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Having a healthy brain is necessary to live life as you desire. Cognition and memory are two essential functions of the brain that must be maintained to yield success. Unfortunately, aging and other damaging factors like stress might deprive your brain functions and makes your mental ability weak. Hence, people depend on nootropics and other mental products to optimize healthy brain activities. Though many advanced products and expensive treatments exist, the product revealed in this review might naturally support you with the desired results. If you think it is incredible, you can read the rest of the review about the Energy + Focus product below and get aware of what is Energy + Focus and what makes it effective in enhancing your memory and cognition.


Product Name

Energy + Focus


Memory support



Main ingredients

Citicoline, Peak O2 and more.

Consumption route

Oral powdered drink mixture


1 stick per day

Side effects

Not reported so far


$39.98 per jar

Purchase access



What is Energy + Focus?

Energy + Focus is a dietary supplement made as a simple powdered mix that helps to support healthy mental performance. It acts as an enhancer to improve brain functions naturally with the unique blend, which is proven for its effects. Energy + Focus is a potent morning drink that helps stay highly productive each day. The Energy + Focus drink gives you peak energy levels and stimulates a positive mood and high metabolism that makes your body and mind alert and active. The premium list of Energy + Focus ingredients work in combination to improve Energy, Focus, cognition and prevent negative feelings and fatigue.

The Earthnutri Energy + Focus formula is made as an easy-to-consume powdered mix with 100% natural extracts as a non-GMO, sugar-free, and additive-free formula. It is manufactured in the USA under strict manufacturing standards without adding any stimulants or chemicals in the mixture, ensuring a safe dosage. You can find two delicious flavors of Lychee blast and Watermelon, making the consumption enjoyable.


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How does the Energy + Focus formula works?

The brain is the crucial organ in the body responsible for the whole functions of the organs. The minor defect caused in the brain might affect your entire health that might push your life at risk. Several factors like hormones, nitric oxide levels, neuron functions, and blood flow are responsible for a healthy mind. But aging, inflammation, oxidative stress, and low NO levels might disrupt these routine functions of the brain like memory, poor cognition, lack of concentration, and collapse the whole system.

Hence, the Energy + Focus product is introduced by the Earthnutri manufacturer with the advanced and potent combination of natural ingredients that makes the formula the MEMORY-ENHANCING solution. It helps you stay productive, focused, and perform better with active energy levels. It rejuvenates the body and mind with vitalizing nutrients, making you feel young with vital brain functions.

Ingredients added in Earthnutri Energy + Focus formula:

The Energy + Focus product creator has made the blend of natural and vital nutrients in a precise ratio that can boost mental health. There are no adverse chemicals included in the formula to produce safe results. The Energy + Focus ingredients list includes:

Citicoline (250 mg): It helps enhance brain functions, Focus, and attention. It also manages healthy brain DNA synthesis and signaling processes.

Alpha-glyceryl phosphorylcholine (600 mg): It helps maintain better memory functions, Focus, and mental cognition. It also supports peak performance, agility, and balanced anabolic hormone levels.

Peak O2 or Organic mushroom powder blend (2000 mg): It helps to reduce fatigue, exhaustion and stimulates more extended activity, which can substantially increase your performance.

Theacrine (100 mg): It triggers high mental Focus, neural drive, and better mood. It lowers fatigue and inhibits adenosine.

L-tyrosine (2000 mg): It supports mental alertness, faster memory, and high cognition that keeps you highly productive.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (2000 mg): This extract is highly effective in promoting healthy mood, memory, and concentration. It also improves your cognition levels.

Organic caffeine (250 mg): It is purcaf with certain compounds that can make you alert and energetic.

The unique blend of the above-said ingredients works in synergy to deliver the best results, making you healthy by mind and body.



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How to use the Energy + Focus formula?

Each Energy + Focus jar contains 24 sticks, and as preferred, you can take one stick in 8 ounces of water or other beverage within 30 minutes. Consuming this drink helps you attain beneficial results that support both body and mind.

Benefits of using Energy + Focus:

  • Energy + Focus formula helps you maintain healthy energy levels and improve Focus.
  • It boosts mental performance and supports better mood and motivation.
  • You might stay mentally alert and active without experiencing brain fog and fatigue.
  • Energy + Focus drink helps you with improved memory, drive, and concentration.
  • The formulation is made 100% simple, safe, and effective with natural plant extracts.
  • Thousands of positive user reviews reported who experience beneficial results without any side effects.
  • It enhances your performance in work and studies and helps to stay productive.
  • Energy + Focus is made easy to consume and precise to support users regardless of age, gender, or mental decline.
  • The formula triggers a faster metabolic rate and keeps you slim and active without gaining weight.
  • It supports healthy brain signal transmission and maintains a balance between the hormones.
  • It heals the neuron damage in the brain and promotes better cognition and memory.
  • There is a 30-day refund policy made that makes a secured purchase.


  • The Energy + Focus product is available only online and not in any stores. You can get the product through the official website and not from other platforms.
  • You can consult with your physician before making any new dietary changes to prevent further complications, especially if you are already under medication or pregnant.

Who can use the Energy + Focus drink?

Any adults who wish to regain their mental cognition and stay productive with peak performance shall use the Energy + Focus sticks as recommended. It is 100% safe to consume with zero chemicals and achieves the desired results in a few weeks.

Earthnutri Energy + Focus bottle cost:

The Energy + Focus memory enhancer drink comes in the bottle, where each bottle comprises 24 sticks. Each stick consists of 8.6g of powder that provides one serving of drink a day. You can also find two delicious flavors of Watermelon and lychee blast, which you can choose based on your taste. The Energy + Focus product is made affordable and involves a one-time cost.

  • Buy 1 Energy + Focus jar for $39.98 per bottle and two jars for $79.96 with a small shipping cost.

There is also a subscription pack available to start from 15 days. It helps you to avail 15% discount on every order, and it doesn’t charge automatically.


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Energy + Focus limitations to use! – Is Energy + Focus safe?

Yes! The Energy + Focus drink is made 100% natural and safe to use, producing effective outcomes. The formulation is made precise under the strict manufacturing standards that ensure its safe consumption. But to prevent any adverse effects, there are certain limitations included.

  • It is not recommended to exceed one stick a day.
  • It is not advised for children below 18, pregnant, or nursing mothers.
  • People under medications must use the drink after doctor consultation.

What Energy + Focus customer reviews reveal?

The manufacturer exposes several thousand user reviews that back the successful Energy + Focus results. The Energy + Focus users reveal that they are amazed by the benefits gained by this product which made them focused and highly concentrated without any fatigue. They also express their gratitude for vanishing their negative feelings and supporting them with the hope of positive thoughts that turn around their life with success and happiness. Moreover, there are no Energy + Focus side effects reported so far, which might give you confidence about the Energy + Focus product.

Where to buy Energy + Focus legit products?

Energy + Focus is the exclusive mind and body support solution made especially for memory-enhancing purposes. Unlike other nootropics or mental products, the Energy + Focus is made 100% unique with the pure blend of exotic nutrients that can deliver the desired results experienced by thousands of users. You can buy Energy + Focus legit products only from its OFFICIAL WEBSITE and not from any stores near you to prevent any scam purchase. Also, a 100% refund policy is made to support your secured purchase.


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