Promoting Greater Use of Pre-schooling Resources: They offer broader societal benefits than meet the eye!

As a resident of Silver Spring, or a nearby community, if you are providing parental-care to a preschooler, not out of choice – but from necessity; then you may want to read this post. While home-based early parental care may offer you a lot of emotional comfort, enrolling your child in a nearby Silver Spring child care center might be a win-win – not just for you and your child, but also for your family and your broader community. There are amazing advantages of using these pre-schooling resources.

Pre-schooling By the Numbers

Let’s look at the impact that accessing child care has, through the lens of research data:

– Mothers, who get back into the workforce – thanks to access to child care – earn an additional $94,000 over their lifetime of employment

– Over a 6-month period, 50% of parent absenteeism from work is related to child care challenges 

– Access to child care enables parents to remain employed, work more hours, and stay in the workforce longer

Why are these numbers significant in the context of preschool in Silver Spring MD? Well, it puts into perspective the vital role that such institutions can have, within local Silver Spring communities. But these institutions can only fulfil that role if parents and caregivers of more preschool age children enrolled their kids into these programs. How would that benefit the local communities in and around such centers? In many ways.

Beyond the Kids – Reaping the Benefits of Preschool

At first glance, one might imagine that pre-schooling programs only benefit children. And one would be correct in that assumption. Preschools:

– Provide a safe environment for children in their formative years

– Offer plenty of opportunities for youngsters to develop the social skills they’ll need in later years

– Build cognitive, emotional, motor and language skills that give young children in preschool a competitive edge in pursuit of higher learning later in life  

Undoubtedly, therefore, having preschoolers attend day care within the Silver Spring community is great for the children. However, your local Silver Spring child care center provides benefits beyond those that serve the interests and wellbeing of young children. They also offer great social and financial opportunities to parents, especially women.

It’s no secret that most home-based parental caregivers are females – typically the mothers of young children. Often, the reason they’re caring for the child is that they feel there are no other safe environments where that care is available. Well, your neighborhood preschool center is there for you. Staffed by trained, certified and pre-screened early childhood educators, your child couldn’t ask for a better place to grow-up in.

And that opens doors for women who, until now, put livelihoods and careers on hold to provide parental child care. With your local preschool in Silver Spring MD caring for the wellbeing of your child, you can now pursue your personal dreams and ambitions: Socialize with other parents in your similar situation. Pursue that dream of achieving higher education. Get a job working outside the house, and raise the financial standards of your family.

Preschool centers help put more women in the workforce, which means the community thrives and grows. Yes, preschools are great for young kids. But, by empowering women to enter the workforce, they help build more financially and socially secure and stronger communities around them.