Believe it or not, time is everyone’s enemy, lack of time of course, which makes life more demanding and more challenging, to the extent that we often forget to have the most important meal of the day, ‘Our Breakfast’. Which not only helps with our health but sets our day to a positive start. Now we know that it gets challenging to follow through it with it, but guess what we have a solution, a Portable blender bottle.

Portable Blender is one of the best healthy advanced technological gifts that graced us. This lightweight machine is compact and easy to travel, making it the best solution for keeping one refreshed, hydrated and healthy.

However, despite its popularity over the internet, many still have some reservations against this fantastic product. In this article, we will tell you the good, the bad and the best of Portable blender bottle and why you should invest in one. And hey, don’t worry if you decide to get one (which we bet you will by the end); we have a great place in mind where you can get your hands on the Best portable blender.

So here it goes…

What makes Portable Blender so popular?

Blenders are essential kitchen equipment, whether you know how to cook or not, the blender is often used by everyone irrespective of their culinary skill set. Having said that, blenders are very expensive; they indeed have a wide array of usage and functions, but upsettingly their use is limited to the kitchen only.

Apparently, it is not true an more, thanks to the invention of Portable Blenders. Portable Blenders are handheld, single-serving blender bottles that are chargeable, durable, lightweight, small in size and powerful enough to blend anything and everything on the go. They are also immensely safe that allows individuals to consume their drink from the portable blender bottle directly. Using them is very easy whether it is your first time or you’re an expert, you can never go wrong with this handy equipment.

And the best part of this product is that you can make smoothies, sauces, gravies, juices, literally anything anytime at a fraction of the cost of traditional blenders.


Well, many already may know how to operate a portable blender, but if you are new and unaware of how this device works, here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Charge the blender at full
  2. Add your choice of fruit or vegi (cut them in small)
  3. Add your preferred choice of liquid
  4. Press the button
  5. And your drink is ready! Easy Peezy…

Usages of Portable Blender

Unlike the traditional blender, a Portable blender bottle enables you to do so much irrespective of time, place and best of all, without electricity.


Whether you consider it or not, breakfast is indeed an essential part of the day, and some people might skip it; we know we have on multiple occasions for various reasons, but having a portable blender enables you to get your tummy full on the go. It is easy, convenient and healthy!


Baby food is often store-bought and has preservatives in it, which are not necessarily suitable for babies; making your own baby food without much hassle is what every new mother needs, quick and easy food without much effort or health compromisation.


Protein shakes are lifesavers for gym-ers, and having handy equipment that not only makes shakes quickly but mixes everything well is a dream come true. Not to forget the amount of money that will be saved on store-bought on-the-go shakes.


Travelling, out in the open, or whatever, Portable Blenders play a vital role in ensuring your health is intact and proper nutrients are going, without making your luggage heavy.


Whether it may be a substitute or a preventative measure, having a portable blender bottle ensures that you have a healthy intake, and if you are consecutively in the habit of drinking your healthy liquids, your body is in A1 condition, with all the required minerals and nutrients which prevents you from having IV treatments, saving time and tons of money for you.

The features to look for in the portable blenders.

No one can deny the fact that Portable blender bottles make life so much more comfortable with their compact nature, ease of use and obviously their portability. However, before buying one, you need to know certain things as there are many portable blenders on the market; some work exceptionally well, while some are a scam; either way, amongst thousands of option with multiple variants, always make sure your blender has the following things, which will ensure best user experience and will help you to a great deal;

  • Stainless steel body for the easy cleaning process.
  • Powerful and high-speed motor to have an effective extraction
  • High-sealing performance
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Have cover blades
  • Size, dimension and weight
  • Proper insulation
  • Warranty


Features vary from product to product, so make sure to find the version that fits your requirements perfectly. And remember, if you’re using battery operated blender, be careful while drinking directly from it; chances of getting shocked could be there if a low-quality portable blender bottle is bought.


We cannot stop raving about this product; as someone who has used this product for quite some time now; we can confidently say that this product has made our lives easy, healthy and cheaper. The drinks made through this gadget make you full all day thinking about unhealthy meals rarely cross our paths.

But needless to say, we had to go through multiple blenders to find the perfect one and the perfect option is apparently everyone’s favourite. So, either if you are skeptical about this product or not, definitely try it for yourself to get your mind blown by this amazing product. And we highly recommend getting your portable blender from Best Buy Lowes, the best store to get portable blenders from; the quality is beyond amazing; they offer a warranty, multiple variants and best of all, the prices are unbeatable.

So don’t overthink; get your hands on this unique gadget and see your healthy, mood and life changed for the better on the go. Portable Blender for the win!