Tom Baskind’s 9 Tips For The Amateur Photographer

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Some people are not looking at photography as a career, they are more interested in capturing beautiful pictures for fun. And maybe some time in the future crossover into professional photography. If you fall under this category, there are a few things you would need to understand your journey to being as good as a professional like Thomas Baskind.

The following are tips that are easy to understand and are sure to allow you to understand and appreciate the art of quality photography. And they are:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

It would be a crime to not implement this from the get-go. Don’t stop taking pictures. The first step to getting better is to constantly practice. Always have a camera handy, shoot at home, on the way to school, work. There should be no wrong time to shoot pictures, practice with a phone camera and then bring out the real gear.

2. Know Your Gear

If you are shooting with a DSLR camera, mirrorless camera, or an iPhone, you would need to know the extremes and abilities of these beautiful gadgets. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, knowing them would make it easy for you to learn.

3.Read Books

If you are just learning the trade, you do not need to shelf most of your money on new gear. Rather spend money on books that would teach you how to handle your equipment, new techniques, and how to become a pro like at Tom Baskind Photography.

4.Make it Personal

Even though it is important to have models that you look up to and would like to replicate their style. You should also endeavor to create your own look and style. The goal should be to create your own identity and express yourself with photography.

5.Use Colors

The best pictures are the ones that know how to use all the aspects of photography perfectly. And one of such vital elements is the use of colors. You would need to continually practice how to effectively use many colors to create your magic. It’s criminal to not understand color relationships, so if you need to take basic color theory, you can look up quick resources online for relationships to add to your compositions. Even look at old master paintings for color relationships.

6.Go Dark!

Do not be afraid to tap into the nightlife. Especially in big cities, you can take pictures of buildings and people walking around. You can take photos of the night sky, and of the beautiful animals of the forest.

7.Don’t leave food out

Food is an essential aspect of life. It connects and brings people from different works of life together. It connects people across diverse communities. You can document his love and communion with your photography.

8.Seek People

You can not intend to learn and spend all of your time holed up in your apartment. You must leave your comfort zone and seek people out. You must always be in the position to capture people and life all around them.

9.Frame Your Shots

Doing this would allow you to display your work, and people would have the opportunity to critique. This would enable you to know where and what you need to work on. Also, framing your pictures would allow you to track your progress. One day you would look back at the frames and appreciate the humble beginnings.


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