Samir Allen Farhoumand Discusses What to Expect in the World of Racing in 2021

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Richmond, VA / Samir Allen Farhoumand is worried about the Coronavirus pandemic, as most other people are right now. And when it first hit the nation, he was particularly afraid of how the racing world would rebound. However, he feels confident that both NASCAR and Formula 1 racing will come back strong this year, albeit in a safer and more controlled way than it has in the past.

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Samir Allen Farhoumand Examines Both NASCAR and Formula 1 Racing

Over the years, Samir Allen Farhoumand has watched the racing world react to many various chaotic elements and has always seen it bounce back. And while Covid-19 and the other troubles throughout 2020 were challenging to handle and hard to predict, he believes that 2021 will see the racing world bounce back from its struggles and become a strong, competitive, and enjoyable sport.

First of all, the 2021 Cup Schedule looks very promising this year, Samir Allen Farhoumand believes, as he knows that NASCAR has taken several steps to protect racers and fans. The number of infected racers has been low, and most fans have been willing to participate in social-distancing efforts. Samir Allen Farhoumand believes this willingness will continue throughout 2021.

As Samir Allen Farhoumand sees it, the trouble is that NASCAR put tickets up for sale at full-capacity in 2020, and they are going to have to restrict who can come to the races. Refunds will be necessary or some kind of “lottery” system. Samir Allen Farhoumand believes that NASCAR will adopt this type of method to help manage visitor attendance and avoid worsening the spread of this disease.

That said, Samir Allen Farhoumand is also confident and optimistic about NASCAR and Formula 1 racing. Unlike other competitive sports that place players next to each other in ways that may spread disease, racing is a uniquely singular event. Even exposure to other people in a pit crew is easy to maintain, as long as everyone takes regular tests and self-isolates if they are infected or exposed.

In this way, Samir Allen Farhoumand wouldn’t be surprised if there was a return to qualifying racing, as well, because their cancellation was mainly caused by fears and uncertainty when the virus initially became a pandemic. However, Samir Allen Farhoumand knows that Formula 1 and NASCAR experts better understand prevention and are looking to make this a reality in the 2021 season.

Samir Allen Farhoumand wouldn’t be surprised if both organizations attempt to get racers immunized to protect them and others from infection. Though they aren’t likely to “force” vaccination on their drivers, they are likely to try to open it up to as many racers as possible, giving them a better chance of driving safely and keeping the pandemic from worsening any further.


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