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Farmers of color were set to get some unprecedented debt relief starting in the month of June from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. An estimated $4 billion for the USDA to wipe away these farmers’ debts. Farmers of color have been discriminated against for decades and that’s not the end of the story. The MIN women in Agriculture have been treated far worse.


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Let’s talk about it!  On the broader national realm, Dr. Steele is a former USDA-SARE Advisory Main Council Member. In the spring of 2013, she was awarded a humanitarian honorary doctorate for exemplary performance as one of the most influential afro-business community developers of her generation, under the Barack Obama administration. National Women in Agriculture Association is the FIRST and ONLY Black Female Farming organization in the World founded by Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele in 2008  Tom Vilsack announced USDA will provide approximately $75 million in American Rescue Plan funding to 20 organizations to provide technical assistance to connect underserved producers with USDA programs and services. The USDA speaks on Equality & Inclusion but leaves out MIN women in agriculture. The NWIAA is THE LARGEST DUAL MIN women organization in the world! The HUGE Question is why weren’t The NWIAA on this list? For over 13.5 years, NWIAA has been growing Character, Health & Income from the Ground Up! The largest and fastest “growing” Non-Profit National Women in Agriculture Association in the WORLD, founding over 40 chapters in the US and overseas.  This is a systemic issue that must stop, there’s enough room for everyone to have a part in this, wouldn’t everyone agree? Well, why are we the last to know? Even when recognized as a systemic problem, it’s easy to fall into the trap of addressing its superficial aspects. It seems as if we left common causes unexamined and unaddressed. Why, when the proof is in the pudding! Factors that result from policies, norms, culture, and the broader environment. Keeping MIN women in the grant maze with no sustainable resources like others for OUR children. MIN women are literally producers and developers of new farmers. The youth are our future, The MIN Women & Children Equality Inclusion Act Charter Bill would provide that change. However, change requires action from the TOP of the leadership level and we are asking for action to be taken. This helps us to see the system as it is, rather than as we believe it to be. We believe it should be fair but it’s not…… After All the resilience and hard work Dr. Tammy Steele has shown forth, we want everyone to see the systemic issues! It is up to me, you, and the other congressional leaders to make history.

Agriculture & Healthy living goes hand in hand when providing a stable foundation for the youth. There are more MIN women Implementing the Education of agriculture when planting crops and using farm equipment, more MIN women are directly involved in on-farm operations along with Raising Livestock. This too is a focal point when speaking on DEI and the disregarding of systemic racism in Agriculture. Again, are we talking about a simple mistake or another gaslighting technique used against the NWIAA? A great person once describes being ‘invisible’ to white America ( Let’s talk about the proposed Charter Bill – MIN Women & Children Equality Inclusion Act and what the Bill will cover for the MIN women and children. Mass education on Agriculture, along with teaching the youth all the essentials of nutrition, helps them understand what nutrients come from the crops that they have grown, as this is important to rebuilding the body. Learning how to use farming equipment, Planting, fertilizing, and harvesting plants ensures the tool of success when teaching the youth how to plant crops. Living off the land and keeping the standards of farming in the community is as important as getting their college education. The new generation thinks long-term sustainability and older generations think self-sustainability.  The NWIAA and its 40 Chapters will Restructure and Rebrand the POWER of farming for generations to come. NWIAA teaches our youth that hard work pays off. Motivated and enforced by the unfair treatment of Tom Vilsack and the USDA, Dr. Tammy Gray Steele continues to build Chapters across the US. Making more Veterinarians, Agriculturists, Philanthropists, and Scientists Nationwide and Internationally. Join Our Coalition to request President Biden to speak to us and help the WORLD’S largest nonprofit MIN women in the agricultural organization!


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