Una Patches: 240mg CBD Patches Works or Not? Ingredients and Official Website Price!

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After tasting the earthy taste, did you turn to CBD gummies? Gummies also fail to make CBD more desirable. This delivery method was originally introduced to alleviate distaste and promote a pleasant experience. Unfortunately,

Some gummies may be better than others. The ideal CBD gummy is one that has CBD fully absorbed and tastes nothing like one’s taste buds. Our editorial team searched for such a solution and found a CBD product that was both environmentally- and animal-friendly. Una Patches Let’s get to the point. This review is intended to reveal the many aspects of Una CBD Patches.

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What are the Una Patches?

Una CBD patches are transdermal patches that distribute cannabis (CBD). This is the latest development in CBD. The industry has become used to CBD oils, tinctures, creams, and gummies, but this new innovation is a major breakthrough. What can the Una CBD Patches do for consumers?

Anna, the founder insists that every patch can achieve balance in the mind and body. It can reduce overthinking and anxiousness, increase sleep quality and improve energy levels beyond imagination. What makes this Una CBD Patches team so confident? According to some, the story lies in the delivery of choice.

The first CBD patches in the world that utilize rapid-absorption technology. Una CBD Patches This breaks down the cycle of ineffective CBD products. It also dramatically reduces anxiety.

It is innovative, scientifically supported, and combines traditional ayurvedic knowledge with modern technology.

The desire to help you become the best version possible of yourself is short and sweet.

The CBD they use is made from European hemp and has been rigorously tested by third parties to verify its quality and purity. The medical-grade patch delivery system is safe and sustainable.

Biodegradable patches can be packaged in recyclable materials. To reduce carbon emissions, local manufacturers are utilized whenever possible in their supply chains.

They signed up for the Earthly Climate Positive Program, which goes beyond just balancing carbon emissions and actually has a positive environmental impact on society and the environment.

How does Una CBD Patches do?

Una CBD Patches was born out of the success of nicotine patches and birth control. Anna explained that CBD can be delivered to the body through patches. This will bypass the metabolic destruction stage, which is when supplements are broken down upon intake. It reduces the effectiveness of nutrients and delivers only a fraction. Oral CBD solutions may only deliver 95% of CBD. This defeats the purpose of using them!

The Una CBD patches skip the previous step and deliver the CBD directly into the bloodstream. Each patch releases 8 mg of CBD using rapidly absorbed technology. The CBD content in each patch is slowly released over 24 hours. This slow and steady method has the advantage that people will need less CBD throughout the day. However, possible side effects can still be controlled.

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Creator of Una Patches

Anna, founder of Una Patches. I am a medical chemist by trade, with a specialization in natural medicines. Before I founded Una Patches, I worked for large pharmaceutical companies.

My education and experience have given me a solid understanding of how substances interact with our bodies and how to get them to their intended destinations.

Oral options were therefore excluded. Although CBD oil or pills may sound familiar, it is unlikely that CBD will prove to be effective.

These claims aren’t just bold marketing strategies. This is supported in official government research. Therefore, I decided to focus on creating a truly efficient solution.

This will allow CBD to be directly delivered into the bloodstream.

Is there a solution? CBD-rich skin patches.

This technique has been demonstrated with nicotine patches and birth control. It was possible to use CBD with a few modifications.

What makes Una patches different than other CBD products?

  • Start right away, as your body can absorb CBD fast and easily.
  • It prevents “metabolic damage”, which means that you don’t lose all the CBD through metabolism. Instead, 750% more CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream.
  • You will receive 8mg of CBD every 24 hours. This is a slow and continuous release.
  • It is small, discreet, simple, and easy to use.
  • Made in FDA-approved GMP facilities
  • Made from organic hemp grown in America and non-GMO.
  • All-natural, biodegradable and vegan.
  • Request a medical device evaluation.

Dosage of Una Patches

UNA patches are sold in 30 packs, designed to last for one month.

You will need to have more than a 1- or 2-month supply.

Your anxiety did not just appear overnight.

It will not have happened by chance. It was years in the making. It won’t disappear in a matter of weeks.

Our most satisfied customers order a minimum of 6 months supply.

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Why should you use Una Patches?

There are many advantages to patches over chewing gum and sublingual fluids.

  • CBD is more efficient than other filtration and digestive systems.
  • It can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • A dose of 8 mg CBD can be administered in 24 hours with precision and accuracy.
  • Here’s the good news for those with bad memory: You don’t have to remember to refuel throughout the day.
  • Easy to wear and waterproof
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Is there anything more satisfying than not having to clean up after yourself?


Una patches potion

UNA patches are sold in 30 packs, designed to last for one month.

However, you will need to use more than a month’s worth of food.

Your anxiety didn’t appear overnight, after all

It wouldn’t be random. It will take years to develop. It won’t disappear in a matter of weeks.

Our most successful clients need a supply of at least 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What are the most notable features of Una CBD patches?

The Una CBD Patches are maintained by Anna:

  • Receive 750% more CBD than any other delivery method
  • Slow and steady release of 8mg CBD
  • They are small and discrete.
  • Embodies organic hemp, non-GMO
  • Quality and purity are checked twice by a third-party lab
  • They are described as premium quality, waterproof and biodegradable, vegan friendly, and THC-free.

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What should Una CBD patches be worn?

Una CBD patches can be used to make the most of them. They should be placed on a high area of the arm, between the triceps or biceps. It should be taken out and thrown away after the 24-hour period.

Is it safe for multiple Una CBD patches to be worn at once?

Individuals are asked not to wear multiple Una CBD patches at once for safety reasons. Each patch is designed to last 24 hours so you won’t need more than one. It is also not recommended to keep the same patch for more than 24 hours.

What number of Una CBD Patches are included with every purchase?

Each package contains 30 Una CBD Patches.

Is there any bonus offered by the manufacturer with every Una CBD Patches purchased?

Four eBooks are available for free at the time of writing. They normally retail for $29 each. These eBooks include ” Anxiety Antidote“, 7 Practical Tips for Achieving a Positive Mindset“, Stress Less“, Eat Your Way to Calm. To keep the reader guessing, each guide’s exact contents are kept secret until an order has been placed and accepted.

Are the Una CBD Patches covered by a money-back guarantee?

Una CBD patches come with a 120-day money-back guarantee. To initiate a refund, individuals must notify customer service within 120 days of the purchase date. Contact customer service to determine if your order is eligible for a refund.

How much do Una Patches cost?

Una CBD patches are available at three price points. Below are some of the key differences between increasing supply and decreasing supply (before shipping and handling fees).

  • Una CBD Patches 1 Month: $69 Each
  • 3 Month Supply Una CBD Patches – $59 Each
  • Una CBD Patches 6 Month Supply: $44 Each

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Money-Back Guarantee

They offer a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

You can use the patches for 120 days, which is 4 months. Our patches can be used to reduce anxiety.

We will refund your entire purchase if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Una CBD Patches Discount Price

Meet the Creator

Anna, a medicinal chemist, and founder of Una Patches presented the facts. Her specialization in natural medicine is what allowed her to understand the interactions of certain substances with our bodies. She discovered that oral remedies may not be as effective when CBD is involved. Here are some words from the founder:

“While the idea of taking CBD oil or capsules may seem familiar, it is not likely that they will be as effective when taken orally […]. Instead, I tried to create an option that actually worked. This would allow you to get CBD directly into your body. The solution? Transdermal patches infused with CBD.

Final Verdict

Una CBD patches work exactly like any other transdermal patches, but our body will receive 8mg of CBD via an extended-release. This delivery method is known for its high absorption rates and extended release. The nutrients in CBD are absorbed throughout the day, rather than within minutes. This is a good thing, as CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities can potentially help with minor health issues in a safe and consistent manner.

Our editorial team was amazed at the claims of the founder after examining them. One question that is still unanswered is how one can access certificates of analysis from the purported double testing. The official website is currently unavailable and only a sales page appears to be available. The next step is to contact the customer service team before placing an order.


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