Vuuzle TV is here to revolutionize how people see television

Over the decades, people have strived to think of a better lifestyle throughout the world, in terms of entertainment.

Watching in movie theatres has long been a staple of entertainment. But as more people crumple their tickets and switch to a personalized digital viewing experience, factors like how and when people watch TV, plus the actual content itself, have changed drastically.

The sudden transition from flocking in movie theatres to watching at home, came with aggressive knocking since the pandemic has started.

A handful of applications that offer movie streaming emerged in every corner of the internet. However, most of them will cost its users a lot of subscription fees. With subscriptions, everything is restricted, people who can’t afford fees also ncannot experience it.

But, here’s the GOOD NEWS! 

Vuuzle Media Corporation team believes that movie streaming should be available to all without exceptions: 24 hours a day and FREE OF CHARGE!

Vuuzle.TV is a premium streaming service that offers free live video streaming and movie collection. This OTT platform also connects itself to Verizon Media.

In fact Vuuzle Media Corp. won the Verizon Media Award for Innovation in OTT Streaming.

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Vuuzle TV boasts an average of more than 10,000,000 unique impressions per month with its FREE content

Vuuzle TV’s broad connection has helped a large number of multinational corporations manage and discuss lucrative terms, building important relationships with other companies. The platform offers a wide range of genres for its users to choose from accordingly.

Users can also decide whether to go to free (scheduled) live streaming of channels or choose from the readily uploaded movies.

Screenshot from Vuuzle TV website showing wide range of movie / show categories that users can choose from
Live streaming section from Vuuzle TV website featuring different channels the users may choose from

Vuuzle TV revolutionizes how viewers consume content

On-demand viewing makes niche content more accessible and provides something for everyone. Instead of waiting weeks between episodes and sitting through commercials, users now watch shows by enjoying delicious, uninterrupted experiences.

The Vuuzle.TV platform is updated daily where users solve their entertainment needs in a range of more than 40 genre categories. Guess what? These are for free!

Vuuzle TV steps up the game in streaming wars and creating original content

With a growing number of streaming services, viewers often have to subscribe to different platforms to access shows. To avoid battles for the rights to popular shows, streaming services creates their own content and have turned into full-fledged production studios. This allows them to hedge against other studios jacking up prices or withholding content altogether.

Vuuzle TV of course, is always up for innovations. Earlier this year, a grand launch of Vuuzle Studios in Dubai premiered, which was attended by famous stars. The Vuuzle Studios is set to be the home of the production of Vuuzle TV’s original content. The studio uses top-caliber gadgets in order to produce world-class outputs.

Vuuzle TV also vows to its users to produce quality and unique content to feed their entertainment cravings. As of the writing, Vuuzle TV is currently cooking its mini-series, “The Portal“.

“The Portal” offers viewers the new side of life, where power and resentment reign. The main character, Abraxas, literally gives you chills and effectively connects with the viewers.

This image redirects you to The Portal’s list of shows

To conclude, it is without a doubt that Vuuzle TV revolutionized how users watch TV and consume content.

Much of this success is due to the convenience and pricing. Other streaming services that charge their viewers are now being left behind Vuuzle TV’s footsteps.

Vuuzle TV’s platform has slowly paved its way with incredible customer experience, niche content, personalization, convenience, and data strategy. Definitely, it is emerging as a giant in the field of new entertainment.

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