MD On Demand, LLC: Medical Care from the Privacy of Your Home

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2021 / To provide a solution to the lack of access to affordable healthcare, Dr. Edward Johnson is launching MD on Demand, LLC on April 1, 2021. The platform is so innovative that Buzzfeed has named it “the digital hospital to watch in 2021.”

“In the U.S., there are about 1.5 billion ambulatory or walk-in doctor-patient visits each year,” Dr. Johnson states. “We estimate that MD on Demand can treat a little over half of those on our platform. Amazing, isn't it? That's roughly 800 million yearly doctor-patient visits that we will be helping with. We are so needed that the valuation for MD On Demand is $400,000,000.”

Dr. Johnson serves as the Chairman and CEO of Skyplay, the parent company for MD On Demand. Since co-founding the company in 2019, Dr. Johnson has led its strategic direction and has grown MD On Demand to become one of the most talked-about disruptors in the telehealth industry. He has a lengthy track record of successfully leading technology companies in the healthcare field. A former CEO of a CLEC in the South, Dr. Johnson combined his passion for technology with his love of medicine to create MD On Demand.

“At MD On Demand, we believe that everyone should have instant and affordable access to a board-certified doctor, whenever and wherever you need one,” says Dr. Johnson. “It was very concerning to me that so many people cannot access competent care, so I am happy that I can use MD On Demand to solve this serious issue. This lack of affordable healthcare is an ever-growing problem and makes our mission even more important.”

MD On Demand can connect anyone, whether or not they have insurance, to high-quality doctors and nurses while saving the patient valuable time and money. “We can provide medical services through any device as well as through our 24/7 call center,” Dr. Johnson says.

MD On Demand puts its patients' needs first. It is free to sign up for services, and the price of the visit to the physician is always shown upfront so that there are no billing surprises. The company works with many major insurance plans and employers. Their services are extensive, including urgent care, behavioral health, preventative health, and chronic care.

“Our team is available 24/7,” Dr. Johnson says. “We can even help you order prescriptions. Feeling better should not involve so much stress, so we've done everything we can to take the hassle and guesswork out of getting well.”

MD On Demand can help with a wide variety of ailments, including cold and flu, asthma, skin conditions, women's health, men's health, allergies, and headaches, among others. “There are a few we cannot help with,” Dr. Johnson says, “including lacerations, broken bones, severe bones, chest pain, and traumatic injuries to the brain or spine. You can see our website for a more comprehensive list. Despite those restrictions, there is a lot we can do for most people.”

The doctors are board-certified and can treat patients anywhere, including at home, at work, or even on the go. All physicians are U.S.-based and include licensed doctors, psychologists, dentists, psychiatrists, therapists, and aesthetic medical experts that are available to treat patients according to their schedules.

“MD On Demand is revolutionizing how healthcare is done,” Dr. Johnson believes. “We have you covered from A to Z. With our team of over 10,000 highly qualified medical professionals in 50 states, we are here to provide professional and discreet services to support you. I think you're going to be impressed by what we can do for you the next time you or a loved one needs medical assistance.”

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