula Channel show. The host of the show Angela Gegg meets interesting people and visits the most successful companies of today.

The host of the program Angela Gegg is an artist, writer and real estate expert. She has written two poetic anthologies and numerous articles on the real estate market. Angela has received numerous awards for her work in the arts and entertainment in the Caribbean. Angela currently lives in Dubai (UAE) where she actually worked as a commercial real estate agent for many years.

The Portal – a series about a new facet of life!

“What is life but a series of self implemented domino reactions… Life is a constant ticking clock and you move at your own base. You may move with slow calculated steps. We may move with quick impulsive reactions but no meter the means. The resulting consequences are always ticking”.

The Portal is a modern thriller series about fallen angels and a new frontier of life, where power, resentment and anger reign. Timing of one series – 30 minutes. Each episode of the miniseries has its own interesting culmination. In the first series of “The Portal”, the producer Malcom sells his soul and exchanges it for money and fame.

The first series of the mini-series The Portal begins with the reflection of the main character named Abraxis on what life is… Here is an excerpt from the monologue in the original language:

The general producer of the film is  Ronnie Flynn , the producer is  DK Abdelrahman , the screenwriters are   Walled Farid and Osama Menrez .


  • Abraxis – Keith Dellison
  • Malcom – Ronnie Flynn
  • Martha – Diane O’’Sullivan
  • Carl – Casey Shannon
  • Selena – Courtney Long

Watch the miniseries “The Portal” on Vuuzle TV and find out why the popular singer Martha has a scandal with her producer named Malcom? Will the star be able to survive after a terrible car accident? What price is Malcom willing to pay for recognition and fame? And who is the mysterious Abraxis?

Vuuz News – always up to date!

Stay up to date with all the important events in the world! Watch the latest and most up-to-date news online and for free on the Vuuzle.TV media  platform . You will learn what is important in the world during the coronavirus pandemic, hear news from the world of business, economy, sports! And finally – you will see a selection of funny videos that are now in the trends of the Internet!

And this is not the whole list of shows and TV projects created by Vuuzle Studios for the New Formula Channel. Find more unique media content on the Vuuzle.TV media platform.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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