FIXD: (Shocking Facts) About This Car Diagnostic Tool Must Read Before Order it!


Any car can become a smart one. Fixd is a simple device that can tell you everything from when your car needs maintenance to why the check engine light came on.

What is Fixd and how can you use it to learn more? What are the reviews? This popular car sensor is now available in a variety of formats.

I keep hearing about FIXD and I finally decide to purchase it. I also test it out to determine if it works. The Fixd device works great and can detect problems that are more accurate than a mechanic’s diagnostic. If your vehicle or car has technical problems, it will display a message on the smartphone app. A

It also provides a detailed analysis that allows you to monitor the mechanical condition of your vehicle on your device.

This application can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. This vehicle scanner will make it easier to clear your doubts and get rid of your insecurities.

It is also a great tool for drivers who want to maintain their vehicle’s internal workings up-to-date, avoid unexpected mechanical damage, and avoid being stranded on streets at the expense and inconvenience of thugs or other undesirable situations. This article will explain how the fixd auto diagnostic helped my situation. Let’s get into it.



What is FIXD?

The FIXD car sensor is powerful and can be used to monitor your car in real-time. The FIXD communicates with your smartphone via an app and works remotely. The Fixd doesn’t require you to ever drive the car. As long as the car is being driven, this sensor will notify you of any problems.

The sensor is robust and designed to last a long time. The FIXD can be plugged into your car and is like having a personal mechanic who is always on the job. Because it will not lie to you, the FIXD is better than a stand-by mechanic. The Fixd will not let you down by shady car operators.

You simply plug the FIXD into your car’s OBD port. This port is compatible with all vehicles made after 1996. The majority of vehicles on the road today are older than 1996. This means that the Fixd will most likely be able to work for you.

The FIXD is a trustworthy companion who will always be there to help you when you are in need. The FIXD provides real-time updates about your car’s health.

Once plugged in, the FIXD will give you many details about your car. You will find the exact reason your “Check Engine Light” is on, what the fault is, and how to react quickly when your car needs routine maintenance.

Check your App to receive alerts about over 7,000 possible problems.

The FIXD can be used in a few seconds. The fixd doesn’t require you to make any major changes to your car. The fixd is easy to use even for a novice tech. The fixd already has everything you need. It is easy to link your sensor with your app. Follow the steps in this article.

The product is currently available online and has received positive feedback and reviews from many users. The acceptance rate of a product in the global marketplace is a key indicator of its effectiveness. This is how many people use the fixd in different parts of the globe. Easy ordering was also possible thanks to the manufacturers. Order from anywhere and the manufacturer will deliver your order quickly.

The Fixd is very affordable. Unjustly, some mechanics will charge thousands of dollars. To get more money, they charge you for repairs that you don’t need. You will be armed with the necessary knowledge about your vehicle from the fixd. To understand the problem with your car and the consequences of not fixing it immediately, you should visit your mechanic.

Shady Car Mechanics knows that most customers have no idea what their cars are. They will rip you off. The current price is quite affordable if you consider how much money you will save by fixing your car. Manufacturers made a sensor that worked and sold it for a small price. Get your fix today.


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How does Fixd work?

According to many user reviews, the Fixd sensor is a cost-effective and easy way for car owners to scan their vehicle and identify Engine Light problems. The Fixd system is simple to use. You first need to connect your car’s OBD II port and then pair it up with the Fixd mobile application. This app works with both Android and iOS smartphones. Depending on your phone model, you can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Fixd can be powered by your car. Simply connect it to OBD II to monitor and connect to the mobile app via Bluetooth. This app will give you real-time error information that will tell you where the problem is, and what you should do to fix it.

The Fixd tool can identify thousands of potential gas-powered vehicles (including hybrids), sold in New York, United States, or in selected GEOs that were allowed during 1996.

How does Fixd sensor work? It converts confusing codes from cars into plain English. You may be able to resolve the issue without visiting a repair shop if it is simple. Fixd saves you time and frustration. You don’t have to leave your car with someone you can’t trust to answer your questions.

The Fixd app can be used to remove indicator lights that indicate issues resolved or remind you about upcoming maintenance reminders.



FIXD The Main Features

Continuous monitoring

You can always plug the car health monitor in. You’ll also be able to receive notifications on your phone if the car health monitor detects any problems with your vehicle. It charges using your battery’s power but uses a low-energy mode. If you plan to leave your car for longer than a few weeks, remove the FIXD sensor.


Multi-vehicle control

You can order multiple adapters for every car you own. You can also remotely monitor the status and health of these vehicles using the FIXD sensor from the same car diagnostics app. The FIXD app can be downloaded to allow you to view the live data for your car.

Maintenance reminders and mileage detection

This car monitor can calculate your mileage by plugging in the FIXD sensor. It uses an algorithm that their team created. The car health monitor can notify you when your vehicle is due for maintenance. The FIXD sensor will help you keep your car in good condition and save you money over the long term.

Vehicle history

It’s great to have a live feed of your car’s health and any issues. It’s even more useful if you can keep track of all problems, as you might discover a recurring problem. The FIXD sensor allows you to view the history of any problems in your vehicle. You can also keep a log by using the FIXD scanner and its car diagnostic app.


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Clear the engine light

It’s finally, and it’s what could convince you to purchase it: You can remove the engine light. The OBD2 scanner will not automatically fix any car problem. If it isn’t serious, it will need to be fixed by a mechanic.

Top 5 Fixd Specification

This innovative OBD connector technology is a great diagnostic tool. These are the top 5 specifications and features of fixd tool that I found helpful in many ways. These features are listed below:

  1. Less flapping It’s not nice when your car is damaged while you’re on the road. You’ll be in control of everything and will avoid any collisions with the mechanic.
  2. Save time. By using FIXD automotive to diagnose vehicle problems, you can save time going to mechanic workshops. Sometimes, these evaluations do not reveal mechanical failure.
  3. Simple to use: A clear diagnosis of your vehicle’s condition is something every driver wants to have at all costs. Using FIXD OBD2 to detect fault codes is the best choice for anyone looking for an efficient diagnostic tool.
  4. Protection: You can use the device to check its effectiveness and determine in advance any mechanical damages that your car might have. It prevents you, from being exposed and living in panic, from getting stuck on the road with no idea what’s wrong with your car.
  5. Save Money: With each problem detected, FIXD automobile will save you a lot of money. Based on the issues found, it will give you information about what you can expect to spend. You will be able to avoid any cheating by the mechanic.


  • A wide range of issues

FIXD’s ability to identify a wide range of problems in your vehicle is the main reason you will use it. The company claims that it can identify and fix more than 66,000 problems. This includes both minor issues you can handle at home as well as major repairs that need professional assistance. The tool will also tell you if you need to have a mechanic perform the work. It can also tell you if your oxygen sensor has died, your oil temperature is too high or your gas cap needs to be tightened. The app will also let you clear your dash light after you have fixed the problem.

  • Cost Estimates

Are you a victim of a car accident that left your vehicle in need of repairs? While your insurer may have suggested some shops you could go to, they also suggested that you seek estimates from other shops. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to find out what the shops have to say. FIXD’s app has a great feature that provides estimates based on where you are located or your zip code. The app will tell you the cost of the parts you require and the average labor cost in your area.

  • Quick scan

There are many other diagnostic tools you can use at your home, but FIXD works much faster than those tools. The scan takes only a few minutes and you can view the results via the included app in a matter of minutes. You can also scan while you’re on the move or at home with FIXD. The app can be opened from anywhere you are, whether you’re in your car or on the driveway. You might have to wait up to an hour for a mechanic at the shop to connect your car and run a diagnostic scan.


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  • Multiple cars, one account

You probably realized that only one diagnostic scanning tool or app could be used in your car if you have ever used it before. FIXD requires you to use one scanner per vehicle, but it allows you to use one account for monitoring any other scanners. Let’s suppose that you drive a car primarily, but that your spouse or teenager has a vehicle of their own. Each car can be equipped with scanning tools and you can use the app to scan each vehicle. You can also set reminders for future maintenance of these vehicles using the same app.

  • Issues Found

FIXD’s ability to clearly show any issues discovered is something we love. The app will open a new window showing you the number of issues it found after performing a scan. The app will also inform you of the severity of the issues. This will allow you to decide if you should immediately address them or if you can wait a few days before addressing them. FIXED uses green, yellow, and red to identify which issues are less serious and which ones are more severe. After you have completed the repairs, you can also do additional scans.

  • Affordable Prize

Shops offer diagnostic scans at no cost to customers today. You’ll feel so grateful to the shop for offering a free scan that you will agree to pay for expensive repairs right away. Because they expect you to buy the parts you need, some auto parts shops offer free scans. However, free scans may mean that you have to wait in line and deal directly with sales representatives. FIXD allows you to do your own scans from home, whenever you want. The diagnostic bundle costs around $60, and you can get two scanners with the bundle for only $100.

  • Clear the Way

You should find out the cause of your check engine light flashing and get it fixed as soon as possible. You might be able to fix the problem yourself if it is a simple thing like a cracked gas tank lid. FIXD allows you to clear the light if you haven’t got the time or the patience to do a scan. The app will retain the information and turn off your dash light.

  • Android and iOS Support

We found one problem when we looked at FIXD options. Some of them only work with one operating system. FIXD can be used with either an Android or iPhone. It is compatible with both OSs. You can get free apps from the Apple Store and Google Play Store that integrate with the manufacturer’s tools. After creating an account, you can log in to it again when you switch phones.

  • Maintenance reminders

Experts say that oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. However, some models and makes can last for as long as 8,000 to 10,000 miles without needing an oil change. The only tool that allows you to set up maintenance reminders is FIXD. You will be notified when your oil needs to be changed, replaced, or checked. If you are going on a road trip, don’t forget to bring a portable compressor so that you don’t get stuck miles away from a gas station. The app will show you how much mileage your vehicle has traveled and what maintenance you should do in the future. These reminders could save you thousands in future repairs.


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  • Continuous Monitoring

FIXED is also unique in that it provides continuous monitoring. You may have experienced a check engine light that would turn on when you hit a bump in a road. It is often caused by a loose engine wire. These bumps on the road may temporarily solve the problem until another one occurs. FIXD will scan your vehicle and monitor it until you unplug it. The app will notify you immediately if it finds any other problems.

  • For Less Experienced Users

Although you can purchase a professional diagnostic tool at any auto shop, they are often very difficult to use. You will need to find the correct place to plug the tool in, and you will also need to see the complex codes that appear. These codes require you to access a database to determine what next. FIXD eliminates the guesswork from diagnosing and fixing your car. After you have run a scan, it will show you in plain English what it found. The scan can be used to repair your car without having to contact a database.

  • Vehicle History

You might recall your parents keeping track of the miles they drove, and other details depending on your age. Older generations kept these details in a small notebook they kept in their glovebox. FIXD lets you keep track of the history of your vehicle on your smartphone and in a log you can easily access and read. Every time you scan your vehicle, it creates a report showing all the information it finds. You can view each scan and all of the information about your car’s history.

  • Secure Data

You might be concerned about the security of your personal data when you use a wireless device. Online shoppers are especially vulnerable to this because of data breaches at Target and other major retailers. Using FIXD, however, means that you don’t have to worry about data breaches. Although the app and tool work with Bluetooth, you must create a connection between your phone and the tool so that no other person can have access to it. This makes it impossible for anyone else to access your diagnostic scans.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

FIXD provides a guarantee that the company won’t be happy unless you’re happy. You have 30 days to test it before you purchase the product from Amazon. You can return the product within this time frame if you aren’t satisfied. This is a great way to ensure that the tool works with your model and that it can find the information you need. A diagnostic tool that can scan and monitor other vehicles may be what you prefer.


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  • When you should take your car to a mechanic

  • You don’t feel confident about your repair skills.
  • If you don’t have the experience to make the repairs required
  • You don’t have time to repair it yourself.
  • If you need a guarantee that your car will be fixed,
  • If your vehicle is still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty


  • Not all vehicles covered

FIXD is only compatible with vehicles with an OBD-II port. This feature is only available for vehicles manufactured in the middle of the 1990s or later. This scanner cannot be used if your vehicle was not manufactured in 1996. Although some claim it will work with hybrid vehicles, the manufacturer claims it will only work with gas vehicles. FIXD can be used on all types of vehicles. It is equally effective on trucks and vans as it is on cars and SUVs.
  • Only check the engine light

FIXD may seem to be able to find every problem with your car. However, it can only detect problems related to your check engine lights. It doesn’t detect problems with the lights, airbags, or other components of your car. Although you might notice your oil light coming on, the FIXD app cannot detect if you need to change the oil or replace the filter. You should take your car to a mechanic if you have problems with any other parts of the vehicle.
  • Customer Support

Manufacturers of diagnostic scanning tools may offer toll-free help. However, FIXD requires you to use an email address. You will need to search online for the manufacturer’s site. The next step is to locate the email address on that website and send a message. Customers have reported that they waited days, sometimes even weeks to get a reply. Others found that they never received a response from the company. This could include issues with Bluetooth or entering a VIN number.
  • Bluetooth Error

It is easy to set up Bluetooth connections. All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for something in the vicinity. FIXD customers who have reviewed the service online claim that they encountered errors or problems when setting up this connection. Their phones couldn’t detect the scanning tool despite having Bluetooth enabled. To force the connection, you may have to be closer to the FIXD sensor. Several customers found that their app lost the connection after turning it off, and they had to set it up again.
  • There are no issues found

Before you purchase FIXD, it is important to understand how it works and what it does. Customers complaining that the tool didn’t detect any problems with their cars was one of the most common complaints we received online. These complaints included those who found their cars no longer running on the side streets. FIXD, a simple tool, tells you what the check engine light means and how to fix it. It can’t tell you everything about your car or provide information about possible repairs.

Consumer Reports FIXD Review

“This saved me from being stranded!” It is my favorite gadget. It eliminates the need to go to a shop to have your check engine codes checked and then interpreted by another person. It also informed me of two new regulations that were in effect while I was driving. I immediately went to the repair shop, and the mechanic informed me that if I didn’t bring it in on time, it might result in my car breaking down. The app is constantly improving and being updated.

Michael P. The FIXD system works perfectly! My wife and I were able to decode the dreaded check engine lights. FIXD provided excellent technical support and timely assistance. We had some issues with the installation, but these problems quickly disappeared. These guys are simply the best! I would highly recommend FIXD.

April M. “FINALLY! A PRODUCT WITH THE MONEY!” We purchased 3 to monitor our daughter’s and wife’s cars when they’re not home. This is a fantastic product that was well worth the money! It took about a week for someone to use their head to market a useful product. This gives dads peace of mind and helps with reminders. Great job, guys!!!!!!

Where to buy FIXD?

Nearly every auto parts shop in the country will have diagnostic tools available for purchase. Although some shops offer scans for free, it can be costly and time-consuming to visit each time you need assistance. You can save time and money by purchasing FIXD online. This tool is available at a discount price. You can also have it shipped to your home in the United States or overseas. Every FIXD tool purchased from the site comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and the ability to purchase as many as you want.

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You’ll need to pay $59.99 for a single FIXD-tool, plus a small shipping and handling fee. The bundle, which includes two FIXD instruments for $89.98, is more popular and offers free shipping and handling. The three-tool deal is the best option if you are looking for the most bang for your buck. The three-tool deal costs just $119.98 and gives you one free tool when you purchase two full-price. All tools come with a complimentary diagnostic app and a money-back guarantee. Only bundle packages include free shipping and handling within the United States.

Last Thought

The fixed car diagnostic device maintains a close relationship between comfort and economy for users who want to connect their app from their smartphone via Bluetooth4.0 with a real-time diagnosis. It’s very effective and delivers the promised characteristics. I was able to test it. It is an efficient and useful obd2 connector. It only works with the app installed on your smartphone.

To activate the OBD2 sensor, the phone must be charged. It does not allow you to make phone calls while the device is on, and it deactivates the OBD2 system when it is off. It works well and can be used to solve many problems.