Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, Rafi Edry: Empowering Children in Israel Through Education

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Israel is often considered a heaven of technological innovation, a cultural hub-spot, and the epicenter of entrepreneurship. But what doesn’t stand true to Israel’s true capabilities is its social interaction and the outreach program for the kids, the underprivileged, and the downtrodden.

Coming from a middle-class family, Eyal Edry was forced to quit education at the early age of 17 and take up work, all for the sake of the family’s survival.

Who knew this, in turn, would ignite his spark to do something for everyone in Israel. He is making efforts to provide basic resources to everyone, giving out excellent employment opportunities to the youth, and improving the standard of living ever since.

As per resources, around 30% of the children in Israel are still under poverty lines and have to quit education to make ends meet. Seeing this, Eyal decided to take up a job in the IDF. While his brothers Moshe Edree and Rafi Edry, support him in his ventures, they too have the zeal to do something for Israel, something for their motherland.

The Past, the Present, and the Future

Eyal Edry was enlisted in the IDF as a paratrooper, which was cut short because of an almost fatal accident. But that did not stop Eyal and his brothers from doing good and building the country’s future.

To the Edry brothers, education has always played a major role in their lives. This came from the fact that they were always very aware of the fact that the youth and the children of their country were living at risk and leading lives of depreciation.

They were being subjected to troubles that could have been avoided. This eventually led them to set up programs that led to getting better employment opportunities for them. Thus, giving them a shot at improving their standard of living and their social status.

To empower the children and motivate them to get educated, the Edry brothers have also set up funds and scholarship programs that boost the morale of the children going to schools and colleges—eventually leading to building entrepreneurs of the future.

The urge of Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry to ensure no child misses out on education eventually led them to clear out the financial hardships, especially for the students that always had the urge to learn, to earn, and to grow.

Distance and the Ability to Make it Disappear!

The Edry brothers always believe that irrespective of the area they are in, even if it is the most remote areas of Israel, they must have access to education. This led to their initiative of setting up distance education units. Thus, allowing them to empower the entire country.

The Edry brothers even went ahead to create education opportunities for the students when the nationwide lockdown was set in place. Around 20% of Israeli students didn’t have access to computers or internet connections. Hence, the Edry brothers created a fundraising campaign to ensure that every student was able to learn at peace and understand what was being taught to them.

Ahinoam Association, founded by Eyal Edry, Moshe Edree, and Refael Edry, also focuses on assisting at-risk youth. Especially the ones that had been led astray at one point in their lives. Their organization also focuses on creating better rehabilitation opportunities for them. This further empowers the youth to go ahead and create a proper life for themselves, their family, and their loved ones. Their primary agenda is to ensure that the at-risk youth does not feel left out.

They have also created mentorship programs that assist the youth in focusing on a lot of empowering programs. These programs are practically programmed to give the right kind of care and guidance. Thus assisting them to lead a life that can help the entire country grow, blossom, and lead to a proper country.

Parting Thoughts

The resilience of the country is historic, and it shows through ages. To up this ante, they decided to look at a future that would eventually lead to recreating the country’s fabric and converting Israel into a powerhouse of tomorrow.

Their entire agenda comes from their own experience of poverty, having to leave education, and having first-hand experience of how the youngsters of the country were being mistreated and the struggles they had to go through regularly. Ahinoam strives to create a better future not just for some people but for every individual that has the zeal to create a better Israel, an Israel that would not have its own people struggling for basic necessities.

Education tops the list. Thus, leading them to create opportunities for the people who lead Israel, tomorrow, and for the days to come!

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