The Lost Ways 2: Is It the Best Survival Book?

The Lost Ways 2 is a sequel to The Lost Ways book. In particular, the Lost Ways was designed to prepare people for the worst situations and to withstand any sort of crisis including environmental and natural. Notably, the book explores the old ways and skills of our forefathers who set up the world without any technology. They survive all the crises with their sole reliance on nature and hard-earned skills.

However, the author of this book asserts that there are so many forgotten skills of our ancestors that it was nearly impossible to manage all those in one book. Therefore, he purportedly published the sequel of The Lost Ways. In particular, The Lost Ways 2 is a dense guidebook that prepares you to survive all sorts of crises and catastrophes. And it does all by sharing the forgotten skills of our ancestors. The book covers all the skills that are required for human beings’ survival and sustainability.

Are these skills feasible in today’s world situations? What does The Lost Ways 2 teach? And most importantly what is the difference between the first edition and the second edition of The Lost Ways? All these questions and the questions that are popping into your mind are answered in this article. So, you need to read the article till its end if you are up for buying The Lost Ways 2.

Book Title The Lost Ways 2
Category Survival Book
Author Claude Davis
Type eBook and Paperback
Major Benefits ●     Comprehensive and easy to follow instructions

●     Covers all sorts of survival secrets that were in practice by our ancestors

●     More detailed and practical information

●     Exclusively provides two bonus books

●     Available in both ebook and paperback copy

●     Available at economical price

●     Comes with 100% refund policy

Money-back guarantee 60-days money-back guarantee
The Lost Ways Price $37
Where To Buy The Lost Ways?


An Overview about The Lost Ways 2

The Lost Ways 2 is the sequel of The Lost Ways written by a renowned survivalist Claude Davis. The book covers the forgotten survival skills that were being practiced by our ancestors. The book provides ample information that prepares its readers to withstand any catastrophe including war, social unrest, and lack of technology. Here, one thing is notable that even though we already have enough resources like refrigerators, electricity, grocery items, etc. But have you ever imagined, if you face any prolonged crisis that cuts off all these modern-day facilities? What would you do to survive in that chaotic situation?


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For that purpose, this book is designed to prepare for such a prolonged crisis. Moreover, the information mentioned in the book can truly save your entire family from starving to death in these circumstances. It is noteworthy that the book contains more specific and comprehensive survival skills that were in the practice of North Americans and pioneers in the 18th century. Besides, these skills remained in practice until the industrial revolution hit the world.

With this revolution, these survival skills fell into obscurity. Ever since people started relying more on modern techniques. However, any prolonged crisis can cut off access to all these modern facilities. So, it is better to stay protected with a backup plan. For that purpose, Claude Davis has designed this book that has everything that you need to know for your survival. For instance, survival hacks and abilities, self-healing, self-sustainability, and self-reliance are the most eminent components of the second edition.

In The Lost Ways 2, the author has also highlighted some essential herbs and superfoods for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, these herbs are scientifically proven and risk-free. In short, the book unravels a wide range of ancient secrets for withstanding environmental failures, natural disasters, pandemics, wars, and so on.



About the Author of The Lost Ways 2

The book is mainly written by a famous survivalist named Claude Davis. He is an old west expert with a family tradition of preserving the ancient forgotten skills. He mentions on The Lost Ways 2 website that he aims to help people in becoming more self-sufficient and rugged individuals that can withstand any situation or misery life throws at them. For that reason, he examined the people who set up the world with just their blood and sweat. Therefore, he purportedly revives their skills and techniques to survive against the toughest and worst conditions.

Additionally, he has also mentioned that the people in the bygone days were healthier, stronger, and more independent than us. And it was just because of their skills and lifestyle. So, Claude Davis purportedly explains all those forgotten skills and knowledge to prepare today’s individual for any tough circumstances. In addition to this survival program, he has also written many other books that spotlight the reliance on nature as far better than technology. Because during any crisis, we can only have access to nature. Other than The Lost Ways, the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is another famous book that was written with the collaboration of Dr. Nicole Apelian.

A Small Glimpse of The Lost Ways 2 Breakdown

Having said earlier, this book is a continuation of The Lost Ways survival book, however, the second edition put special emphasis on detailed techniques of survival, sustainability, and self sufficiency. Here is a small glimpse of The Lost Ways 2;

  • Survival Foods
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Water Survival Skills
  • Log Houses
  • Hunting Skills
  • Survival Foods

The book mainly teaches you to explain the superfoods that bulletproof you against the food droughts and feminine. These superfoods were used by Incas but disappeared around 6 centuries ago. Luckily, NASA has recently rediscovered who was providing food to astronauts during their long-term space missions. As a matter of fact, studies tell that Incas used to store food in the pit holes. Another superfood that this book teaches to prepare was originally discovered by the Samurai Japan during the war. Notably, this food is known to be a rich source of nutrients that helps to stay healthy.

  • Herbal Medicines

It is hard evidence that there were no hospitals in the bygone days and people used to make herbal medicines with the help of their natural remedies. They used wild plants and herbal extracts to treat all sorts of ailments and these herbal remedies effectively work to cure all the diseases. So, the book identifies all these herbs and the remedies to make medicines out of these herbal plants.

  • Water Survival Skills

Water is the most crucial resource that is mandatory for human existence. So, the book outlines simple methods to dig wells with minimal resources and get access to natural and pure water.

  • Log Houses

Another best part about this book is that it teaches you how to build log houses with your own hands. As a matter of fact, having shelter is one of the foremost things that everyone needs in the hard times. So, this book teaches the old ways and techniques to build a home by using solid materials.

  • Hunting Skills

In this book, you will also learn about hunting skills and how to butcher them in the proper way. In addition to this, Claude Davis has also defined our ancestors’ method of preserving meat for a longer period.

Bonus Books that you get with The Lost Ways 2

The website claims to give two bonus books on the purchase of The Lost Ways. This exclusive offer is for a limited time to order now and gets the additional survival books. These bonus books will provide you with more assistance in adopting an enchanted and better lifestyle

1. How to become Self-sufficient on 4 Acres of Land

This is one of the bonus books that you get along with The Lost Ways 2. The book is originally a report that was exclusively composed to enable people for self-sufficient homesteads. In this book, the author claims to give ample information on how to better utilize the land for a living. The writer has proposed the idea that if we shrewdly use our land while building a home, we can get the most of it. He purportedly mentioned the exact division of land for building a home and utilizing the surrounding place. In other words, the book shows the best possible ways to utilize the land for building homes, storing and filtering rainwater, maintaining a defense for home, and most importantly, preserving food for a longer period. The book also outlines certain construction hacks that make the house more ventilated without the use of electricity.

2. What Do You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP

This is another bonus book that you get for free with The Lost Ways 2 book. The book aims to provide you with the most accurate and practical information that you need. This bonus book is also written by Claude Davis and examines 43 things that you need to prepare in advance of risking EMP.



The Inspiration behind The Lost Ways 2 Book

As its name suggests, the book is extensive or the second edition of The Lost Ways 1 book that was collectively written by 16 authors mainly Claude Davis. After the utmost recognition and acclamation by the customers and critics, he published its second edition with more comprehensive and elaborate information. The second edition contains information that you cannot expect from its first edition. In this edition, he exclusively divulged the lost superfood that helped the Incas to endure a drought for more than four consecutive years. In addition to this, the author also revealed the secret remedy for preserving meat for more than two years without any refrigerator. This secret remedy was commonly used by Samurai Japan. So, in a nutshell, the book shares the forgotten secrets of the old people.

Above all, Claude Davis mentions the reason behind creating the second edition on the official website of The Lost Ways 2. He says that the purpose of writing the Lost Ways was to revive the ancient skills that were being practiced by our ancestors. These skills helped them to survive against all the odds and any sort of crisis including natural disasters or catastrophes. With this regard, he wrote this book to enable people to endure the toughest times with only self-help.  As per the official website of Lost Ways 2, the first edition of this book has already helped 250,000 people.

But the bitter truth is that we have forgotten almost all the skills of our forefathers and it was nearly impossible to manage all the skills in just one book. So, he fairly adjusted these forgotten skills in two books so he can thoroughly explain all the skills without compromising on their comprehension. So, while writing the first edition, he already decided to write the second edition as he mentioned on his website.

Difference between The Lost Ways 1 & The Lost Ways 2 Book

Having said earlier, The Lost Ways 2 is the extension of book 1 as published with the epithet of its second edition. So, the crux of both books is somehow the same as both are survival books and aim to teach their readers the survival tactics, techniques, and hacks. However, the second edition, of course, comes with more comprehensive information, more elaboration, and more diversity of themes and methods. In other words, we can say that the first edition was the grounding that explores how our ancestors lived their lives and survived the toughest and the worst situations. For that purpose, it outlines certain strategies that were being practiced by our ancestors and forefathers. However, book 2 or the second version mainly focuses on teaching the old ways, techniques, and methods to survive any catastrophe or natural disaster.

Moreover, the first edition of this survival book is also comprehensive and provides helpful information, however, the second edition is a further update in the information and more elaboration. Besides, The Lost Ways 2 contains more refined and practical information that also helps to correlate the old techniques with real-world situations. To be more precise, in the second edition of this survival book, Claude Davis also throws light on the scientifically verified survival methods, tricks, and ways to live a self-reliant life. In particular, you will find more about the forgotten secret of superfoods from ancient Incas. It is, here, important to mention that these superfoods help the Incas to survive a four-year drought while fighting with the enemies. In short, The Lost ways 2 has more diversity of themed chapters that may not be included in the first edition.

The Lost Ways 2 Book Refund Policy

The author of this exquisite survival book has stamped a 60 days full money-back guarantee with the purchase of this book. He has already mentioned on its official website that every purchase of the Lost Ways is fully covered with his Handshake Money Back Guarantee for sixty days. The tenure of these sixty days starts once you get access to the book. That book is a risk-free investment. In case you find the information and knowledge mentioned in the book not applicable or you are not satisfied with the information, you can claim this golden refund policy for the full TWO MONTHS which is why your investment is fully secured.

In addition to the refund policy, the author has also given an open allowance to its valuable customers to send him their queries or even unlimited emails to clear their confusion (if they find any). And that is quite an amazing and exclusive offer for only The Lost Ways 2 readers. So, if you find any uncertainty or confusion while applying any of the strategies, you can simply clarify that query by sending him an email. He claims to answer every query he received.


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What are the Pros and Cons of The Lost Ways 2 book?

If you are up for buying The Lost Ways 2, you must look at the pros and cons of this book. Please note that the below-mentioned pros and cons are written on the basis of customer reviews and critics’ reports.


  • This survival book is easy to read and easy to follow.
  • It contains comprehensive and accurate information.
  • The step by step and systematic instructions are mentioned.
  • Most importantly, the book covers pivotal survival secrets that help our ancestors to withstand the worst scenarios and unfavorable conditions.
  • The multiple themed chapters are included in the book.
  • Also, it provides practical information and correlates the information with real-world situations.
  • It does not contain any fabricated content
  • The book Provides unlimited access to updates.
  • The secrets mentioned in the book also outline the lives of our ancestors which is also a unique aspect of this book.
  • The book is available all around the globe. From any corner of the world, you can get its access and order paperback copies.
  • The book also teaches to be self reliant and proactive in odd situations.
  • The book is priced at a reasonable price so anyone can easily afford it.
  • Additionally, the Lost Ways 2 comes with a full money refund policy so your investment is fully secured and safe.
  • Last, the book is available in both paperback and digital copy.


  • Since it has comprehensive information, of course, it will consume a bit more time.
  • If you want to buy its paperback copy, you have to pay additional charges as its shipping fee. But to let it clarify, the shipping charges are minor and anyone can pay easily to buy this informative treasure trove.

Customer Reviews of The Lost Ways 2 Book

The Lost Ways 2 is a continuation of The Lost Ways and the book is advertised as a comprehensive guide to prepare you to survive in the worst and chaotic conditions. All these methods are advertised as nature based and risk-free. However, to investigate these claims it is important to check customer reviews. And to our no surprise, the customer reviews fully support all these claims. Additionally, the aggregated rating of the book also asserts it is a legitimate book with all the accurate and reliable information.



Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

  • Where to buy The Lost Ways 2?

You can buy the Lost Ways 2 from its official website Notably, the book is available in both digital and paperback types for an economical price of just $37.

  • How does The Lost Ways 2 work?

As mentioned earlier, The Lost Ways 2 is the second version of The Lost Ways. After the remarkable success of the first edition, author; Claude Davis published its second and updated version. The Lost Ways 2 is an extensive book that will fully prepare you to fight against natural and environmental failures. Moreover, the reviews suggest that this book also enhances the lifestyle and urges to start a self-reliant life. Last but not least, its official website has advertised that The Lost Ways 2 shares the long-forgotten secrets of our ancestors. These secrets helped them to successfully survive any sort of environmental or natural failure.

  • Will I get any bonus books with The Lost Ways 2 book?

Yes, you will also get 2 bonus books while purchasing this book. Though, the reviews about the Lost Ways 2 tell that the book itself is a magnum opus and the reader will not require any further assistance after learning from this dense survival book. However, the author Claude Davis seems to have the utmost dedication and consciousness about its readers’ survival.

So, he added 2 bonus books that work as a bonus in the literal sense. In these bonus books, What Do You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP and How to become self-sufficient on 4 acres of Land includes. Both of these bonus books are for sure an additional prerequisite.

The Lost Ways 2 Final Review

The Lost Ways 2 is a complete survival guide that has the best survival techniques and methods. These techniques and methods help you to prepare against all the crises. Other than that, it helps to improve self-sustainability and supports you to start a self-reliant life. Moreover, the book is available at a budget-friendly price along with a 100% refund policy. So, your investment is fully secured.

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