Chronos Pro Heater Reviews – Is this heater worth the money?

No one likes to be cold. There is nothing worse than being in your own home, shivering and shaking because the temperature has dropped and not being able to get warm., The cold gets into your bones, making them achy and sore. (The following links in this article are affiliate links. This allows the author to get a small commission when the product is bought. However, the price does not change).

As we move into the cold season, this will be the reality for many people. The prices for traditional forms of heating are higher than they have been for a long time. Whether you rely on electric, gas or even oil – there is a huge bill to look forward to at the end of every billing period. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an alternative way to keep warm – and not have it cost a fortune to run? Is that even possible?

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Yes, it is. It is called the Chronos Pro Heater. Do not worry if you have never heard of it, because we are going to take a closer look at it here.


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What is the Chronos Pro Heater?

Simply put, the Chronos Pro Heater is a portable heating device that will keep you toasty and warm all through the winter and beyond. It is lightweight, it is compact and it is easy to move from palace to place, so, wherever you are, as long as you have access to a mains plug socket, you can rest assured that you can be warm.

The heater is easy to use in that once it has been plugged in and switched on, you set it to the desired temperature, and it will heat up quickly and efficiently. It maintains the temperature and has three different heat speeds. There is no risk of toxic and harmful gases or chemicals being produced, and it uses much less electricity than traditional fan heaters, saving you money and being more environmentally friendly.

The Chronos Pro Heater is a cylinder-style heat source with adjustable thermostat and oscillation that can heat up an area up to a maximum of 98 degrees. The heater uses ceramic heating elements and an internal fan to propel hot air into the room in which it stands. According to the official manufacturer website, it takes as little as three seconds to produce heat. It is made with high grade ceramic compounded with a stylish and premium finish and provides a convenient and cost-effective heating source.


How does the Chronos Pro Heater Personal Heater work?

The Chronos Pro Heater personal heater is equipped with three adjustable heat levels.The Chronos Pro Heater personal heater is a mini-sized and compact heater suitable for use on a desk or in any small area. You can plug it in every part of your home that you are using at that time– whether it is your bedroom, your baby’s bedroom, your workshop when you are indulging in a bit of DIY, or your home office. Once you plug it in, you can change the temperature to the one that you desire.

It uses PTC ceramic heating elements that provide faster heating and higher thermal efficiency. The PTC ceramic heating unit produces heat after being energized and blows out of the air to create a wide area of heating. It produces heat in just three minutes.


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Technical features of the Chronos Pro Heater Ceramic Heater

  • Rated power: 350-400W
  • Rated voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Speed gear: 2nd gear
  • Product material: ABS + PPS
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Product size: 20.5 * 11 * 10.5cm (length * width * height)

Who is the Chronos Pro Heater Ceramic Heater designed for?

Everyone! Well, everyone that wants to be at a comfortable temperature, anyway! Many hotel and motel owners buy these personal and compact heaters to use in their business premises. It is a much cheaper way of heating or cooling a room than traditional forms of heating or air conditioning and gives guests much more control over the temperature in their room or accommodation. The Chronos Pro Heater would also be useful for students living in college dorms or house shares as they can choose how hot or cool they want their room – and with there being no fire risk thanks to the automatic shut off functions, it is ideal.


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What are some of the advantages of the Chronos Pro Heater personal heater?

  • The Chronos Pro Heater ceramic heater is lightweight, portable, and compact
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Affordably priced
  • Uses less energy thus saving money on bills and being better for the environment
  • Makes a space warm in just a few seconds


Let us take a look at some of the advantages in more detail.

It will not tip over easily: One of the issues with many compact and portable heaters is that they tip over very easily. This, of course, is a fire hazard as it can overheat when in prolonged carpet with a carpet or rug. There is no such problem with the Chronos Pro Heater. If it is tipped over, the device will shut down automatically. Another key safety feature offered by this innovative heater is that if the device begins to overheat, it will shut down.


Different modes: You can switch between heat mode, cool mode, and fan mode, making it a truly multi-functional piece of equipment, whatever the weather.


Oscillating feature: There is nothing worse than having a heater or a fan in the room and the benefits not being felt because of where you are positioned. However, the Chronos Pro Heater ceramic fan has an oscillating feature, allowing it to rotate up to 70 degrees. This means that the heat (or the cool air) will be felt in every corner of the room. It is important to bear in mind that one unit will only heat or cool one room, so if you want to feel the benefits across an entire house, you will need to purchase one for each room. Buying them in multiple units is also cheaper.


Ease of use: it is ridiculously easy to use. It has just five buttons, all placed at the top of the device. These buttons do the following: turn the system on and off, raise the temperature, lower the temperature, switches between hot air, cool air, and fan mode, turns the oscillating feature on and off. These are all clearly labeled for ease of use. There is also a LED display unit on the top, clearly signaling the temperature the Chronos Pro Heater personal heater is set at in Celsius.


Noise free: No one wants to hear the whirring and buzzing of a heater, but the Chronos Pro Heater ceramic heater is virtually free of noise, making it ideal for bedrooms and workspaces.


Regulates the air: The Chronos Pro Heater, unlike other commercial heaters, does not add any moisture to the air, nor does it dry it out, making it beneficial to your health. There is no fear of condensation forming on the walls either, as the ceramic heating units regulate it and contain it.


What are the disadvantages of the Chronos Pro Heater ceramic heater?

  • Limited units available
  • Only available for purchase online
  • Slow shipping speeds – perhaps not ideal if you want or need it quickly


Where can the Chronos Pro Heater Personal heater be bought from?

The best place to buy the Chronos Pro Heater Personal heater is directly from the official manufacturer’s website. They have a direct page for you to purchase it from. It is cheaper than Amazon and other third-party sellers. It is fast and offers secure payment methods such as PayPal and various credit cards.  The Chronos Pro Heater personal heater is shipped out quickly, and there are discounts and promotional offers just waiting for you to take advantage of, which you will not get anywhere else.

How cheap this innovative personal heating device is depends entirely on how many of the units you order, so why not think about ordering some for your friends and family at the same time so that they can enjoy sitting in the perfect temperature for less? Remember, one unit will only heat one room, so if you want to feel the benefits across your home, you will need to buy multiple units.

You would expect a high-quality and easy to use personal heater like the EcoHeat to cost a fortune – at least three figures, if not more. However, this particular product is available at an incredible price with time-limited offers. These discounts are not guaranteed, so hurry up and buy yours before they disappear for good.

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If that is not enough, each Chronos Pro Heater personal heater comes with a standard warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, so in the unlikely event that you are not happy with your purchase, you can send it back for a full refund or replacement.

The Chronos Pro Heater personal heater products are supplied by a manufacturer in Estonia. At the time of writing, we do not know a lot about them.


Reviews and thoughts about the Chronos Pro Heater

Reviews online are mostly incredibly positive about the Chronos Pro Heater ceramic heater. Customers rave about the quality of the product, the ease of use and its multi functionality. There are a few complaints about the speed of shipping, which is something to bear in mind if you need or want the product in your home quickly, but that aside, everyone seems very happy with their purchase. Comments about the heater include:

“It has a great price”

“It works brilliantly, and goes everywhere with me”

“It is ideal as a desk heater as it is so compact”

“It is the first heater that does not spoil in the bathroom because of the humidity. I bought two Chronos Pro Heater and I use them in my room and that of the children as well for total tranquillity”

“I don’t have space for something large and cumbersome, so the Chronos Pro Heater personal heater is ideal”.

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Final thoughts and summary of the Chronos Pro Heater Personal Heater

For homeowners, renters, students and hoteliers, and motel owners who want an affordable and effective way to control the temperature in a room, whether that is heating it up or cooling it down, the Chronos Pro Heater is an ideal project. It allows people to have more independence – if you want to disappear into your garage or workshop to work on a project in the depths of winter, you can do so knowing you can stay warm without having to fit expensive permanent heating systems. It also means that if one person in a house wants a bit of extra heat, they can do so by switching on the Chronos Pro Heater and taking advantage of the smooth airflow.

It is super simple to use thanks to the LED feature, and it is multi-functional in that it can be used to generate warm air or cool air, at the press of a button. The oscillating feature means no corner of the room will be left untouched.

All of these features are available for a great price, and in the long term, you will save money in your utility bills.

All in all, the Chronos Pro Heater personal heater is a great solution which saves money and is safe and easy to use.


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