5 tips to speed up your invisalign treatment

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The most common question people with braces ask is: When will I remove my braces?

This is a totally understandable concern because, during treatment, there are some discomforts such as pain, mouth sores, and pressure discomfort. Still, we must remember that in the end, we will have a beautiful smile with aligned teeth, facial symmetry, and better function when eating because the teeth will work harmoniously.

Treatment time for invisalign varies from a few months to years, but in general, the patient perceives them as if they were centuries. The actual time will depend on the oral characteristics. Some tricks speed up the process, although of course, these are not “magic solutions,” here are tips to tell you in record time Goodbye! to orthodontics:

Select your food wisely.

The food and beverages we consume have a rebound effect on our oral health even though we may not notice it right away. For example, soda and energy drinks have high sugar and acid concentrations that promote dental cavities’ appearance. The latter is capable of delaying the orthodontic treatment to be previously served by the dentist.

Also, sticky foods such as hard candy bars, gummies, and some sweets adhere easily to the brackets, preventing them from working properly. Even when chewing this type of food frequently, it is possible to bend the wires causing the teeth to move in position contrary.

In the case of hard foods such as apples, raw vegetables, crusty bread, or meat, take the time to cut them into small pieces. This way, you will not feel discomfort when biting, and you will avoid loosening any bracket, rubber band, or twisting a wire.

It is also important to avoid chewing or biting anything that is not food, such as pencils, your own nails, or cables. You will avoid delaying the work that your orthodontist has been doing for a few months or years.

Maintain enviable oral hygiene

When you brush your teeth without fail, you floss between the braces. You don’t miss a single appointment with the orthodontist. You are speeding up the process of removing orthodontic appliances. With so many wires in the oral cavity, the remains of food and oral bacteria have more corners to hide.

It is recommended to use a toothbrush with soft bristles and, if possible, with a space in the center that corresponds to the brackets. Make circular and sweeping movements on the teeth’ external and internal surface for 2 or 3 minutes. If you have an Electric toothbrush is also a great idea, you have to make sure not to exert too much pressure to avoid detaching any bracket.

Dental floss for orthodontics is different, and in its entirety, it has soft spaces and others a little harder like the typical dental floss that we know. It is arranged to make it easier to insert it between the wires and then adapt around each bracket. It certainly takes much longer to use, but it is the only way to remove food debris and dental plaque.

Garters or elastic bands

If your dentist has given you invisalign rubber bands, avoid playing with them, either by moving them with your tongue or hands. Although they are uncomfortable and difficult to use, their function is to improve your bite and straighten your teeth. When placing the bands’ Elastics, try to relax the jaw and concentrate on not stretching them since this practice puts pressure on the teeth delaying their adaptation process.

Professional systems to accelerate orthodontics

Technology has been responsible for creating systems that effectively reduce orthodontic time, the discomfort involved, canker sores in the mouth, and toothache.

AcceleDent System

It consists of devices that generate micro-vibrations on the teeth for approximately 20 minutes a day. In a nutshell, these favor dental movement, accelerating the orthodontic process.

The pulsations originate from a portable device shaped like a dental tray, making its application simpler. This is used together with the brackets, and the orthodontist can keep track of time and vibrations using software that records all the data.

The device’s physiological principle is based on the application of vibrations, together with the orthodontic force.

Propel system

It consists of making minimal perforations with different depths in a particular tooth that needs to be displaced. As it is carried out near the root, it helps to increase blood flow favoring bone metabolism. At the same time, the displacement of teeth that are under the treatment of orthodontics.


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