The Triple Threat in OTT Streaming has Arrived with Vuuzle TV, Vumu Music, and Vuuzle Studios 

The Triple Threat in

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The Streaming Era Has Finally Arrived. Everything Is About to Change and at center stage Is, “Vuuzle Media Corp”, winner for innovation 2021, Brandblazer award received at C.E.S by Verizon Media.

The long-promised streaming revolution — the next great leap in how the world gets its entertainment — is finally here. Hollywood has been hit hard and will be changed forever. Theaters are closing down and TV as we know it will never be the same again. Vuuzle Media Corp, is set to release next week two new apps. Their new music app called Vumu Music and an artificial Intelligence application called clout 9.  The new AI app will control your visual web on your mobile phone or laptop. Clout 9 connects your favorite Music, Your favorite TV shows, pictures and applications all in 3d like no one has ever seen before.

Artificial intelligences have been a relentless onslaught into our lives and everyday something else becomes part of the AI world. 2020’s shockwaves revealed both the best and worst of AI in the world of media. Facebook and Google’s algorithms nearly cornered the stock market in the name of shareholder value because of AI. The value in AI has fostered appreciation for authentic “simple” forms of user-generated content like TikTok. 

The Vuuzle tech team used the existing optronics in mobile devices to create a sort of genie in your pocket that allows the user to bring everything to life by simply organizing them in a way through Clout 9 AI that creates a visible web that can be transferred or shared in a flash.

Some readers might remember the days of Napster and Kazaa. Apple also launched its iTunes store around the same time, where you could buy songs for $0.99. Music has always been a significant aspect of the internet, but it has also faced a litany of legal challenges.

The new Vumu Music app is extremely simple to use with a massive library. The Vumu app design centers around “playlists,” which is an idea that is easily understood that also includes radio stations 24 hours a day. Inside a playlist, you can play a song, go to its album or start listening to songs similar to the one you’re listening to or go to a different genus altogether. With Clout 9 attached to your mobile device you can quickly move from your Vumu music app to watching a movie or sending a personal picture or do multiple tasks at the same time visually.  

Vuuzle TV, and Vumu Music will also be released as a free service. Therefore, other than the occasional ad and limitations on how many songs you can skip, among a few other restrictions, this means that you can listen to just about any song out there – for free.

Vuuzle Media Corp offers Free premium Movies, TV, and Music, all visually connected with your visual web free of charge. Vuuzle TV is banking on the CDP explosion and uses the AdTech model to scale. We have already seen an explosion of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) in the last few months — and with good reason. Fragmented data from multiple sources can be notoriously difficult to organize, which obviously isn’t ideal for companies that rely on timely, well-curated data to operate optimally. IBM estimates that co-called “bad data” already costs U.S. businesses roughly $3 trillion annually, so addressing this challenge has become a priority for organizations of all sizes. CDPs help solve this problem by collecting data from all available sources, organizing it, tagging it, and making it usable for anyone who needs access to it. Companies like Adobe, SAP, Oracle, Treasure Data and Microsoft are already heavily invested in providing the market with powerful new CDPs. I’ve also watched new entrants like Segment and ActionIQ impress with new CDP services taking unique approaches to solve the challenge of gaining the coveted 360 customer view.

Vuuzle media also connected to Iris TV in a strategic move to ensure our advertisers that Vuuzle TV was brand safe. New York, June 9, 2020 – IRIS.TV, a video intelligence platform, announced the introduction of Vuuzle TV to the company’s Contextual Video Marketplace. With this integration, video content on Vuuzle TV’s premium channels will be contextually segmented by a growing list of leading data providers including Oracle Data CloudComScore, and Spectrum Media ServicesNow marketers can contextually target relevant, brand-safe, and suitable video inventory across any screen.

When this announcement came out, Vuuzle TV had just been soft launched. Vuuzle TV was just starting to scale and the product was already providing millions of users with 24/7 access to thousands of entertaining premium television shows and films across desktop, mobile, and CTV devices including Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

Vuuzle Media Corp executives knew that ROKU was a perfect match for Vuuzle TV. Prophecy Onasis, the C.T.O for Vuuzle said, “we connected to ROKU platform last month to scale new users. Vuuzle TV’s first month on ROKU had massive results. Vuuzle TV drew in more than 50,000 new users in the first month using ROKU platform to promote Vuuzle TV via AdTech.

According to The Motley Fool Stock advisors they wrote in an article about ROKU, Streaming-video platform Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) is another stock market darling from 2020, up about 150% so far this year. According to September data from eMarketer, cable, satellite, and telecom TV providers are expected to lose 6.6 million subscribers this year, the most ever in a single year. Increasingly, people are turning to platforms like Roku, and the company’s growth rate reflects this. In the third quarter, Roku reached 46 million active accounts, a 43% year-over-year increase. 

Roku users streamed a whopping 14.8 billion hours of content in the third quarter alone, or 3.5 hours per user per day. This highly engaged and fast-growing user base was enough to lead my Motley Fool colleague Rick Munarriz to believe Roku is a stock worth buying in 2021, and that was before the company signed a deal for HBO Max.

As of Dec. 17, HBO Max is available to Roku users. This is a big deal, because all the major streaming channels are now available for streaming on the company’s platform. In my opinion, this reduces potential friction: Previously people may have hesitated to use Roku if they couldn’t access all of their preferred channels. Considering this friction is now gone, and the cord-cutting trend is accelerating, I wouldn’t be surprised if Roku’s user growth in 2021 rivals that of 2020.

Vuuzle TV Founder Ronnie Flynn said, “even during a recession, a small investment can result in a multi-million windfall. Returns on investment in some Internet companies have been in the hundreds of thousands of percentage points. If You Invested Right After Netflix’s IPO (NFLX)

How much money would you have with an early Netflix investment?

  • Netflix went public on May 23, 2002, with an initial public offering (IPO) price of $15 per share.
  • Netflix was the best-performing stock in the S&P 500 from 2010 through 2019.
  • Had you purchased $990 worth of Netflix stock at its original IPO price in 2002 and held onto the stock through two stock splits, you would have 924 shares of stock valued at $340,956 (as of Feb. 4, 2020).
  • Your return on investment would have been an astonishing 34,340% over almost 18 years.

Never before has a market as large as this appeared so fast with so much opportunity. Vuuzle TV has the solution. Our system is robust, acclaimed, award winning and infinitely scalable. How much money will our investors earn when we go public?” Vuuzle has already contracted an investment banker firm and is gearing up for the world. Vuuzle TV is currently focused on traffic and data, AI, Music, Film, CDP, and Television to scale the viewers and create huge revenue”.

Prophecy onasis C.T.O said, “Ad buying and selling didn’t used to be as easy as it is today. Manual insertion orders, sit-down meetings, contracts were all once part of the drawn-out process of publishing of an ad. In the past, it could take days or weeks. Now, with the help of demand-side platforms and supply-side platforms, it’s an efficient and near-instantaneous process”.

What is a demand-side platform (DSP)?

A demand-side platform is software used by advertisers to buy mobile, search, and video ads from a marketplace on which publishers list advertising inventory. These platforms allow for the management of advertising across many real-time bidding networks, as opposed to just one, like Google Ads. Together with supply-side platforms, DSPs enable programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling ads with software and publishing those ads contextually based on complex algorithms. Most online advertising now is done programmatically through real-time bidding and direct deals.

Real-time bidding: advertising like this takes place in real-time. You specify who you want to reach with your ads, how much you’re willing to spend, then, a bidding war takes place between you and all the other advertisers trying to reach the same audience. A prospect lands on a page, and before the page loads fully, algorithms determine which ad to display to them. These algorithms take things like browsing history, time of day, IP address into account. Whoever has bid highest for the impression when all’s collected wins the placement.

Vuuzle TV Supply side platform (SSP) allows publishers to make money from our OTT streaming free entertainment service and websites by creating and selling ad inventory to marketers on an impression-by-impression, or visitor-by-visitor, basis. By selling ads in real time, Vuuzle tv can provide advertisers with better visibility into individual impressions and gain instant clarity into advertising demand. This ensures that publishers sell their inventory at the most optimal price point and leverage their ad inventory to the fullest extent. SSPs are used in conjunction with publisher ad servers—either as a single product or two separate integrated products—that provide the functionality to manage ad inventory and traffic incoming ads. SSPs, in turn, give publisher ad servers the ability to sell their advertising inventory in real time through advertising exchanges or directly to advertisers’ demand side platforms (DSPs).

Roku platform connects the ads to users thus the reason the board of directors signed a contract to promote Vuuzle with an advertising budget of 50k per month on the ROKU platform. The innovations in the Vuuzle AI and software coupled with the integration into Verizon media Vuuzle TV is a winner both as a private company or public company.

sustaining Vuuzle’s live linear service is a foundation of content partnerships with providers from all around the world. By using Verizon’s Managed Slicer Service and other unique tools, Vuuzle can sidestep the traditional setup and management costs of connecting to studio setups located around the world. Without needing to place and manage any on-premises equipment, Vuuzle can now stand-up new content providers at a much faster pace.  

Vuuzle also plans to leverage the Verizon Media Platform to move broadcast production into the cloud and decentralize the live production workflow. This will not only reduce costs, but also improve flexibility for producers to control their feeds. Vuuzle will have a turnkey process to easily set up locations that can ingest content from many locations into one centralized streaming workflow.

The Verizon Media Platform has become an integral component of Vuuzle’s robust, client-managed workflow. Local producers can ingest high-quality video feeds via RTMP or other methods right from their production room MacBook’s directly into the Verizon Media Platform no matter where they are — all while managing ad-insertion locally.

Through Verizon Media Platform’s slicebot, Vuzzle has also uploaded over 6,000 videos on demand assets to date and is looking to triple these numbers in 2021.

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