The Personal Butcher Reviews: Quality. Meats. Convenience!


Almost everyone agrees that nothing quite can be compared to a juicy steak especially when you are celebrating a feast. How the cooking procedure plays an important in the taste of the recipe, likewise is the quality of the meat. The lack of freshness in the meat might not satisfy you with better flavor and deliciousness. Hence, the review here has a secret that can help you to grasp the organic and fresh cuts of meat and avoid the processed meat that harms your health. Sounds incredible? Then keep following the review which exposes the friendly service of meat delivery called “The Personal Butcher”. Know what The Personal Butcher is, how they work and what do you get from them.

What is The Personal Butcher?

The Personal Butcher is the online convenient meat purchase site that delivers you high-quality and fresh meat which you can get into your hands with no hassles. It is the easy way of ordering meats and they also offer free BACON for a lifetime of your membership as a limited offer. The Personal Butcher has made research on farms and has carefully chosen partners who have lower than 4.5% greenhouse gas emissions. It is an online meat subscription service that delivers high-quality meat without any preservatives. The Personal Butcher is the right place to yield high-quality proteins that get delivered directly to your doors which is an effective option.

The meat here is 100% raised, processed, and shipped in the USA and you can get the best quality grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and antibiotic-free pork.

How does The Personal Butcher work for you?

The Personal Butcher is the source of high-grade and fresh quality meats where you can receive your favorite meat at your doorsteps.

Step 1: select the curated package which includes the best quality beef, chicken, and pork.

Step 2: Fast delivery is made with an insulated package of delicious meat to your doorsteps.

Step 3: You can try your recipe or from The Personal Butcher’s recipe to cook and feast with better taste.

What are the meat varieties that you find with The Personal Butcher purchase?

The Personal Butcher provides you with the best standards of meat in a convenient way once you subscribe to them. Taking action now will help you to avail yourself of the 12 oz package of applewood smoked FREE BACON for the lifetime of your membership. The Personal Butcher includes the beef, chicken, and pork meats which can be delivered to your doorsteps with safe packaging and desired quantity.

  • Beef meat includes ground beef, prime New York strip, top sirloin steak, chuck roast, and premium steak tips.
  • Chicken meat includes boneless and skinless chicken breasts, chicken drumsticks and Pork meat include boneless center-cut, mild sausage links, pork chop, and filet.

You can also get the combo of all three types of meat as mentioned in the combo box below.

The Personal Butcher recipes!

The Personal Butcher meat subscription service allows you to get access to a wide variety of mouth-watering cooking recipes. Some of them in the list includes:

  • Creamy chicken orzo.
  • Chili cheese dog bites.
  • Herb-crusted pork roast with port wine sauce.
  • Mini buffalo chicken pies.
  • Pumpkin chicken curry.
  • Philly cheesesteaks.
  • Chicken kebabs and more.

Benefits of The Personal Butcher service:

  • The Personal Butcher helps you to avail the best-standard meat.
  • You can avail yourself of organic fresh grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and antibiotic-free pork without any hormones.
  • The cattle are fed outdoors with the natural prey and no chemicals are injected for rapid growth.
  • You can avail of flexible proportion and better-quality meat with easy access.
  • The pricing policy is made affordable and there is different quantity box that you can choose based on your requirement.
  • There is a customer support team for contact which helps to solve your queries and make reports.
  • You can subscribe to the service and avail better deals and discounts.
  • The meat packaging is done eco-friendly and reaches you with flavor-locked fresh cuts.
  • There are several delicious recipes included on the site that makes you taste the variety of cooking tastes.
  • You can avail free bacon for a lifetime membership access service.


  • You may not get organ meat.
  • You can get access to the legit purchase only from the official The Personal Butcher site.

The Personal Butcher purchase and pricing policy:

The Personal Butcher is the most effective option for ordering fresh and organic meats to celebrate your feasts with high nutrition. In order to purchase through The Personal Butcher, all that you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned below.

Select the package: You can choose the boxes which contain the best standards of meat like beef, chicken, and pork.

Packaging: once you confirm your order, The Personal Butcher packages quality products into air-tight bags and insulates the packages with over 1lb of dry ice which helps to deliver the meat in perfect condition.

Freight: The conditioned meat boxes will be delivered through the UPS delivery service through ground and air transport anywhere in the United States.

Delivery: You can wait for the tastier meats at your home and you will receive the boxes directly to your doorsteps.

What is the cost of The Personal Butcher meat packages?

The Personal Butcher process with the organic and chemical-free meats partnered with best-in-class farms of the USA. There is a subscription service that helps you to receive your package every four weeks which can be paused or canceled anytime.

There are four different packages available with determining cost with two different quantity containers.

  • All Beef package:

Inside the small box, you can find 1× Ground beef of 2-3 lbs, 2×prime New York strip, 4×top sirloin steak, 1×2-3 lbs chuck roast, and 1×premium steak tips. It costs $139 and the sizes might vary and are approximate.

Inside a large box, you can find 2× Ground beef of 2-3 lbs, 4×prime New York strip, 8×top sirloin steak, 2×2-3 lbs chuck roast, and 2×premium steak tips. It costs $278 and the sizes might vary and are approximate.

  • Beef & Chicken package:

It contains a small and large box with varied quantities of meats.

The small box includes 1×ground beef 92-3 lbs), 2×Prime New York strip, 4×Top sirloin steak, 2-3 lbs of chicken breasts (boneless and skinless), and 2-3 lbs of chicken drumsticks. The small box costs $139 per pack.

The large box includes 2×ground beef 92-3 lbs), 4×Prime New York strip, 8×Top sirloin steak, 4-5 lbs of chicken breasts (boneless and skinless), and 4-5 lbs of chicken drumsticks. The large box costs $278 per pack.

  • Beef & Pork package:

Small Box costs $139 which comprises of 1×ground beef (2-3 lbs), 2×Prime New York strip, 4×Top sirloin steak, 2×Pork chop boneless center-cut, and 2-3 lbs of mild sausage links.

Whereas, Large box costs $278 with the inclusions of 2×ground beef (2-3 lbs), 4×Prime New York strip, 8×Top sirloin steak, 4×Pork chop boneless center-cut, and 4-5 lbs of mild sausage links.

  • Combo Box:

This package comprises beef, chicken, and pork a combination of meats. You can also get the small and large boxes with the best quantity and quality.

In the small box, there is 1×Ground beef (2-3 lbs), 2×Filet, 2 lbs of skirt steak, 2×Pork chop, and 2-3 lbs of chicken breast (boneless and skinless). This small box costs just $139.

In the large box, there is 2×Ground beef (2-3 lbs), 4×Filet, 4 lbs of skirt steak, 4×Pork chop, and 4-5 lbs of chicken breast (boneless and skinless). This Large box costs just $278.

Once you choose your package and confirm your purchase, you will receive a tracking number when the package has been shipped.

Is the meat organic? Where it is raised?

Yes. The Personal Butcher meats are 100% safe and do not contain any preservatives. You shall get the fresh quality and proper quantity of meats that you order. The meat here is raised and processed in the USA and is procured from farms in Idaho, Montana, and Iowa. It is then shipped from the Chicagoland area distribution center and delivered everywhere in the continental United States. The ordered meat comes to you as frozen to maintain its freshness, flavor and keep it ready to cook.

What proves The Personal Butcher meat quality?

The Personal Butcher meat is 100% organic as they deliver only grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and antibiotic-free pork which are free from hormones. The cattle including cows, chickens, and pork are fed outdoors with natural food and attain natural weight gain. The taste and texture also prove to you the quality of The Personal Butcher meat.

Can I rely on The Personal Butcher meat? – Final thoughts!

The Personal Butcher service does the best curating, processing, and delivery steps which can help you attain the good and high-quality meat that can make your feast enjoyable. It might be the best way to get the high nutrition to your health without any chemicals or hormones fed which makes the consumption safe. The quality, service, and access are made excellent in The Personal Butcher purchase and the variety of meat boxes are made affordable where several users are enjoying the service. In short, The Personal Butcher might be the right place for you to enjoy the taste of organic meat and you can rely on their service with no issues. For any further questions, you can feel free to contact the customer support team through

(GET THE LOWEST PRICE) To place an order, click here to go to the official The Personal Butcher website here.