Top 10 Tips to Reduce Corporation Tax

All companies really want to reduce their corporation tax. Certainly, every business needs to follow the rules for corporation tax, but it does not mean to overpay the tax.

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Due to the confusing taxing system, here are the ways you can reduce your corporation tax.

1.    Claim all Bigger and Smaller Business Expenses:

Never forget to claim all your business expenses. Yes, it would be difficult for you to record each and every cost like taxi fares, car parking fees or such other small expenses. But it is important as the sum of these smaller expenses can add up to a significant amount with time. Claiming company expenses ends up reducing the company’s profit, and this, in turn, will reduce the final corporation tax you need to pay.

2.    Pay HMRC Earlier:

There is a reward by HMRC to those who pay their corporation tax earlier with a smaller interest percentage. After the beginning of your accounting period, the earliest to pay the corporation tax is around six months. Following this, you can pay an upfront estimate of whatever you believe your corporate tax bill would be for the whole year.

3.    Mileage is Tax Efficient:

Car mileage is another claim that people miss. It could be relatively more tax-efficient for the staff and business using their own cars and claiming their mileage back using the authorized HMRC mileage rate.

4.    Use Your Business Phone:

If you and your employees need to make usual phone calls relating to business, then make use of business mobile. It is beneficial because there is no tax charge for the staff on the phone cost, line rental, or any calls. In fact, the company will get a reduction in tax for the costs overall.

5.    Salary for the Directors:

Mostly dividends get paid from the company profit, and a salary earns under the business expense. Following this, the business owners should consider paying themselves a combo of salary and dividends. But this needs to be planned quite carefully because there are many more things that are a part of it like national insurance, income tax, and personal reasons.

6.    Contribution to Pensions:

Offering the pension program for their employees also helps in reducing corporation tax. Simply you pay into the pension plan for the employees so that they can use it as they retire. However, just make sure to make your government know that you are into this pension scheme as it will automatically reduce the amount of tax needed to pay.

7.    Let Your Employees Work from Home:

For reducing your annual corporate taxes, the HMRC allows you to claim a particular amount of expenses you sustained while working from home. It costs cash to work from home. This means that you need your lights turned on and your AC or heater unit running as you work to have a comfy place. These come under work expenses and can get written off for reducing the amount of corporation taxes.

8.    Consider Tax Free Way for Extracting Income:

Bonuses, salary, and distributions of your share from business profits are all tax-paying options. Apart from this, there are also some ways that enable you to extract money from your business without paying any kind of taxes.

Discuss the points with your accountant, like fringe benefits like medical coverage, retirement plans, and health savings accounts that are tax-free.

9.    Plan While Spending on Capital Expenditure:

Capital assets can be anything that you use in your business that can easily last for more than a year, simply like a laptop. Buying new machinery without claiming its capital allowance that is for you will seriously exceed your profits, and you will end up paying a lot of corporation tax. You will get greater tax relief if you make a quicker purchase before your year ends.

10.  Consult a Qualified and Professional Tax Advisor:

Before making the final decisions of your business tax return or spending money, for this reason, make sure to get help from someone who can be with you the whole year. It would be great to hire an expert who can represent you in front of the IRS if you get audited. An enrolled agent would be a great help for your corporation tax issues as they know about such things in exceptional detail. A tax-qualified expert can easily tell if something is profitable for you or not.

Final Words:

Keep in mind that tax is a complicated issue that seeks proper advice. For sure, paying taxes is not a fun thing, but it’s a need to be present as a legal company. There are ways that you can use to save some money and reduce your corporate taxes. However, professional advice is always a benefit before the implementation of your planning.


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