Utilise SoundOn’s Cutting-Edge Technology To Improve Your Melodies

SoundOn stands out as a game-changer in a world where music transcends national boundaries by giving artists a cutting-edge platform to distribute, promote, and keep complete ownership of their music while reaching a global audience. With state-of-the-art technology at its foundation, SoundOn is transforming the music business and giving artists more control than ever.

Global Artist Empowerment

SoundOn is more than just a platform; it is an engine for creative freedom and visibility on a large scale. Today’s artists long to share their works with the entire world, and SoundOn makes this wish a reality. Artists may easily transport their music to the most remote regions of the world thanks to its flawless distribution system.

TikTok and Streaming Services for Global Reach

The ability to broadcast music on TikTok and all of the main streaming platforms is one of SoundOn’s unique features. This increases your reach and influence by allowing millions of people to hear your music on services like TikTok, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Keeping Control and Receiving 100% Royalties

SoundOn offers a novel solution in a sector where musicians frequently encounter ownership and royalties-related difficulties. 100% of the earnings earned go to the artists in the first year and 90% after that, who retain full ownership of their music. For musicians, this degree of power and financial openness is revolutionary.


The SoundOn Benefit

Beyond distribution, SoundOn is dedicated to supporting artists. Its cutting-edge technology provides several advantages that improve every step of the music production and promotion process, including:

Distribution that is Simplified

The distribution procedure is made simpler by the user-friendly SoundOn platform. A global audience can be reached by musicians with just a few clicks, making their tunes available to listeners everywhere.

Utilising TikTok

TikTok has grown into a major hub for viral trends and music discovery. Due to SoundOn’s integration with TikTok, musicians may access this enormous user base and perhaps become viral sensations, giving their music previously unheard exposure.

Detailed Royalty Tracking

SoundOn offers a thorough analysis of how your music is doing across platforms. Real-time earnings tracking gives artists complete control over their money.

Tools for Marketing and Promotion

Promoting music is just as challenging as creating it. SoundOn offers marketing and promotion services to effectively assist bands in reaching a global audience. Musicians can rely on SoundOn for anything from targeted advertising to social media marketing.

Support from the community for artists

Even though being an artist often requires solitude, SoundOn promotes a sense of community among its members. Artists can develop a strong network through networking with other musicians, exchanging experiences, and picking one another’s brains.

Using SoundOn, case studies

The SoundOn platform has contributed to the success of various bands. SoundOnhas been the beginning point for many incredible adventures, whether a new artist is seeking a big break or an established musician is attempting to reach a bigger audience.

SoundOn’s innovative technology is reviving the music business by providing musicians with the tools they need to thrive according to their own terms. Musicians have the option to raise the bar for their compositions thanks to their control over global distribution, ownership, and remuneration.


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