Polar Air Cooler Reviews: Is Polar Air Portable Air Cooler Scam or Not?

Polar Air

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Isn’t it tough to divert your attention from the beads of sweat trickling down from every possible pocket on your body? Is the heat driving you insane, not to forget feelings of irritability, exhaustion, and anxiousness? With every passing year, the summers are only getting warmer and warmer, triggering consumers on so many different levels. In fact, many deaths have resulted from the soaring heat, hence, it is imperative that everyone finds means of keeping cool.

Although traditional air conditioners are an option, they aren’t as feasible as one would like. Fortunately, a new market that continues to introduce diverse personal coolers has been welcomed with open arms. One such solution is the Polar Air Cooler, a box-like device with magnificent cooling effects that can be lifted anytime, anywhere. The following analysis will provide a complete picture on the possible uses that stem from the Polar Air Cooler.

What is the Polar Air Cooler?

The Polar Air Cooler is a personal air cooler that suffices as an alternative to the traditional air conditioner. As opposed to the typical heavy, high-maintenance, and energy-consuming devices, the Polar Air Cooler uses far less energy (helping to cut back on electricity costs), is extremely compact and portable, and promotes swift maintenance like no other. For those of you who have been wondering how cool things could truly get, our editorial team was initially on the fence. However, the main facet that convinced us was its founding technology.

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How does the Polar Air Cooler work?

The technology that brings the Polar Air Cooler to life is referred to as evaporative technology. Simply put, the integrated system captures outdoor air, frees it of warm air particles, and releases cool air filled with moisture. One difference between this approach and that of a traditional air conditioner is that the latter ends up depriving one’s surrounding air of moisture, which could have negative consequences on the skin and respiratory functions. Absorbing everything that has been discussed thus far, we can now move on to the list of features.

What features does the Polar Air Cooler have?

Evidently, the Polar Air Cooler reflects a compact and portable device based on evaporative technology. But there must be more to this, right? According to retailer UberTech, the aforementioned merely scratches the surface. Listed below are in-depth features worth praising:

Three Airflow Speeds and a Manual Louver

The Polar Air Cooler has three airflow speeds integrated within it. Particularly, individuals can choose between low, medium, and high speeds, while directing the wind using the manual louver.

Battery Life

One complete charge is expected to provide 6 to 8 hours of cool air. The exact hours of use tends to vary depending on how often the water tank is filled and the speed mode at which individuals leave the Polar Air Cooler running.

Noise Free

Unlike traditional air conditioners, the Polar Air Cooler is deemed noise-free. At the time of writing, the noise level has been reported as being less than 68 decibels (dB), which is just under the noise level of a central air conditioner. It might be a good idea to contact customer service for a precise value.

Significant Water Tank

Most air coolers tend to come with a water tank that can hold anywhere between 380 and 500ml of water. With the Polar Air Cooler, individuals are receiving a water tank capacity of 750ml. The reason for this addition rests in the mere fact that individuals will need to add cool water for a more enjoyable experience.

LED Lighting Colors

In addition to its function as a personal air cooler, the Polar Air Cooler can be used as a nightlight and/or as a means of setting the mood. Why? A total of 7 different LED lighting colors have been programmed into this device. They can either be manually picked or set automatically to switch from one color to the next.

The dimensions are 5.8 by 5.5 by 5.5 inches with a total power of 9 watts. Each purchase will include one Polar Air Cooler unit, an English user manual, and one USB charger.

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How much does the Polar Air Cooler cost?

The Polar Air Cooler varies according to the number of units purchased. Below is a quick breakdown worth analyzing:

  • 1 Polar Air Cooler unit: $79.99 each
  • 2 Polar Air Cooler units: $143.98 each
  • 5 Polar Air Cooler units: $279.97 each

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Finally, all unused units will be protected by a 15-day money-back guarantee. For more information on how the refund policy works, contact customer service in one of the following ways:

  • Email: info@buy-tech.net.
  • Address: Avenida Manual Hermoso Rojas, 4, Planta 1, Of 12 (Torre 1) – 38003, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (España)

Final Verdict

Now is the time to take matters into your own hands, as the heat only seems to worsen. When the body is not kept cool enough, individuals might experience heavy sweating, clammy skin, weak pulse, nausea and/or vomiting, and low blood pressure, among others. Luckily, these symptoms can be avoided thanks to the Polar Air Cooler. Matter-of-factly, this device will induce individuals to appreciate the summer season all while attaining maximum comfort. Compared to a traditional air conditioner, the Polar Air Cooler carries far more features, putting the former to shame.

Conversely, when this cooler is compared to others within the same market, it comes across as a standard unit. Specifically, there’s nothing unique to the Polar Air Cooler, which makes us wonder why the prices are significantly high. For these reasons, we ask everyone to further investigate the Polar Air Cooler before placing an order. A great first step might be to bring up any questions and/or confusion with the customer service team.

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