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Zinc is a super nutrient that helps the immune system and active metabolic function. Unfortunately, zinc deficiency is currently experienced by billions of people worldwide. Zinc is also essential to wound healing and sense of taste and smell and is involved in over 300 critical chemical reactions in the body. When people don’t take the correct form of Zinc, every function in the body is negatively affected.

The leading cause of Zinc deficiency is poor diet. This deficiency causes many health issues such as lack of sleep, hair loss, hormone imbalance, problematic menstrual cycle, bleeding gums, blood sugar issues, inactive metabolism, weight gain, and more.

People face lower zinc levels in today’s environment due to unavoidable toxins in the air, water, and food. Though several zinc supplements are available, they may fail in reversing this zinc deficiency.

Hence, Revelation Health, a reputed food product and health supplement company, discovered an effective Zinc7 supplement which is the best way to stay ahead of people’s health challenges.

What is Zinc7?

Zinc7 is a natural dietary supplement that helps reverse the Zinc deficiency and is made with 7 highly researched 100% pure, synergetic forms of Zinc with rose hips. Zinc7 Capsules effectively help to support the immune system, enhance sleep, and rebuild metabolism in users. These seven essential forms of Zinc are combined in the form of easy to swallow patented VCAP capsule that is exclusively encapsulated with Breakthrough technology with all-natural purple carrot coloring for perfect nutrient delivery.

Taking this Zinc7 ultimate Formula helps get all seven critical forms of Zinc that play a different functions in the system. They support dental health, hormones and sex drive, liver cell health and anti-aging effects, immune protection, high-quality sleep, and faster recovery from infection.

Zinc7, created by Revelation Health company, uses VCAP technology, making it a unique supplement among other Zinc supplements that contain only one or two forms of Zinc. All the ingredients in Zinc7 pills are pure, vegan, non-GMO, and scientifically tested under GMP guidelines.

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How do Zinc7 ingredients work?

zinc7-facts-ingredientsWhen we are deficient in Zinc, overall functions of the body begin to break down. Our body may not perform a healthy function with one or two forms of Zinc. Instead, it requires seven critical forms of Zinc for sleep, immunity, metabolism, teeth, and a healthier process. By taking seven forms of Zinc at the proper levels, the body begins to perform all vital functions. The Liver gets toxic when the body is exposed to toxins, and metabolism slows down when one or more forms of Zinc are lacking. It is a vicious cycle, and Zinc7 Formula helps stop the vicious cycle that lowers immunity, wrecks sleep, weight gain, libido, and more.

Revelation Health synergizes seven Zinc types into one compound called Zinc7, a multisystem zinc formula. Here is the list of 7 types of Zinc and their functions,

Zinc Citrate: It is used to prevent dental plaque formation and gingivitis. Thus, it is used in chewing gum, candies, and mouth rinses to treat bad breath.

Zinc Glycinate: It supports immune function, vision, skin health, hair health, and wound healing. It also boosts sex drive and testosterone production in men.

Zinc Picolinate: It has an oxidant property that prevents protecting cells against DNA and free radical damage. It plays a significant role in enzyme activities that supports liver detoxification and overall anti-aging benefits.

Zinc Ascorbate: it has antimicrobial properties to help with infections and stabilize the blood sugar level immune system, maintain skin, eyes, and heart health.

Zinc Methionate:  It is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and is necessary for over 100 different enzyme systems for proper vision, tissue repair, growth, skeletal integrity, sexual health, and more. It also supports skin health and wound healing.

Zinc Orotate:   It supports the immune system, liver, heart, bones, joints, and normal inflammation response.

Zinc Acetate: It enhances liver health and liver cell regeneration, especially after extreme periods of toxicity and chronic issues.

Rosehips: It helps provide ultimate cellular delivery of all seven forms of Zinc into the body.

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How to use Zinc7 Capsules?

Each Zinc7 supplement contains 60 capsules which supply for a month. Take two capsules a day with breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a big glass of water as directed by the manufacturer for optimal results.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage level for safer results.

Benefits of Zinc7 Capsules:

  • Zinc7 capsules help users promote better sleep and make them feel refreshed.
  • It helps to protect teeth from bleeding and decay and keep them whiter.
  • These capsules protect the liver against carcinogens and toxins.
  • It helps to lose weight by activating a faster metabolism.
  • It helps boost hormone health and overall performance in both men and women.
  • This pill helps to boost immunity and prevent cellular damage.
  • Zinc7 is completely keto-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, and supports all diets.
  • Zin7 Capsules help to promote healthy hair growth and prevent dark circles.


  • Zinc7 Supplement pack is available only on the official website.
  • This product is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children under 18.
  • If users suffer from allergies or other specific medical conditions, the manufacturer strongly advises consulting with a healthcare professional before using this supplement.

Zinc7 Customer Reviews!

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Where to buy Zinc7 Supplement?

Users can buy legit Zinc7 supplements only from the official website, preventing scam products that may cause adverse health effects. Users can get discounts, and other offers only through this purchase.

Moreover, there is a 100% return policy guaranteed. Users can return the unopened bottle to the supplier within 60 days, which is applicable only to users who purchase through the official website.

Pricing of Zinc7 Supplement:

Zinc7 Supplement price is fair and affordable. However, the bottle price is significantly reduced when users order 3 or 6 bottle packages.

  • Buy one bottle for $59+ small shipping.
  • Buy three bottles for $49 each bottle + Free US shipping.
  • Buy six bottles for $39 each bottle + Free US shipping.

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Is Zinc7 Supplement Safe? Does it cause any side effects?

Yes, the Zinc7 supplement is entirely safe. It is made with 100% natural minerals that are independently tested for quality and purity under the GMP facility, freeing this usage from Zinc7 Supplement side effects.

Final Verdict-Zinc7 Supplement:

Zinc7 supplement is the most affordable and highly effective way to reverse Zinc deficiency. Thousands of customers experience miraculous benefits and complete health restoration with this unique Formula. Zinc7 Capsules help users promote better sleep, immunity, liver health, supercharge metabolism, and reignite health. This breakthrough formula detoxifies the body frequently and effortlessly with potent forms of Zinc in one dose. People who want to recover from the Zinc deficiency may TRY this excellent Zinc7 VCAP Capsule that might provide beneficial results.

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