Fixed TV mount vs. tilt: What’s better?

Just around 50 years ago, TVs were just giant boxes that couldn’t be moved around easily to adjust the view. Today, however, TVs are skinnier than ever. They’re lightweight and easily moved. People prefer having their TVs mounted on the wall for both aesthetic and practical purposes. 

Mounting your TV on the wall saves a great load of space and provides a clean cordless look. There are generally two types of basic mounts: fixed and tilted. Full-motion mounts allow the TV to move quite freely around the room; however, this article focuses on fixed and tilted mounts only. If you live in Toronto, you can find one of the best TV mounting services here

The type of mount that is best for you depends on your living space and where you would want a TV. It is hard to find something you won’t like with the options available. You must find the best source for your TV mount to ensure you receive the best quality. 

What’s in the box?

The box usually comes with all the basic installment equipment, for example, the screws, drywall anchors, etc. However, if your box doesn’t come with this equipment, it is readily available at hardware stores. 

If you’re worried about your TV not fitting the TV mount, bear in mind that it is almost impossible not to find a mount for your model of TV. Almost every mount fits on almost every TV. 

However, one point to note is to buy your mount according to its weight capacity. Some mounts are designed to bear larger TVs while others for smaller ones. Getting a mount that isn’t capable of bearing the weight of your TV is a recipe for disaster. 

Fixed mounts 

This is especially a good option for small spaces and people who make pretty standard use of their TV. This mount is the cheapest option but allows zero flexibility or movement for the TV. This means it is not exactly the best option for someone who has a lot of work in the TV port. 

The best height to install a TV for a good view is 42 inches off the ground. These mounts are the easiest to install and are the least complex out of the rest. 

Tilted mount

A tilted mount is the best option if you want to place your TV higher than usual. For example, placing your TV above a fireplace or something. This mount allows the flexibility of the TV and allows it to be tilted to avoid a distorted view and glares on the TV. 

The benefit of this is that it can be put away for a minimalistic look when the mount is not being used. However, these mounts are a tad bit pricier than fixed ones. Its installation can also be a nightmare for someone who isn’t experienced in hardware. 

Tilted mounts are best paired with LED screens. LED screens tend to have a negative impact on the color and contrast of the image if seen from an angle. The tilted mount allowed users to shift the angle to best suit their view. 

The best view

Deciding on whether to buy a tilted mount of a fixed one is not a tough choice if the pros and cons are weighed properly. While tilted mounts seem better, they are not the most budget-friendly compared to fixed mounted ones. Fixed mounts are better for a more secure and neat finish. Whatever the choice may be, finding good TV mounting services is just as vital as finding the right mount for your TV. 


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Adam Ali