Automend Pro Reviews: [New Update] Is This The Best Car Diagnostic Tool?

About Automend Pro Auto Diagnostic Tool

Automend Pro is a sophisticated OBD II (On-Board Diagnostic) device that works in conjunction with the online app to troubleshoot more than 7,000 different mechanical issues with your vehicle. This auto device provides you with detailed diagnostic report about your vehicle which can easily be accessed through the mobile app.

It is designed to save you the cost of auto repairs by detecting malfunctions in your vehicle before the problem worsens.

Before now, such information about your car’s problems have only been accessible to mechanics who take advantage of car owners’ ignorance to rip them off thousands of dollars, but that’s about to end.

Automend Pro is simple yet sophisticated, its design is compact and it packs up advanced technological features that provide the user with accurate diagnosis. This is much like doctoring your car. It brings you a sense of fulfilment being able to have knowledge about what the issues are.

The information Automend Pro diagnostic tool provides, helps you to have a better bargaining power with your mechanic, as often said, “knowledge is power.”

For those who are not tech-savvy, Automend Pro is very easy to use, literally all you have to do is plug and use. There’s no expert technical or auto knowledge required to use this device.

This Automend Pro review will give you detailed information on all you need to know about this auto diagnostic tool, to better make a decision about purchase.

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What is an OBD2 Scanner?

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. It’s a system that monitors the performance of your car’s engine and emissions systems, records data, and reports any problems it detects.

OBD2 is the second version of this system for cars and trucks. Starting in 1996 for gas-powered vehicles and 2008 for diesels, it is a standard system that allows you to plug a scanner into any make or model of car to access the diagnostic information stored inside.

When the computer that runs the engine detects a problem, it will record a Diagnostic Trouble Code, also known as a DTC, in its memory. If the problem is severe enough, it will turn on the check engine light on your dashboard to tell you there’s a problem. At that point, it’s time to plug in an OBD2 scanner and investigate the issue.

An OBD2 scanner is the device you plug into your car’s OBD2 port to read its trouble codes and live data is generally known as a scanner. These take many forms, ranging from a tiny box barely bigger than the OBD2 port itself to a large device connected to the port by a wire.

Automend Pro Specifications





Communication method Bluetooth 4.0
Item Dimensions 1.89 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
Operating System IOS and Android
Operating voltage 9V – 16V
Operating current 25mA
Operating Humidity <60%


Automend Pro Features

  • Intuitive Interface. Sleek, simple and designed for clarity
  • IOS and Android Compatibility. Easy to download and setup
  • Real-Time Reports. Get an in-depth diagnostic report straight to your phone
  • Seamless Syncing. Connect to your phone through Bluetooth 4.0
  • Multi-Vehicle Control. Scan and diagnose an unlimited amount of vehicles
  • Multiple Languages. Choose from 9 languages

Special Features:

  • ‎Detailed diagnostic reports including code definition
  • Explanation and severity level
  • Reminder of vehicle maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle RPM, speed, coolant temperature, and more
  • Calculate and track trip and car expense
  • Real time updates on vehicle’s fuel consumption and condition
  • Monitor multiple vehicles under one screen

Premium App Features include:


Who, what, when, and where? Track it all when you hit the road


From fill-ups to flat tires. Know exactly how much you’re spending


Run a quick check beforehand and always be test-ready, road-ready


Find your car with GPS and get alerted before your ticket runs out


Benefits of Using Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool

No one likes a car breaking down. More specifically, no one likes an unexpectedly large bill to repair their car. While back in the day it was far easier to find out what was going wrong before you put your car into a mechanics or better yet, fixed it yourself, modern day cars have made that initial diagnosis a lot harder.

To give you a better idea of just what this car diagnostic tool can do, here’s a rundown of just some of the benefits of using Automend Pro.

Works With Almost Every Car

Automend Pro works with any gas, diesel, or hybrid car or truck from 1996 or later.

Prevents Major Repairs

Automend Pro lets you diagnose the problem and have it repaired sooner before they turn into major (and expensive) repairs.

Protects You from Rip Offs

Once you know what’s actually wrong with your car, a mechanic can’t make you pay for expensive, unneeded repairs. With car diagnostic tools, you can have all of this information at your disposal, allowing you to simply top your fluids up without the expensive trip to the mechanics

Automend Pro Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

Automend Pro provides you with a complete overview of your vehicle’s health. If any problem is found with your vehicle, it will instantly be displayed on your phone and you’ll also be informed how much the repair usually costs. It’s like having a professional auto mechanic with you wherever you go.

Ease of Usage

Automend Pro Car diagnostic tool have been made specially to be easy to use in anybody’s hands. While this device may sound incredibly technical, they’re far from it. The vast majority, you simply plug in and wait for information to download to the screen.

Extensive Coverage

Automend Pro OBD2 protocols support almost any make or model, across many regions.

Advanced System Diagnostics

Automend Pro can diagnose over 7,000 vehicle problems

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Why Should You Own Automend Pro Car Diagnostic Tool?

Our vehicles are not infallible, and when something goes wrong, you may struggle to figure out the problem without a car diagnostic tool. Well, you could just call roadside assistance or your trusted mechanic and wait for however long it takes. Meanwhile the problem could be something as minor as a blown fuse, or more serious engine trouble that requires professional assisstance.

This simple, high-tech, tool can interface with your car’s computer system to check all the electrical components to find out exactly where the problem lies. Automend Pro can detect ‘error codes’ or ‘trouble codes’, making it easy to isolate and attend to a problem area.

If you have some technical knowledge, it may be something you can fix yourself, which could save you a lot of time and money you’d otherwise spend on the experts having to physically check and diagnose the problem.


What Makes Automend Pro OBD2 Scanner Unique? (Automend Pro Review)

CAR DIAGNOSTICS YOU CAN DO YOURSELF – Taking your car to a mechanic can be stressful. The bill adds up and they claim to use special automotive tools that end up costing you more. With Automend Pro vehicle diagnostic code reader & engine scanner, you can know before you go. This personal OBD2 scanner and Bluetooth will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle, so you can address one of the most urgent problems first instead of paying for unnecessary auto parts and other accessories.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND OBD2 READER & VEHICLE SCANNER – Mechanics and other OBD 2 reader and code scanners use complicated jargon. Automend Pro wireless obd2 scanner and car diagnostic sends information about your vehicle that is clear and easy to understand. Eliminate the stress of car maintenance and make an informed decision about your vehicle with Automend Pro OBD scan tool. This auto scanner is designed for all car owners, regardless of their experience of car parts or computer diagnostic tools.

AUTOMOTIVE SCANNER DIAGNOSTIC TOOL & APP – Automend Pro smart vehicle health monitor provides a free auto diagnostic, so you know the issues beforehand and can avoid paying for repairs you don’t need. Take the guesswork out of common car problems like how to clear the check engine light and find out what the problem is immediately. Get full access to the Automend Pro App subscription features such as trip and car expenses, maintenance, and parking reminders, totally FREE for 30 days!

AUTO SCANNER CODE & OBD READER FOR MOST CARS – Automend Pro auto diagnostic scanner tool works with most vehicles produced from 1996 onwards. Check engine light, check engine oil, coolant, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), ignition system, transmission, suspension, tire air pressure, exhaust, torque, battery, and more with this unique automotive code reader and scanner for car.

BLUETOOTH CAR DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER DATA STRAIGHT TO YOUR PHONE – Now you can diagnose your car’s problems straight from your device. To use the Automend Pro car scan tool, simply download the app on your iPhone or Android phone, plug the device into your vehicle’s OBD2 carport, and then launch the app to scan for issues. Bluetooth code reader and diagnostic scanner capabilities also allow you to track your vehicle. This is one of the most reliable and trusted car diagnostic scanner for most cars.

How Does Automend Pro OBD2 Work?

It works by plugging into the car’s computer system and displaying a “trouble code.” A scanner gives you real-time “live” information so you see the same data your car’s computer is seeing.

Automend Pro plugs into your car’s OBD2 port (typically located beneath the dash on the driver’s side) and connects to the computer that runs your engine and other systems. This computer is known as the ECU or ECM (engine control module).

With the ignition on, the car scanner can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, reset the check engine light, monitor engine and sensor data in real-time, customize features of your car, and more.


Automend Pro Price and Where to Buy

Automend Pro is available for purchase only rom the Automend pro official website. Buying directly from the official online store makes you eligible for bonus offers such as discounts.

Also, due to the high praises and popularity of this device, a lot of vendors are beginning to sell fake products bearing the same name. Purchasing from the official website gives you assurance of the product.

Refund policies such as money back guarantees are only for those who purchase Automend Pro from the official website.

Here’s a price list of Automend Pro:

1 Automend Pro – $49.99 (50% savings)

2 Automend Pro – $89.99 (55% savings)

3 Automend Pro – $119.99 (60% savings)

4 Automend Pro – $139.99 (65% savings)

Refund Policy

30 DAY GUARANTEE: If you are not completely thrilled with your Automend Pro the company will be offering you a 30-day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

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How To Use Automend Pro

  1. Find that port. This assumes you have a post-1996 vehicle that includes onboard OBD-II systems. It is generally found underneath the dashboard near your steering column, though you should check with your car manual to be sure.
  2. Make sure the vehicle is turned off before you connect the scanner so as to avoid causing any more damage, either to your car or the tool.
  3. Download the Automend Pro app from the Apple Store (for iPhones) or the Google Play Store (for Android).
  4. Simply run the app while the Automend Pro is plugged in. You’ll receive a full report on your vehicle, including any problems found.
  5. Take note of the codes displayed. Thanks to the internet, you can usually just do a quick google search on your mobile phone. Similarly, the apps should redirect you to a more detailed explanation of a code when you tap the link.

If you can’t sync your vehicle to the app, please check the Bluetooth connection between the OBD2 and the App.

If you’re still experiencing syncing issues, follow these steps:

  • Plug the OBD2 into the port
  • Turn the KEY ignition ON
  • Download the Automend Pro App (from the App or Play Store)
  • Open the App (make sure your WiFi/4G is enabled)
  • If the OBD2 is not synced yet, you’ll see a “Please establish OBD2 connection”
  • Tap to scan and find the OBD2 or Tap “Add OBD”
  • Choose Automend Pro from the list of sensors and connect

Experts recommend that the key to keeping a car running smoothly is preventative maintenance, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to take their car into the mechanic’s shop for a monthly checkup. Thankfully, the Automend Pro can run a complete diagnostic on your car, saving you an expensive trip to the mechanics.


Things You Need to know before buying OBD2 scanner – Buying Guide

  1. What information do you want to get from it?

It is crucial that you get a scanner that covers the specific systems and functions that you need.

  1. How much do you want to spend on it?

Automend Pro is a great and very affordable tool to have.

  1. Diagnostics is not equal to problem solved. Yes, you can use it to clear fault codes in your vehicle, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. What an OBD-II scanner does is let you find the problem areas in your car so you or your mechanic can pinpoint and address the problem.
  2. What type of OBD2 scanner do you want?

PC-based auto scanners make use of the power of the PC to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with the car, truck, or motorcycle.

Bluetooth OBD2 scanners such as Automend Pro can transform smartphones, tablets, or computers into an advanced scan tool that provides fast and reliable live performance data.

Automend Pro Customer Reviews

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“Automend Pro Saved Me Hundreds of Dollars in Repairs!

My car started overheating and the mechanic said the repairs would cost over $500. Thankfully, a co-worker of mine had Automend Pro! He ran the diagnostics on my car and discovered that the problem could be fixed by replacing a part that only cost $29! Thank goodness for Automend Pro! Without it, my wallet would be even emptier than it usually is.”

Kyle C. – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“Kept me from getting ripped off!

My car started overheating and the mechanic said the repairs would cost over $500. Thankfully, a co-worker of mine had Automend Pro! He ran the diagnostics on my car and discovered that the problem could be fixed by replacing a part that only cost $29! Thank goodness for Automend Pro! Without it, my wallet would be even emptier than it usually is.”

-Yasmeen G.

“Helped me get better mileage!

My car has always been fairly solid, but I always felt that I wasn’t getting the amount of gas mileage the car was capable of. I ran the Automend Pro and it told me about all of the little fixes and adjustments needed to get my car in tip-top shape. Now I’m getting better mileage than ever before, all thanks to Automend”

Seth P.

“Prevented a costly major repair!

My car had been running perfectly so I was surprised when Automend Pro discovered a problem. It detected a problem that eventually would have turned into a major, $1000 repair. But thanks to Automend Pro, I was able to stop the problem from ever happening in the first place!”

-Thomas O.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automend Pro

What does Automend Pro do?

OBD II is an acronym for On-Board Diagnostics 2, which is the second generation of vehicular on-board self-diagnostic equipment.

Does using an OBD II device void the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty?

  1. Using an OBD II Reader like Automend Pro does not void your vehicle’s warranty.

Is it OK to leave Automend Pro plugged in?

If you drive regularly, it is perfectly OK to leave the Automend Pro plugged in. If the vehicle is left for days without being driven, it is recommended that you unplug Automend Pro.

Do I need Internet connection to make Automend Pro work?

Yes, the mobile device you connect to the Automend Pro should be connected to the internet to receive up-to-date information.

Where do I get the app?

If you have an Android device, you can download it from the Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone, you can download it from the App Store.

Is shipping included?

The world is experiencing a major crisis that is causing shipping and delivery delays and increased and unkown costs. We do not include shipping in your pricing so that at the time your product is ready to ship, the best available shipping will be used.


Final Thoughts on Automend Pro Reviews

It doesn’t just make a diagnosis; you will get warnings about developing problems and tackle them on time before it worsens. This OBD2 scanner is one of the best around, fitted with modern car diagnostics.

No more frustrations anytime you need to go to the mechanic. You don’t have to be disappointed anytime your car suddenly develops a fault. Automend Pro diagnostic tool will give you rest as long as it concerns your cars.

It comes highly recommended from those who are enjoying its numerous benefits.

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