FBI and DOJ stay blind amidst Death Threats sent to a 73-year-old man, threatened him to go to prison instead

F.B.I and the DOJ stand down while Death Threats, and Terrorist Threats are Emailed to Retired 73 dentist Richard Marchitto while at the same time, AUSA Jenifer Weir Threatens to Jail Him.

For about two years now, Richard Marchitto, a 73-year-old dentist, receives emails from a certain Jay Pinera. These emails contain threats towards Ronnie Flynn, the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Limited.

The hundreds of emails that were sent came from Jay Pinera (jaypinera@icloud.com). These malicious emails were directly sent to Dr. Marchitto, a 73-year-old dentist, aimed at Ronnie Flynn, and included the following people in the recipients:

Michelle Belluzi, Michele.Belluzzi@ic.fbi.gov, an FBI agent, Kevin Watson (kevinwatson3@hotmail.com), Charles Swank swank1022@att.netKaren mimscatlady@yahoo.com, are all former clients. Only Kevin Watson got money back. Violet L Williams (vwilliams@honolulu.gov) and Morgan Parker (mparker@honolulu.gov), both Honolulu government employees, Atty Robert Friedman robert.friedman2017@gmail.com, and Lawrence Stout lwstout@msn.com.

Here are some of the emails that Dr Marchitto receives for many years

Why do we have to dig into this?

JENNIFER L. WAIER (Cal. Bar No. 209813), Assistant United States Attorney, Along with FBI agent Michele Belluzzi were informed that death threats and terrorist threats were being made by Jay Pinera. These emails were coming into Marchitto’s email box daily. The same group of people was always connected in each email.

Jennifer, specifically, was already featured in an article where she was claimed to threaten Dr. Marchitto to falsely testify against Ronnie Flynn, or else he’d be locked up in prison.

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Jay Pinera and the entire group were investors in Spectrum Blue Steel. The company Spectrum Blue Steel was ransacked and was closed. All the investors on the email list lost their money. Kevin Watson was the only shareholder who received a full refund on his investment.

Clearly, everyone on this list knew each other and had been communicating with FBI agent Michele Belluzzi. It is evident that these people may have been involved in something much bigger as the story unfolds.

Interestingly, on the other hand, the facts are that only three names on this email list was not an investors. One of them, his name was Robert Friedman who claimed to be an attorney.

Mr. Friedman is also known as Michael Friedman or Friedman and associates. Today we have proof that Friedman and associates hoodwinked all former clients of Spectrum Blue Steel.

One shareholder who has been scammed is Whane Garkie. Mr. Garki, a former investor in Spectrum Blue Steel, lost his money on the venture. Robert Friedman falsified documents and told Garkie to send $256,000 USD. Friedman, in his letter, stated he was working with many investors who had fallen victims to investment schemes perpetrated by Flynn, which are pure lies.

Of course, we all wonder who is Michael Friedman and how he is connected with FBI agents?


  • Law Exam at University of St. Gallen, 1994
  • Assistant at the Institute of Public Finance and Fiscal Law, University of St. Gallen
  • Law Clerk and Judge at the District Court of Meilen
  • Bar Exam Zurich, 1998
  • Associate and Partner with law firms in Zurich
  • Mediator SBA –98

Click Here to see in-detail information about MICHAEL FRIEDMAN

MICHAEL FRIEDMAN is a member of:

  • Zurich Bar Association — Head of Professional Group Mediation
  • Swiss Bar Association — Member of professional Group Litigation/Arbitration
  • Swiss Arbitration Association / Swiss Arbitration Association
  • Basel Commentary on the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure, Basel 2010,
  • Commentary on Art. 14, 70-72, 213-216, 218, 400, 401.
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  • Cash Management under Swiss Law, French Association of Cash Managers
  • (AFTE) 2003 Technical Guide on Centralized Cash Management in Europe,
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  • Switzerland (Co – Author), contribution to the ANJA annual congress, Naples 2004
  • Corporate governance and unlisted companies, corporate governance
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  • Basel Commentary on the Federal Law on Jurisdiction in Civil Matters of
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  • Basel 2001
  • Tax relief for venture capital firms, International Financial Law Review 2000.
  • New rules with regard to the on–site examination of foreign banks,
  • International Financial Law Review 1999.


If you read the attachment, you’ll be able to see real receipts of fraud: from faked court resolutions, emails, and malicious money transfers.

Yes, we all have one question in our head:


It seems that the government is siding on the REAL criminals, that instead of protecting the real victims, they try to conceal the truth or something we don’t know about.

Look at it this way, THE TRUTH IS SLOWLY COMING OUT.

Real pieces of evidence cannot lie, and people are smart enough to wonder what the FBI agent Michelle Belluzzi had to do with Michael Friedman and how this whole group was connected to Friedman.

Sooner or later, people will know the real score behind all allegations and narratives made up towards Vuuzle Media Corp Limited and its founder Flynn. Don’t ever let the people’s trust be torn by incompetence, corruption, and denial.

You can accept the truth, and work on this fairly. Know the real parties to side on, know the true story behind. Identify who the criminals and victims are before it’s too late because the truth will always prevail.

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