VivaSlim Review: Consumer Reports & Scientific Facts Exposed!

VivaSlim is a liquid supplement sold exclusively to support healthy weight loss by suppressing unnecessary food cravings, increasing metabolism, and supporting cholesterol and sugar levels.

Moreover, its official company advertised it as a Powerful 2-Second Daily Ritual to lose a significant amount of weight. Its unique formula is derived from the secrets of the indigenous people from the African rainforest. With this unique formula, the body revitalizes its power to accelerate the natural fat-burning mechanisms inside the body.

Is VivaSlim safe to use daily? How does it work? What do the customer report and the scientific study say?

Find out everything about this liquid weight loss formula.


Product Name VivaSlim Supplement
Category Weight Loss Solution
VivaSlim Ingredients African Mango Extract, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Maca extract, Pygeum Africanum, and Astragalus


Features ●        FDA Approved

●        GMP Certified

●        100% natural

●        Non-GMO

●        Non-habit forming

●        Gluten-Free

VivaSlim Side Effects No harmful side effects
Major Benefits ●        Activates the body’s natural fat-burning mechanism

●        Helps to revitalize the energy and keeps body energetic throughout the day

●        Helps to fight against aging symptoms

●        Reduces inflammation within several vitals organs of the body

●        Boost the metabolic rate and immunity of the body

●        Helps to control unnecessary food cravings

●        Fosters healthy cognitive and analytical skills

●        Helps to relieve stress and anxiety

●        Eliminates brain fog

●        Support overall health

VivaSlim Price $49 (Discounted Price)
Formula Liquid
VivaSlim Dosage 3 times a day (10 Drops into 3)
Made in USA
Money-back guarantee 60-days money-back guarantee
Quantity 60 ml
Where To Buy VivaSlim?


What is VivaSlim Supplement?

VivaSlim is a powerful obesity defeating supplement that comes in liquid form. The makers of this dietary supplement advertised that it has a powerful formula that provides full-spectrum support to the body to lose weight and burn extra calories naturally. Manufactured in the United States at a GMP-certified facility, it involves a highly sterile manufacturing process.




Exclusively sold through its official website, the supplement promises to provide significant support to achieve your desired weight loss goals. Furthermore, the makers of this advanced supplement claim that the formula is designed on the latest scientific discovery that highlighted the underlying hidden cause of obesity.

Composed of all healthy and unique ingredients, VivaSlim triggers the natural slimming mechanism of the body by activating the Cytokine Gate. To elaborate further, Cytokine Gate is known as a cellular fat tarp that mainly contributes to accumulating fat. Therefore, the formula of VivaSlim is designed to unlock this cellular fat trap by triggering the natural production of a fat-burning hormone called Adiponectin.

Notably, the supplement comes in the form of drops that is the most important feature of this weight loss supplement. Due to its liquid formula, it starts quick absorption in the body and supports healthy weight loss without leaving any side effects.




How does VivaSlim work?

On its official website, the creators of this liquid weight control formula revealed the whole course of the itinerary. They mentioned that the core functioning of the formula is designed to treat the underlying reason for obesity. As a matter of fact, when the fat cells start storing lots of fat, the body starts gaining weight and appearing bulged and fatty. To activate the release mode of these cells or the Cytokine Gate, the body needs enough of the fatburning hormone called Adiponectin.

More precisely, the low amount of this fat burning hormone results in the accumulation of fat in the cells leading to obesity. In the same regard, the makers of this powerful supplement come with an effective remedy to boost its natural production and activate the natural fat burning mechanism.

In nutshell, the core functioning of this weight loss supplement is to reduce weight by addressing the deficiency of adiponectin which is also identified as the major culprit of obesity. Importantly, the breakthrough and unique formula of the VivaSlim originated from the secrets of the indigenous people from the African rainforest.


Ingredients in VivaSlim

VivaSlim is a dietary supplement that has a herbal formula organically formulated with the help of carefully chosen plant-based extracts. More precisely, it has, as per the company claims, combined the power of eleven super ingredients. All of them are proven to promote healthy weight loss without involving any health hazards.

Additionally, the ingredients create a powerful synergistic effect on the body and repair all the malfunctioning that contributes to gaining weight. Along with reversing the slimming system of the body, the ingredients regulate the fat-burning process incredibly faster. In a nutshell, each dose of VivaSlim is packed with potent and exotic ingredients.

Interestingly, the company has shared the list of all the ingredients that are used in this powerful dietary supplement. Most of them are herbal extracts mainly used for weight reduction. However, one thing is notable that each one of them works more effectively when combined with some other special ingredients. In short, each one of them supports the efficacy of other ones.

Below is the list of the core ingredients used in VivaSlim and a brief detail about their role or benefits;


African Mango Extract

African Mango extract delivers incredibly great results in losing weight which is why the extract is widely used in weight-loss regimens. Please note that this weight loss extract is chiefly made up of high-quality weight loss herbs, roots, and bark of peculiar plants. All of them are procured from the finest sources and combine the power of certain active agents. Importantly,  these active agents have also been shown to offer peripheral benefits to the body. Such as,

  • The extract is known to adjust the body’s unhealthy LDL/HDL levels.
  • It also helps to stabilize blood pressure levels regulating healthy blood flow to the entire body.



L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is pretty essential for the body’s proper functioning. The breaking and processing of harmful fat molecules, triglycerides, and other greasy compounds (that may have suffocated other vital organs such as the stomach, intestines, gut, etc) are the most eminent, among its benefits. Other than that, the ingredient is also known to promote mental health and neural activities.


L-Arginine is a common ingredient, excessively found in several powerful workout supplements. This is because of its infinite benefits to boost the body’s natural glucose monetization capacity. Other than that, the ingredient also provides support to cardiovascular and circulatory functions.

Rhodiola Rosea

This ingredient is naturally extracted from certain high-quality sources mainly found in Asia which is why it is not quite popular in the West. However, it has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM). Moreover, it has been observed that this natural ingredient offers the following benefits to the body;

  • It helps with mental stress caused by excessive mental and physical exertion.
  • It also helps to relieve anxiety, some studies even suggested that Rhodiola Rosea delivers incredibly great results in combating mild depression.
  • The ingredient can also be used as a natural sedative providing help to regulate the natural sleep cycles



In general, L-glutamine is a highly efficacious amino acid that is used to target the natural insulin response mechanisms of the body. Moreover, it is used to stabilize healthy blood glucose levels. And most importantly, L-glutamine is used to increase the metabolic rate and immunity levels for allowing healthy and fast weight reduction.


Beta-alanine is generally a common addition to many pre-post workout supplements. Due to the fact that it is known to help in the faster synthesis of proteins and allow consumers to rapidly build lean muscle mass. Apart from this, the ingredient also supports the fast release of energy within the body maximizing stamina levels.

Maca extract

Maca Root has been widely used in many dietary supplements all across the globe, more commonly in Asia and South America. This is because of the extract’s excessive power in helping the body to lose weight. Some of the core advantages of this extract are;

  • It has been observed that maca extract contains certain aphrodisiacal agents that help to maximize one’s libido.
  • It helps to release certain mood enhancers, for instance, dopamine and endorphins.
  • The extract also hastens energy production within our bodies. And it does by enhancing one’s natural metabolic processes.

Pygeum Africanum

Pygeum Africanum is native to the continent of Africa, therefore, it is also known as African Plum. In general, this ingredient is a natural antioxidant that allows users to maximize their innate health levels. In addition to that, it can also help in reducing inflammation and reversing its symptoms.


Astragalus is the last ingredient that the company shared on the ingredient list of VivaSlim drops. In general, this ingredient is a part of many Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) preparations. However, it offers certain benefits in this dietary supplement;

  • It mainly helps to reduce inflammation that may affect the proper functioning of many vital systems of the body.
  • Additionally, Astragalus enhances the natural metabolic capacity of the consumer.
  • Astragalus also provides significant help in reversing the signs of premature aging that is pretty much common in both men and women.




VivaSlim Side Effects

Having said earlier, VivaSlim has a pure combination of natural ingredients, mainly plant-based. Additionally, each one of them is clinically proven to provide peculiar health benefits, most importantly, weight reduction and rapid metabolic boost. Or in simple words, we can say that VivaSlim drops contain no harmful chemicals, artificial flavors, or synthetic composite.

On top of that, the makers of this breakthrough formula claim that all these ingredients are organically mixed in a highly sterile environment which is why the formula is 100% safe. Moreover, the VivaSlim customer reviews also support the same idea and go in line with company remarks. In nutshell, VivaSlim is a 100 percent risk-free supplement that leaves zero side effects.


VivaSlim Core Advantages

Some of the core advantages that VivaSlim Supplement offers are listed below:

●       Healthy Weight Reduction

One of the most important features of this weight loss supplement is that it drops down your weight without risking any other system of your body. Without harming any vital organ or causing any serious health hazards, the breakthrough formula of this advanced supplement activates the natural mechanism of the body to break fat and carbs.

●       Rapid Weight Loss

Another exclusive feature of this supplement is the fast breakdown of fats, sugar, carbs, and triglycerides that may have already accumulated in the body over the years of taking an unhealthy diet.

●       Metabolic Boost

The official website of the company has rightly advertised this supplement as a metabolic boosting agent. They, furthermore, mentioned on their website that each serving of VivaSlim drops carries the combined power of eleven carefully selected herbal ingredients that leaves a synergistic effect on the metabolic function of the body. As the body starts breaking fat and other unnecessary greasy derivatives with the increase in metabolic rate.

●       Unnecessary Food Cravings

Killing unnecessary food cravings and controlling hunger is the most important advantage of this nutritional supplement. As the supplement comes loaded with several potent nutrients and natural hunger suppressants. These ingredients work in synergy to reduce the hunger-related signals and end unsolicited food cravings that we often appease by taking junk food.

●       No change in consumers’ lifestyle

Another advantage of VivaSlim is that it provides full support to reduce weight without demanding any slight change in your lifestyle. No physical exertion, no strict diet plans are required. Just a healthy diet along with the consistency of taking its regular dose is required.

●       Risk free weight loss solution

There is no doubt that the market is replete with abundant weight loss regimens that do reduce weight but at the cost of your health and safety. Contrary to these regimens, this weight loss formula claims to reduce weight in the utmost healthiest and safest way without harming any organ or system of the body. And the best part about this supplement is, it is an FDA-approved and GMO-free supplement that is manufactured at a GMP-certified facility.




VivaSlim Dosage & User Guide

Having said earlier, this weight loss supplement comes in the form of a tincture and each bottle carries 120 servings. Hence, the prescribed dose of this dietary supplement is to mix 10 drops in a glass of water and repeat the same action thrice a day. Estimatedly, the daily dose of VivaSlim is 2ml.  By taking its daily prescribed dose, the body starts melting the stubborn abdominal fat that may suffocate important body organs leading to severe health hazards.

However, unlike other weight loss regimens available in the market, VivaSlim is advertised to reduce weight in the healthiest and safest way. Due to the fact that it involves no synthetic composites and the formula is 100% organic and safe for everyone. Above all, the formula of VivaSlim is manufactured in a highly sterile environment under the strict instructions of GMP.

Still, the company has shared a user guide for its valuable customers stating that the customers’ health is their foremost priority.

  • The supplement is exclusively designed for 18+ adults.
  • It is recommended to consult your health care expert, in case you are taking some other treatment or taking regular medication.
  • Nursing mothers and the mothers to be are advised to get their doctor’s advice before taking this supplement.
  • Skipping the daily dose or exceeding the prescribed dose may affect the final results.
  • Please note that the supplement starts showing results within the first months of its use. However, it may change depending on the health condition of the consumer.
  • For the best and the most promising results, take VivaSlim for at least three months and remember that patience is the key to any treatment.




Where to buy VivaSlim?

VivaSlim is exclusively available on its official website

VivaSlim Price – Exclusive Discount Offers

The best part about VivaSlim dietary Supplement is that it is available for quite an affordable price. Additionally, the company is currently running amazing discount offers for a limited time. So, buy a VivaSlim supplement and enjoy these super-saving offers. Plus, on the purchase of every bottle, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee which is an additional perk.

Below is the detail of these super-saving offers;

  • Try One:

Order one bottle of VivaSlim drops at the price of just $49.

  • Most Popular Offer:

Order three bottles for the total amount of $117 and save up to $150. In this offer, you will get each bottle of VivaSlim at a reduced price of $39

  • Best Value Offer:

Get a 6 months supply or six units for just $186. In this offer, each bottle is available for a highly discounted price of just $31.

Please note that no matter which offer you opt for, you will get a 365- days full money-back guarantee along with FREE shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

Does the supplement offer any refund policy?

Yes, VivaSlim Supplement is backed by a 365-days refund policy. That means you have an incredibly amazing benefit to invest in this weight loss supplement as it comes with 365 days full money back guarantee. With this 100% money back policy, your investment is fully secured.

How will it take to deliver results?

The company advertised that VivaSlim drops will start delivering results within the first month of its use. However, for more promising results, be consistent and regularly use it for around 3 months.

How is VivaSlim better than other weight loss supplements available in the market?

VivaSlim Supplement, as per company claims, has a powerful and unique formula that directly targets the underlying cause of weight gaining. Besides, it comes in liquid form which makes it easy to consume. Moreover, it is advertised as the safest formula due to the fact that it is made up of all healthy, nutritional, and organic ingredients obtained from plant-based extracts. And most importantly, it has an advanced formula that increases the production of fat hormone i.e. Adiponectin. This fat hormone exclusively works to release the stored fat from the body making you slim and active.




VivaSlim Final Verdict

VivaSlim is a dietary supplement that has a GMO-free formula to treat the underlying cause of obesity and promote healthy weight reduction. With its 100% organic and breakthrough formula, it helps to release fat from the cells and convert extra fat into energy.

And it does all by addressing the one major underlying cause of obesity i.e. the deficiency of adiponectin. As a matter of fact, the low level of adiponectin stops the process of fat burning and converting it into energy which eventually results in obesity.

Also, the formula of VivaSlim has gone through clinical trials and thorough scientific investigations. Moreover, it is tested by third parties and proven by the Food and Drug Administration FDA. Last but not least, each bottle is made in the United States at a GMP-certified facility.