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Students will find here several useful strategies for achieving higher grades in the class 12 math test. School exams are the foundation of our professional career. For those who have practiced well in all chapters of class 12 mathematics, scoring complete tests is easy. The 12th grade exam starts in a few days and students are not sure how to start learning for the exam and how well it can be done. We have some helpful tips on how to earn high grades in class 12 math exams to help you improve your grades and grades. You must look for the right ncert exemplar class 12th book so that you can get the right help. They will help you in getting good marks and will also clear all your doubts in the best manner.

How do I get good grades in class 12 math?

The 10th and 12th commission exams are fast approaching and the coming months will be crucial for your preparation. It is very difficult to erase all drafts in a perfect way because you are still panicking. Just have a calm mind. Those who are confident and calm can get the best points. But the good news is that even with just a month of preparations, you can easily get to 90+. And your preparation time is limited.

There are just over a month before the exam and here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for the exam more efficiently and effectively.

Here are some helpful suggestions for 11th-grade students to help them prepare for the math exam and achieve good results.

Make the necessary preparations.

The student should start by creating a checklist in the form of a topic and then divide the topics into chapters. You should now focus on the topics you excel at and practice as many quiz-style questions as possible. Once you have completed this policy, go to the chapters where you have a problem. Start by taking notes on these topics and then start practicing the questions from last year’s exams. Keep updating your checklist chapters to know your daily or weekly progress.

Make a list

Half the battle is won if you learn regularly and complete your CBSE class 12 math syllabus on time. Do your projects, tasks and procedures on the day they are needed, not on the go. Start with simpler chapters and work on more challenging issues. The ncert exemplar class 12 maths solutions can help you in understanding the areas that you lack and get the right clarity.

Sample papers with solution

Students will gain valuable practice to the exam when working with paper samples. Also try to solve questions from previous years. This will help to understand the structure of the question and the scoring method. You can also search for NCERT class 12 solutions and try out the missing areas.

Check the test paper

Before taking the math exam, the student must go through the interview and find out what problems he / she can easily answer. Solve the problems you know the answer to so that you can move on to the next question. Also, look for questions that carry a lot of weight and make sure you answer them all.

Switch between topics

No one learned math for six hours straight. To get the most out of your day, start an hour or two with a simple topic or topic, and then move on to a more challenging topic or topic when you’re hot.

Sleep well

Most students stay up late into the night to test. It is important to remember that sleep is what can turn short-term memory (what you have learned) into long-term memory. So sleep 7-8 hours a night to ensure that all the knowledge you have accumulated during the day remains in your brain.

Describe what you learned

Trying to explain the principles of the topic to someone who doesn’t know it yet is a simple test that can tell you how much you’ve learned. It can be a sibling or anyone who wants to listen to you quietly. Don’t worry about what you have left. But it’s good to rely on concepts you know and are sure of. Polish and train them all the time.


Before the exam, close NCERT 11 half an hour before it starts and you will feel calm, carefree and confident. Last but not least, it’s fun. You still have time to improve your performance and get a higher grade.

The night before the exam is crucial for the success of your exam and usually unfolds accordingly. Excessive stuffing for a few minutes can make your mind dizzy. You must complete a review for each topic you are not clear about. If you still feel that you are not confident enough then you must enroll in Infinity Learn classes and understand the best from the right faculty.

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