Keith D. Kosco Explains How Being Involved in Charity Events Can Boost Your Reputation & Business

Keith D. Kosco is well versed in how being involved in charity events can boost your reputation and business. Keith D. Kosco has worked in marketing and sales long enough to know that once you get involved in charity events, whether donating money, your time, or participating in charity events, it will boost your reputation and in return your business. You are the face of your business.

Keith D. Kosco not only advises businesses on how to get involved in charity events, but he himself has also participated in and won awards. His favorite charity is even golf tournaments that sponsor worthy causes.

Aside from being involved in business charities, he donates to Love St. Jude, The Salvation Army, his local church, St. Bede, house of mercy, is involved in feeding the homeless and Keith D. Kosco carries Food Lion gift cards and hands them out to anyone in need. He is a very generous man and gets great joy from helping others.


Getting Involved in a Charity

Keith D. Kosco has some great ideas for businesses to get involved in charity events, including the following. Have the employees get together and participate in an event? When a group of employees gets together to participate in charitable giving, they form teams. Consider allocating time for the entire office, or certain groups, to participate in an event or charitable organization. This technique provides additional assistance to the institution and fosters a stronger sense of team spirit among your staff.

Keith D. Kosco believes that even though small companies may not believe they have the means to commit to philanthropic activities, they typically seem to have more capacity than they realize, according to the Small Business Administration. It’s only an issue of setting aside some time or resources and recognizing how becoming involved with a charity may improve the bottom line of the company as well as the local community at large.

Charity events don’t have to cost a fortune or anything, for that matter, Keith D. Kosco said when you’re working within your community you can do any of the following – participating in community initiatives by donating your time. Provide business mentorship for potential entrepreneurs in the local community. Volunteer to conduct free local classes using your talents and knowledge. Free of charge, you may assemble local charitable events at your place of business. Donate to a charitable organization any items that are unused or unsold. Keith D. Kosco says these types of donations are just as important and, in some cases, more important than donating money.

Keith D. Kosco is always happy and more than willing to provide advice to businesses looking to improve their reputation and get involved in charity events.