Tzvi Lexier Discusses Unique Travel Destinations for 2022

Avid traveler Tzvi Lexier recently discussed several unique travel destinations for 2022.

The travel industry has been drastically altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once popular travel destinations have been shut down for nearly two years, and formerly less popular destinations are becoming more visited. Lifelong traveler Tzvi Lexier recently discussed five unique travel destinations to visit in 2022.

“Must-visit travel destinations for 2022 are drastically different from destinations that were popular pre-pandemic,” Lexier said. “That’s because many popular destinations are still implementing many restrictions, including quarantine requirements, and more.”


Tzvi Lexier


Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a country that has remained relatively easy to visit during the pandemic. Mexico City is a major epicenter of Mexican culture, cuisine, and more. Of course, Tzvi Lexier expressed the importance of being respectful of local COVID-19 regulations and traveling as safely as possible.


Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido, Japan is known for its immense natural beauty. The waterfalls, geothermal springs, wildlife, and rich culture are guaranteed to help you forget about all the stresses of living amidst a pandemic. Hokkaido is known for its world-famous ski resorts, which could be ideal for your first getaway in the new year.


Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, United States

Americans may benefit greatly from traveling throughout the country in 2022. This eliminates many of the hassles surrounding international travel, quarantines, and more.

Tzvi Lexier explains that the Arapahoe Basin is an excellent winter vacation destination for skiers and snowboarders looking to stay closer to home. This high-elevation ski resort offers breathtaking views and runs so long your legs will definitely be burning.


Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Yasuni National Park is located in Ecuador, spanning nearly 10,000 square kilometers. This park has been praised as being the most biologically diverse location on Earth. It sits as a convergence point of the Andes Mountains, the Equator, and the Amazon Rainforest. This destination is ideal for adventurers seeking incredible wildlife, unrivaled scenery, indigenous culture, and an overall unforgettable travel experience.


Eastern Shore, Maryland, United States

Travelers opting to stay within the United States will find beauty, history, and more along the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This unique region of the U.S. is on the east side of the famed Chesapeake Bay. The Eastern Shore is known as one of the most popular travel destinations in the state of Maryland, and you’ll understand why when you visit.

This region of the northeast is full of award-winning seafood restaurants, historic hotels, and more. It is most noted for the three-mile-long boardwalk which entertains visitors from sun up to well after sundown.


Tzvi Lexier: Lifelong Traveler

Tzvi Lexier has been traveling since childhood. Many of his favorite travel destinations are National Parks and other sustainable destinations most known for their natural beauty.

He suggests that all travelers remain respectful of nature, local culture, and COVID-19 regulations while traveling in 2022, and beyond.