How far can incompetence, corruption, and false charges go?

Every business always encounters a fair number of struggles and setbacks along its way in becoming a giant of its kind. Such normal unfortunate circumstances include Force Majeure, competitors, internal problems, and the like. All these struggles will be solved once faced with a concrete solution plan and also strong will. Of course, no business has succeeded without experiencing problems.

But, what if these setbacks involve false accusations of an incompetent and corrupt government official? What if these accusations greatly tarnish the name of the company? Will it lead to its closure, without giving the company a chance to fight?

How far can a lie go? We must know.

To the founder

What’s more painful to a founder than seeing all his company, built from years of hard work, slowly close in front of his eyes?

All the years of hard work, sacrifices, and the people who have been there along his way, instantly vanish. This is exactly what Ronnie Flynn, founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, has felt when the government charged him with 300 years in prison and tainted the name of his beloved company without him knowing what he did.

Ronnie has established Vuuzle Media Corp with a pure vision in his heart, and his self intertwined with the company itself. Vuuzle Media Corp and all of its ventures formed an extension of Flynn’s personality. He built everything from scratch, established a team, secured and found connections, and made his way to where he is now. Isn’t unfair for him to be charged as fraud for establishing a successful media business?

To the shareholders

Of course, investing money is really hard especially when it came from sweat and tears. The fiduciary relationship between the company and shareholders should be greatly valued at all times. Once the trust is broken, each loses a chance.

This is exactly what has happened to some of the shareholders of Vuuzle Media Corp. Of course, seeing the company you have invested in be charged by the government is a bad story. One might develop trauma concerning this trust issue. However, luckily, Vuuzle Media Corp shareholders have stayed on the company’s side as it battles this unfair and fraud case.

To the employees

As passionate as founder Ronnie Flynn is, all employees of the company have poured their hearts on the company. Waking up early, working in the middle of the night when there’s an emergency, squeezing your brain for innovative ideas, all of these things that an employee endures will go to waste. Having to work on a company involved in a fraud case takes away the pride of the person each has become. When a company closes down, a part of an employee’s self also closes down.

However, along the way, Vuuzle Media Corp’s workforce has learned to have faith, trust, and continue going on to do the job. Even though the government wrongly charged the company, all employees continued to work harder and more strong-willed than ever.

To the family of employees

Imagine living in this pandemic, where work opportunities are scarce, and employees tend to risk their lives going out to find a living. Then, one night you’ll be spilling out the news: “The company has closed”. How painful is that to the family or people relying on you this pandemic? How hard is it to accept that tomorrow’s food is uncertain? Most importantly, how angry can you get when a family member loses his job because of a lie of a government official?

This, of course, is possible to all Vuuzle Media Corp employees, when the incompetence doesn’t stop.

Closing a company down and pointing fingers are all easy. Reaching a quota, or weaving stories to mask incompetence is easy. A government or an administrant of justice can do these in a snap. What we always see is the big picture, a company closing down because of mishaps and lies pointed at them. Well, ok, there are a lot of chances out there, they say.

What these people don’t see is how it affects every single entity of the company, the emotional and financial trauma, the anxiety, the fear of uncertainty. These extend not only to the founder but up to the basic unit of the society- the family.

A family, once a member loses a job, especially during this pandemic, is a huge problem. There is a scarcity of work opportunities, and it is not easy to find “another one”. Once the breadwinner couldn’t pay the bills, everything will fall apart. The shelter, education, development, and growth can all be stopped and affected by the incompetence of a corrupt government official.

As humans and co-citizens who are under the same circumstance as the global pandemic, we have to make sure that fairness and justice should be administered properly.

We urge you that we should not let any life– whether of a rich or poor, an adult or child, be affected by the lies, incompetence, and corruption of AUSA Jennifer Weir.

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Written By Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer

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