Maddix Capital Brings a New Lens to Private Equity


Maddix Capital officially launches January 2022, bringing new innovative methods for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Salt Lake City, Utah –— January 7, 2022 –— Maddix Capital, Utah’s newest private equity fund, has announced the formal launch of their inaugural Fund 1. With more than $40 million in already committed capital, Maddix is actively searching for companies that fit their model and investors looking to get bigger returns, faster.

“Private equity has needed innovation for years. Having been through a nine-figure acquisition of my own company, I know how it feels to be on both sides of the signature line. There are a massive number of founders, executives, and companies that would benefit from our model versus being forced down a VC path or a long, slow crawl” said Jesse Silva, Maddix’s Founder and General Partner.

The team brings methods that have been proven out during their time in venture capital into the Maddix playbook. Shared services for in-house media buying, content creation, and branding for their D2C portfolio with expanded go-to-market and top of funnel lead generation support for their B2B SaaS portfolio companies.

Maddix is also firmly committed to helping founders and companies achieve timely exits that eliminate the need for consistent and ongoing capital. “While the traditional venture path can be optimal for certain entrepreneurs and business models, it should not feel like the only path. Maddix is here to help founders realize a life changing exit without the need to raise serial venture rounds” said Jake Gubler, Maddix’s Vice President.

For investors, the Maddix team recognizes the barriers to entry and slowness of return in traditional private equity investments. Because Maddix is exit oriented, they are committing bigger and faster returns to their Limited Partners. They are also one of only a few funds in the state of Utah that is able to collect and deploy institutional capital, a fact that Jesse Silva mentions “we are extremely proud of”.


About Maddix
At Maddix Capital, we pride ourselves in looking, feeling, and operating differently than the traditional private equity model. We seek to partner with high-quality and high-growth companies at an inflection point in their journey. Maddix brings real-world operational, investing, & execution experience along with a unique shared services model to enable businesses to scale and grow efficiently. (

Contact Information:

Name: Jake Gubler
Job Title: Vice President