What Can You Promote Through Your IG Stories?

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 27, 2021  11:49 AM ET

What does IG Stories Offer?

You can also offer different amazing prize to your audience and you can plan on running a giveaway as part of your marketing strategy. You can also do it easily through the Instagram Stories. There are some best examples through which you can get inspired from the IG Stories:

  • Discounts
  • Promotions
  • Giveaways

The easiest approach to join together a shop catalogue is also known as IG stories platform. The platform in recent times announced that shopping in Instagram Stories is now available for all of their IG Story viewer and customers. This feature may also help you to promote your best products, despite the fact that at the same time you can also increase IG referrals to your website.

For Example:

For example, a clothing brand that sells clothes for babies, noticed that their referral traffic from Instagram increased when the company decided to experiment with this new feature. For this, it is easy to tag various products and drive customers openly to the product page right from Instagram.

Create A Limited Offer:

People like discounts and know how to make a distinction the between the good products from the inconvenient ones. No matter it is a sale, a giveaway, or a huge discount, you can promote it through the Instagram Stories. So, for this you can create a limited offer for your brand.

There are some important sticker options by using these you can increase your IG Story viewer which are described below:

The Question Sticker:

The question stickers allows you to engage the audience even more by giving them the possibility to ask the questions on particular topics related to your business. You can use IG Stories for the questions and post your answers through this channel as well. We recommend to tagging the users that you interact with. This enhances the chances of reposting your content.

Emoji Slider:

Emoji slider is also a great sticker option that you can use to boost the audience interaction. You can ask some questions and then use the slider to get a quick or visual response from your followers to reach more IG story viewer.

Explore New Content:

To upload your new content the Instagram Stories are the best choice to publish. You can also surprise your audience with a quite new part of content by giving them an immediate sneak peek to it by posting a new series of photos that are to some extent unveiled. This is a common, simple task for an experienced designer, but everyone can do their stories differently.

The Countdown Sticker:

There is also another feature of sticker that is very useful when you want to announce a new product launch, a new service, or a major sale and is known as countdown sticker. It is mostly used for waiting some things. It can also be used during the contests as well to remind your audience that how much time they have left to enter.


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