Spizzler Reviews: Does It Work? Read It First Before You Buy!

Were you aware that you could be harming your ears unintentionally? If so, how long was it before you regained your hearing? Cotton swabs are discouraged because of their detrimental effect on the environment. Cotton swabs have also caused an increase in earwax buildup, in addition to their negative impacts on our ecological community and the environment. Individuals are at danger of irritating their inner ears and causing significant discomfort, drainage, and an intolerable odor when no other measures are taken.


All other issues aside, there appears to be a single method of removing earwax that doesn’t drive it further into the ear canal. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us. Everything you need to know about Spizzler may be found right here.

What is a Spizzler?

The Reusable Spizzler is an alternative to cotton swabs for cleaning ears. Cotton swabs do the opposite of what they were made to do, but the Spizzler’s innovative design is trusted to gently loosen earwax and spiral away debris. Temporary hearing loss may result from earwax buildup in the ear canal even though it is needed for the protection of the inner ear (particularly against germs).

It is imperative that people abandon cotton swabs in favor of Spizzlers in order to avoid this problem from worsening. It’s worth a few seconds of your time to check out the features and see whether they’re worth the money they’re asking for.

What features does Spizzler carry?


Make no mistake about it, Spizzler is more than just a plain cotton swab. Current customers will appreciate the following functions:

Spizzler Design

The tip of the Spizzler is spiral-shaped. What is the significance of this? Individuals are more likely to gather earwax if they twist it into the ear rather than shove it further into the ear canal. Spizzler’s creators guarantee that 30 seconds of twisting the device into the ear will eliminate any surplus.

Silicone Tip

It was a good idea to use silicone for the tip because it is pliable. Furthermore, it is said to be resistant to water, heat, and cold. Last but not least, it is kinder to the ear than cotton swabs because it is softer. Consequently, the danger of irritation to the ear canal is reduced. Is it possible that the tip’s pliability will make it impossible to remove it completely? Customers have cited this as the sole issue they’ve encountered. The creators of Spizzler promise that their tips will not fall out of the ear canal since they are designed to fit snugly.

Reusable & Easy Maintenance

Reusability is enhanced by the Spizzler’s design and the silicone removal tips. Every time the tips are used, they should be rinsed with soap and water and stored in a dry place.

Long-Lasting Clean

The main benefit of using a Spizzler is that it lets you get as much earwax as possible. To put it another way, fewer people will have to clean their ears on a daily basis if more debris is removed during the first few uses. The inventors say that in the future, there will only need to be one cleaning every few weeks.

Environmentally Friendly

A temporary fix like using cotton swabs is all that they are good for. The effect is an increase in environmental destruction. The impact on ocean life, fossil fuel use, land use, and water use from millions of cotton swabs is staggering. One Spizzler, on the other hand, can replace tens of thousands of cotton swabs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: What is included with each Spizzler purchase?

  1. With each Spizzler purchase, 16 replaceable and reusable silicone heads are included.
  2. Is Spizzler irritating to the ears?
  3. Actually, Spizzler is 100% safe to use, won’t irritate your ears, and is made to keep your ears from getting hurt.

When I use Spizzler, will I no longer feel stuffy in my ears?

  1. The people who made Spizzler think it might get rid of the feeling of fullness and stop itchy ears.
  2. What is the best way to clean Spizzler?
  3. Spizzler tips should be washed with soap and water and allowed to dry before storing.

Q: Can a Spizzler remove earwax within a matter of minutes?

  1. According to the manufacturer, claims that Spizzler can remove earwax within 30 seconds of twisting are true. Ears that aren’t totally blocked with earwax may require additional time.
  2. How long will it take to receive a Spizzler shipment?
  3. Typical delivery times range from 14 to 21 business days. The postal service and the delivery location may cause some delays, though.
  4. What if Spizzler doesn’t work?
  5. All unused Spizzlers have been covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customer support should be contacted within 30 days of an order to get a refund if consumers decide to place a bulk order and then determine Spizzler isn’t for them. If you’d need more information on our return policy, consider these options for getting in touch with us:

Email: support@spizzler.com.

Phone number: 1 (855) 858-4524

Spizzler, Returns Processing Center, C/O 200 Docks Corner Road, Suite 221, Dayton, NJ 00810

How much does Spizzler cost?

One Spizzler stick and sixteen reusable tips are included with each order. If you have a large family, ordering in bulk might save you a significant amount of money over time. Here’s an example of how much money you could save:

  • 1 Spizzler unit costs $29.95 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.
  • $19.95 for two Spizzler units; free shipping and handling
  • $14.95 for four Spizzlers, plus free shipping.

Final Verdict

Lastly, Spizzler is an alternative to cotton swabs, which were made to clean the ear canals. What really makes the difference is that the former unit’s spiral design allows it to draw out the earwax rather than shove it back into the ear canal. Silicone, which is used in the design, is also flexible and feels good against the skin. Is it possible for someone to disregard the fact that it can be repurposed? The fact that one Spizzler can replace hundreds of cotton swabs demonstrates how much we can do to help the environment by making wise decisions.

Even though there were a lot of good things about Spizzler, a few customers said that it didn’t get rid of all the earwax. It’s important to remember that the result will depend on how much and how hard the earwax is.

The way Spizzler is made makes it seem like it is for people who worry when they can’t keep their earwax levels within normal and safe limits. Finally, in severe cases, it is best to consult a medical professional to determine an appropriate solution that is risk-free. Visit the official Spizzler website by clicking here to learn more!

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