Bwiti Shaman Moughenda Offers First Iboga Retreat Outside of Gabon in 7 Years in Portugal.


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10th Generation Bwiti Shaman Moughenda Mikala is now offering Iboga Retreats, Healing sessions, and Iboga Detox sessions outside of Gabon for the first time in over seven years with Root Healing.

Dec 28, 2021

Root Healing is excited to announce that 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman Moughenda Mikala is now a partner and co-owner. He will be a core part of our treatment, healing, leadership, detox, and ceremony team. What’s even more exciting though, is that this means that he will be leading ceremonies and detoxes in Portugal several times a year beginning this April. This will be the first time that Moughenda has offered anything outside of Gabon in over seven years.

Iboga Retreats with Moughenda will be a special opportunity to connect with Iboga and the Bwiti tradition outside of Gabon, in magical Sintra, Portugal. For thousands of years, the Bwiti have been working with Iboga as their sacrament, using it for physical healing, spiritual healing, and spiritual discovery, long before the world discovered the famed alkaloid Ibogaine. The entire experience at these upcoming retreats will be steeped in the Bwiti tradition which will promote deeper healing and empowerment to our guests, going far beyond the clinical and new-age offerings of today.

In an effort to make these retreats identical to the ones offered at Moughenda’s Village in Gabon, we will also have both male and female special guests from the village supporting our ceremonies. We will be joined by Papa Boussenghui (the best Ngombi or Harp player in Gabon), Manimha, Nicole “Emengui” Douckagha, and Derlich “Kanga” Frida Mikala.

In addition to the special guests, these retreats will also be supported by Root Healing’s highly trained and experienced Iboga Providers, Ryan “Ghenigho” Rich, and Steven “Moubengui” Callahan. Provider in training and Bwiti initiate Madeleine “Ebando” Cullerton will also bring her potent female spirit and hospitality expertise to ensure the utmost comfort and care for our guests.

These Iboga Retreats will be seven days long, with two Iboga Ceremonies and two integration day trips offered at each retreat, visiting the stunning beaches and exploring the magical town of Sintra, Portugal. Food and accommodations are included and we can cater to anyone’s preference/needs as long as it is known in advance. As is custom, our extensive medical evaluation, aftercare, and integration counseling will also be offered to all guests.

Guests who qualify will also have the opportunity to do Pre-initiations with Moughenda, Ghenigho, and Moubengui if they are interested.

There are limited spaces available and we expect a high demand, so we suggest making a deposit as soon as possible to secure a spot at this unique opportunity to experience true Bwiti ceremonies outside of Gabon.

Dates are as follows:

April 8-14

April 18-24

April 27-May 3

May 6-12

May 17-23

To book or if you have any questions please email us at or visit our website at You can also reach us by phone or WhatsApp at 800-620-7053.

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