Simple Hacks to Effectively Engage Your YouTube Audience

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 24, 2021  10:31 AM ET

In recent years, YouTube has gained a lot of popularity as the best video-driven social media platform. This modern and powerful platform is the widely used one in the context of marketing. Reason because presenting your company through images and videos are two most powerful tools to attract the customers world wide. In addition to this, videos are the best way to drive more and more traffic towards your website. They leave a positive impact on your audience. So before diving right into the simple hacks of engaging your audience, let’s first know what YouTube actually is and why it is in trend.

With the advancement in technology and dramatically growing trend of online videos, choosing the best platform to do so will add wonders to your work. It helps in reaching a very large number of people all around the world at a time. Just create a video with tons of information about your company and the product or service you are offering in an entertaining way.

YouTube is considered as the most user friendly platform. It is the best medium to educate people in the most effective way. A YouTube channel helps all the types of businesses be it smaller or big to represent their product in front of a large audience with the minimum effort. Today Youtube is the most innovative as well as cost effective platform to be considered. Till now  you might have gathered a lot of knowledge about what YouTube is. Let’s look forward to the advantage of YouTube in promoting your business.

  • Helps in popularising your business – Well, who doesn’t like to be in the limelight? Everyone does. Same goes for your businesses. If your business or company or brand is well known among people across the world, you’ll definitely gain a lot of advantage. If you make an amazing video of your product having all the details about the same will help you in gaining popularity in the market.
  • Helps in interacting with a larger audience at a time – If you’re a start up, then it would have been difficult for you to interact with people and make them aware about you. But with YouTube it’s really easy. You just have to share an excellent video that can attract an audience.

Creating a YouTube channel is really easy. But you have to be patient as it’s a bit difficult to have a recognisable number of subscribers at your channel. Well, subscribers and views are something that will actually rank your channel among millions of others. YouTube is a fastest growing trend and hence it has a lot of competition. It might happen that your content is exemplary but people are judging you on your view count basis.

That seems unfair right? But don’t be gloomy, we’ve got you covered! Browse it below to know some simple hacks to effectively boost the viewership and engage your YouTube audience.

  • Make your videos creative and as short as possible- Well, that’s a fact that shorter videos look more attractive and tend to catch more views than longer ones. You shouldn’t ever bore your audience. Make videos that have all the necessary to the point information but in an interesting way. Reason because, in a recent survey related to YouTube it has been discovered that shorter videos are surpassing the longer ones. If your video is short and has all the necessary information, people will watch it rather than one having a longer duration. Always try to limit your video to a couple of minutes. This will definitely attract more subscribers and views to your channel. If your video is like 15 to 20 minutes or more then that, viewers are going to discard it before even watching.
  • Always ask your viewer’s to leave a comment, like and to share your videos with others- Comment, like and share are three main factors that help in a better engagement of your video. But this comes from the viewer side. So do whatever it takes to convince your viewer’s to take these actions. This will benefit you a lot in near future. Most YouTubers simply use a few seconds of beginning or end of the video in requesting their audience to like, comment and share their videos and also to leave some suggestions or ideas. Well, that’s a great and effective way to increase engagement.
  • Be creative and post your videos time to time – You’ll leave a very bad impression on your audience if you will not post your videos on time. This will slowly kill the engagement and eventually your channel will disappear rather than being trendy. Always be creative with the content you are posting. If you want to beat the competition you have to think out the box.
  • You can also buy YouTube subscribers – Buying organic subscribers for your channel can do wonders for you. Most of the people buy YouTube subscribers ( to gain popularity among a lot of others. Well, that’s totally fine because if your channel is having a lot of subscribers and views then people will automatically be interested in watching your content. Your channel will not be judged on view count basis. But you should only buy YouTube subscribers from an authorised source. Otherwise you may get fake subscribers.
  • SEO is really important – Search engine optimization helps a lot in increasing the quantity as well as quality of traffic on your channel. With the help of SEO, your channel will be easier to locate among the others.


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