Seedwell ACV Gut Health Review (2022 update): Does Seedwell Gut Health Really Work Or Scam?

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The speedwell apple cider vinegar Gut Health Review (Seedwell Gut Health Review) is written by our team of researchers. This review is to ensure that you know all you need to know before attempting to buy. A lot of hours have been spent on finding out the benefits and side effects of this new supplement before writing this review article.

The gut is a vital component that guarantees wellness. When equipped with healthy bacteria and immune cells, issues pertaining to free radical damage, toxins, and infections can be easily resolved. In fact, it is only when the gut is at its best does it free break from its bubble and starts to communicate with our nerves and hormones to promote full-body strength.

Considering everything, it may be surprising to find out that not many people are aware of the gut’s role, leaving them to face various digestive concerns, weight fluctuation issues, and at worst, gastrointestinal mishaps. Luckily, our recent discovery prevents us from taking such a negative path, as Seedwell Health, LLC formulated a solution that exemplifies a “full-spectrum approach to total gut wellness.” Without any further delays, here is everything there is to learn about the “Seedwell 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health” formula.

What is 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health?

3-in-1 ACV Gut Health is a microbiome and digestion support that celebrates the benefits of apple cider vinegar coupled with prebiotics, probiotics, and other influential components. When taken as directed, the Seedwell Health team insists that their strategy has the potential to produce restful sleep, improved mood, boosted immunity, better digestion, and healthy weight management and skin. Before diving into the ingredients list, we took the time to reflect on its driving forces.


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How does Seedwell Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement work?

Earlier we introduced the Seedwell 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health formula as one that emphasizes the combined effect of prebiotics, probiotics, and apple cider vinegar on the gut. Well, these three facets are the driving forces behind this solution.

Starting with probiotics, these are strains of bacteria that reside in the gut. When the body is faced with threat, our gut bacteria prepare for combat, often against free radicals and bad bacteria sources. Their strength determines the outcome of said battles, and this is where prebiotic fibers step into the scene.

Prebiotics are recovery fuels for probiotics, the same way a protein shake is after a workout. The lack thereof can one day weaken them, introducing turmoil into our systems. As for apple cider vinegar (ACV), it is a fermented food where probiotics also thrive. Individuals can think of it as a fertilizer for healthy gut health. The team at Seedwell Health sees the union of the trio in the following way:

“Probiotics are like a seed, prebiotics are like the soil, and ACV is like the fertilizer – all working together to help your microbiome flourish.”


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What ingredients are inside 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health?

Each serving (i.e., two tablets) represents synergy between:

Apple Cider Vinegar (500mg)

Apple cider vinegar is made using a combination of apples and yeast, where the yeast converts sugars within apples into alcohol and bacteria is later introduced to bring it to its acidic form. One source highlighted that in theory, ACV might prevent gas and bloating. This is especially helpful for people with low stomach acidity, as ACV has been demonstrated to elevate said levels to aid digestion [1].

Bacillus coagulans or LactoSpore® (2 billion CFUs or 334mg)

LactoSpore® is a clinically evaluated and accepted commercial probiotic preparation containing Bacillus coagulans. Based on the claims made, our digestive tract contains over 400 different bacterial species, with lactic acid producing bacteria being the largest group among all. By delivering LactoSpore® to the body, it forms spores that upon “activation in the acidic environment of the stomach, can germinate and proliferate in the intestine [and] effectively prevent the growth of pathogens.” In other words, this component is fundamental for ensuring that the gut’s microbiome is well-balanced and curatively populated [2].

Inulin from Chicory Root (200mg)

Chicory root is highly composed of a type of fiber called inulin, also known as a fructan or fructooligosaccharides. Aside from its role as a nutritional fuel, we were interested to see what else this prebiotic is capable of. One study examined the effect of low- and moderate-dose fiber-containing snack bars (i.e., inulin-type fructans or ITF) on gut microbiota in healthy adults who typically do not meet their fiber needs.

After two separate four-week interventions, the moderate-dose group showed significant differences across multiple microbial taxa and an abundance of the Bifidobacterium genus. This convinced the researchers to conclude that “the addition of ITF to food products could help reduce the dietary fiber gap prevalent in modern life,” not to forget that adding “3 or 7g [was found to increase] Bifidobacterium, a beneficial member of the gut microbial community [3].”

Organic Beet Powder (40mg)

Beets are a vegetable high in fiber, meaning that it could possibly promote good bacteria in the gut. Additionally, they can safeguard the digestive system during the fight against diseases and poor immunity. Undoubtedly, taking fiber can also enhance digestion, while reducing the risk of constipation [4]. The aforesaid benefits are attained because its respective fiber source is trusted to bypass digestion and travel to the colon where our gut bacteria is generously fed [5].

Organic Pomegranate Juice Powder (40mg)

Pomegranates are famously known for their microbial metabolite called Urolithin A (UroA). This product of chemical reactions is believed to increase proteins that tighten the gut wall, leading to reduced gut inflammation explains one source that referenced a study by Bengaluru-based Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and the University of Louisville[6].

It was further noted that the epithelial cells inside the gut absorb the nutrients delivered through pomegranates to barricade toxins and other harmful components away. Another study investigated the effect of pomegranate extract and juice on the growth of intestinal bacteria. By the end, its presence was proven to have increased the average counts of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. This suggests that the pomegranates may possibly work as a prebiotic as well [7].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are signs of poor gut health?

An upset stomach, high-sugar diet, unintentional weight changes, sleep disturbances, poor skin health, autoimmune conditions and food intolerances are some of the major constituents of poor gut health [8].

How many servings are inside a jar of 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health?

Each 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health jar includes 30 servings enough to last one month.

How should 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health be taken?

Individuals are asked to take one 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health serving daily. Although the Seedwell Health team did not provide any further instructions, supplements including prebiotics and probiotics have been generally recommended on an empty stomach. This is so that the necessary components can make it to the gut in a timely fashion. Hence, taking it first thing in the morning or before the first meal of the day is ideal for best results.

What features does 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health possess?

Made in the U.S., 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health is non-GMO, vegan, gluten- and soy-free, encompasses doctor-formulated doses, has been rigorously tested and neither promotes nausea nor touts artificial fillers.

What are the purported benefits of taking 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health?

Taking 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health might reduce inflammation and promote healthy digestion, skin, heart, and gut. For the most part, it has the potential to enhance the gut microbiome, while delivering nutrients essential for its wellness.

What is the shelf life of 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health?

On average, Seedwell products have a shelf life ranging between 1.5 and 2 years. For the exact duration, individuals are asked to turn to the “Best Used By” information located on the bottles.

How long will it take to receive 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health?

On average, it could take anywhere between 2 and 5 business days to receive a shipment of 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health. Subscription orders will be placed on an auto schedule to ensure timely delivery. Once the tracking information becomes available, an email will be sent out accordingly.

How should 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health be stored?

Seedwell products are best left in their original packaging. The dark-colored jars prevent denaturing by reducing exposure to UV light. As for room temperature, the cooler and drier, the better.

Is 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health safe alongside medications?

This may vary from person to person; therefore, a healthcare professional’s input should be sought-for before making any changes to one’s routine. Individuals should perceive this request as a preventative measure against the consequences of potential interactions between medicines and supplements.

Is 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. To see whether one’s purchase is eligible for a refund, an email must be sent to the customer support team beforehand (

How much does 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health cost?

3-in-1 ACV Gut Health by Seedwell is currently offered at three distinct price points on the official website as summarized below:

  • 1 Month Supply of 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health: $33 each
  • 3 Month Supply of 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health: $22.77 each
  • 6 Month Supply of 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health: $25.44 each

Meet Seedwell Health, LLC

At Seedwell Health, a consensus has been reached regarding the negative effects of modern living on our physical and mental wellbeing. Through the combined power of science and nature, a team of medical experts, scientists, and industry innovators embarked on a journey to help heal the mind and body. According to the team, “Business can be a tool for doing good,” adding that their team’s goal is to ensure that everyone is aware of what they are using as fuel. As maintained on the official website:

“Seedwell is committed to leveraging scientifically-backed and nature-powered ingredients in thoughtful combinations to help tackle mental and physical wellbeing in a holistic manner […] We strive to create formulations that help humans get one step closer to the health they deserve, through the use of safe and research-backed ingredients.”

Final Verdict

Overall, the idea of presenting the gut with prebiotics and probiotics has been accepted, which of course is reassuring. What sets the 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health formula apart from others is the addition of ACV, an ingredient touted for its fertilizing effects, thus, encouraging the gut microbiome. We were equally content with the addition of beetroot and pomegranate extracts, as both exhibit anti-inflammatory properties while contributing to the development of the gut microbe in their own ways.

Simply put, each ingredient has a responsibility, making 3-in-1 ACV Gut Health a filler-free solution. How can anyone neglect the Seedwell team’s commitment to science-backed ingredients and third-party lab testing for purity and potency? At this point, very little can be sought-for to advance this formula. In accordance with everything, our team believes that this gut health formula may carry real value and be worthy of purchasing with the special pricing options available today.


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