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ASEBIT LTD launched the platform, which in short is used for simple asset management, without requiring any specialist knowledge.

The team of ASEBIT LTD established in September 2021, consisting of traders, speculators and blockchain technology specialists, as he himself describes it, makes money in the markets for its users.

Multiplying your digital assets is simplified to the maximum. It is enough that, after quick registration, the user selects an investment plan (depending on the amount of investment) and one of the 14 payment methods for settlements between him and the platform.

How much can a person who entrusts funds to specialists from gain?

There are two investment plans to choose from

BLUE giving 4% of net profit daily for 30 days (minimum deposit 25 $)

BLACK which pays 5% of net profit for 40 days (minimum investment from $ 2500)

The initial capital is returned upon completion of the Investment Plan.

Additionally, gives you the option to release and withdraw your capital before the plan ends, for a progressive fee.

The interesting thing is that you can have multiple deposits at once in different investment plans. each of the deposits works separately and the profits go to your account balance.

The platform supports 14 payment methods: PerfectMoney for USD settlements, and cryptocurrencies on various blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, Stellar, Tron, Bitcoin Cash and Dash + Tether USDT stablecoins on Tron, Ethereum and Biance Smart networks Chain.

As we can see, the conditions are almost perfect and give the possibility of really quick earnings even for novice investors.

How does ASEBIT LTD ensure such favorable conditions and such large increases? There is some really dynamic work going on behind the scenes of the project, broken down into several areas. Classic trading on company shares, fast futures and SWAP. In addition, there are numerous speculative games, as well as arbitration and contracts on the cryptocurrency market. Specialists from ASEBIT LTD, before offering investment plans, conducted a whole lot of tests of their ecosystem. ASEBIT LTD is obviously a legally registered company based in London, United Kingdom. All operations are carried out using professional tools and financial instruments on regulated markets.




There is also a Referral System on the platform, where each registered user can earn money by recommending the website to others. All you need to do is copy your referral link and share it with you. You can also place advertising banners or text links on your website, blog or social media. All this to capture as many referrals as possible, for whose deposits we will receive a commission. We will also receive a commission from people recommended in the structure of the 3 lines down.

The commission on each deposit (or reinvestment) is:

  • 5% for direct referrals
  • 2% for referrals from the second line
  • 1% for referrals in the third line.

The money from the referral commission can be reinvested as a new deposit or simply withdrawn to your wallet. A great option is that the earnings from the referral program are unlimited and you don’t need to have your own deposit on the platform to receive them. It is therefore a fantastic opportunity to earn money for people who do not have their own financial resources to start.

After the analysis of ASEBIT LTD, it appears that it is a platform managed by competent people, professionals in their field who know about large-scale financial transactions and deal with large financial resources. As you can see, they are doing great with thousands of satisfied users, as evidenced by numerous reviews and an active community on social media.

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