Hyperbolic Stretching Review: Does It Work Or Just Hype?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a 30-day digital program exclusively designed to treat poor flexibility and mobility in the body. This 30-day super effective program has a purpose to unlock your body’s potential and gain utmost flexibility with the help of stretching exercises.

Additionally, it is a gender-based stretching program that aims to transform your full body with the help of stretching. The program has different techniques for both men and women because both have a diversity of fitness goals.

Verily, the company claims to help around 300,000 people safely achieve their fitness goals. With this regard, it has already become the world’s leading flexibility transformation plan that delivers safe and long-lasting results.

Read on to learn more about this exclusively designed program for both men and women.


Product Name Hyperbolic Stretching
Category Fitness and Flexibility
Overview Online program to improve flexibility and mobility
Inside the program ●       Eight minutes videos for every thirty days which include complete side and front split video series, dynamic flexibility for high kicks, super body stretching video series, pike mastery, front bending, easy bridge, back bending.

●       PDFs for complete guidance

●       Flexibility tests

●       Gender-specific exercises and strategies


Major Benefits ●       Provide strength to body muscles

●       Increase and improve the range of body motions

●       Helps to achieve the maximum level of flexibility

●       Supports mental health and ends stress and anxiety

●       Boost energy levels by increasing the natural production of nitric oxides in the body

●       Boost self-confidence and self-esteem by improving the body performance

●       The program comes with a step-to-step guide that makes it easy to reap the utmost benefit from this program


Hyperbolic Stretching  Price $27
Availability All around the world
Money-back guarantee 60 -days money-back guarantee
Where To Buy Hyperbolic Stretching Program?  




What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a video-based program that mainly aims to increase the flexibility of your body. This program continues for exactly 30 days and takes just eight minutes per day, that’s a total of around 225 minutes. And these 225 minutes play a very crucial role to transform your life and ultimately help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Interestingly, this daily 8-minute video agenda claims that full-body stretching can transform your whole body within just a month. And the program is derived based on ancient Asian techniques and strategies which preserved great acclamation for elevating your body’s potential to gain utmost flexibility. So, the creator of this program is quite confident about the effectiveness of Hyperbolic Stretching.

As a matter of fact, the program was created by a full-time flexibility expert, named Alex Larsson. He created this master program for helping people to improve their range of motions to such a level where they can do a perfect split. Most importantly, Alex uses the ancient Asian stretching moves to push you to achieve your desired flexibility level.




Inside Hyperbolic Stretching

Different sorts of stretching exercises are included inside this leading program for transforming flexibility. To be more precise, when mentioned the major stretching video series below;

  • Side splits video series

These video series are designed for beginners and equally fruitful for advanced-level training. It helps to learn how to open and relieve your hips, power up pelvic strength, and reach to the utmost potential of your body to have all sorts of center splits.

  • Front splits video series

These videos help to make your hamstrings and hip the utmost flexors and fully elastic. Additionally, the series also helps to increase muscle strength. This complete front splits videos series is equally helpful for beginners and advanced practitioners.

  • Dynamic Flexibility for High kicks

This highly effective stretching series provides full support and guideline to improve strength and gain fully lower body elasticity for 180-degree split kicks.

  • Upper body stretching

This is a complete series of upper body stretching exercises that are suitable for especially weight lifters e.g. both beginners and advanced levels. These stretching exercises help to improve the flexibility of the shoulders, upper back muscles, chest, and biceps.

  • Pike mastery and front bending

Pike mastery and front bending is a complex stretching technique that can dramatically elevate the flexibility of the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings from a variety of angles.

  • Easy bridge and back bending

These series are highly effective for adults with all body types. This is a progressive stretching method that improves shoulder mobility and strengthens the abdominal muscles to safely achieve maximal flexibility levels.

What Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a digital program designed for 30 days to bring flexibility and mobility to your body, so you can perform well either in a sports court or gym. As its name suggests, it includes certain secret tips, instructions, and most importantly, exercises to do correct stretching. Notably, when your body starts doing correct stretching you will eventually get the maximum level of flexibility. With that maximal level, you can have a split which is one of the ultimate goals in the world of fitness.

To be more precise, the eight minutes video and PDFs provide enough help to achieve your maximum level of flexibility, improve your range of motions, and help to have split. Moreover, this is a gender-based program which means that it has separately designed exercise or course of the itinerary for both men and women.

Who developed the Hyperbolic Stretching Program?

This flexibility transformation program was developed by a keen fitness trainer, Alex Larsson. He has a proven record of enhancing flexibility with customers ranging from complete beginners to martial artists, athletes, weight lifters, yoga practitioners, runners, or people who want to get back in shape or drop into full splits.




Before and After Hyperbolic Stretching Program

Hyperbolic Stretching is a 30-days program that aims to improve the body’s flexibility and mobility. Overall, it claims to deliver promising results to essentially improve your workout routine and athletic performance. As per the customer reviews, before or after practicing Hyperbolic Stretching, a workout may lead to back pains, stiffness in the body, the body gets weaker, even in some cases, you may experience an inability to get up from your bed. In short, your movements may have limitations that can even leave side effects on your mental health.

Contrary to that, after Hyperbolic Stretching, you may find a significant difference in your body’s mobility and flexibility. As a matter of fact, the program is designed to recover your body movements and help to achieve the maximum level of flexibility. Moreover, it ensures to keep your body energetic and fit. Not just that but it also allows your body to sculpt by strengthening your muscles with the help of your body weight. For that, Alex added the exercises inside this program which are based on muscle stretch impulsive handling.

Summing it all up, Hyperbolic Stretching is a 30 days certified program that shows eminent results. It significantly increases flexibility and mobility. And it does all this by reducing muscle tension and stress. Therefore, once you get yourself enrolled in this exclusive program, you will find a way different in your body movements before and after Hyperbolic Stretching.

Major Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching

  • Increases Flexibility

Flexibility is basically a range of movements your body can make. And the accurate stretching exercise can amplify that range of your body. Contrary to that, wrong or incorrect stretching can lead to several other problems besides hindering the range of your body movements. Luckily, we got the Hyperbolic Stretching program that has eight minutes video tutorials for 4 weeks. Through these video tutorials, PDFs, and clear instructions, you can significantly increase your range of movements or the level of flexibility in your body. The program can essentially improve the range of your motion and body performance.

  • Boosts body strength

Keeping in view the creators’ claims and customers’ honest reviews, it is of no doubt that Hyperbolic Stretching prominently increases the range of motions and flexibility level. However, if you stick to this course for an extended period, you will notice a significant improvement in your body strength. As a matter of fact, the program targets to activate muscles in the body which help in several ways. As a consequence, it increases the overall strength of your body and improves your performance.

  • Mental Health & Stress

Many customers added hn their reviews that they experience mental relief and relaxation after doing Hyperbolic Stretches. Even in some cases, it shows favorable results in beating chronic stress and depression. As far as the company claims are concerned, they also mentioned on their website that the program also offers mental health benefits and supports a healthy mind as well. In general, stretches are also associated with mental relief especially when we combine them with deep breaths.

  • Elevates Self-Confidence

In the world of fitness centers, having a split is considered the ultimate goal of all fitness activities and workouts. Nonetheless, some fitness trainers believe that achieving a split means that they have achieved the maximum level of flexibility in their body, especially in their hips, glutes, and hamstring muscles. However, achieving a maximum level of flexibility will eventually elevate your self-confidence and give an extra edge to your workout routine.

  • Boosts Overall Body Performance

Hyperbolic Stretching is not only important for improving your athletic performance or workout routine but also improves your overall body performance. We often do not realize but many everyday tasks need a flexible body to be done. Therefore, flexibility is not only important for performance in the gym or sports court, but it is also important for everyday tasks and performances.

  • Useful for new mothers

Embracing motherhood is one of the best feelings for every woman. Still, it can leave one to the deep plunges of depression due to its after-effects on the body. The weakness in the body and muscles may hinder the range of motions. Luckily, this stretching program is equally beneficial for such ladies who have recently given birth and are facing problems in their workout routines. The exercises inside this program provide them enough support and help to regain their body’s utmost flexibility and mobility.




Reasons Behind This Program

In general, fitness experts regard stretching as the linchpin of workouts as they consider it essential for warming up muscles, decreasing the risk of injuries while working out, and improving recovery. Most importantly, many choreographers believe that the range of motions in a person is driven through the level of flexibility in its body.

Other than that, most fitness experts or trainers take stretching exercises as a mandatory thing after an extensive workout because these exercises are important for optimal performance. In addition to that, stretching exercises are also essentially important for athletes to perform well in their games. In simple words, there is no doubt that stretching exercises matter to a person. As it is the more convincing way to improve flexibility.

However, the real problem comes with wrong stretching practices. As a matter of fact, it has been observed that most fitness experts do not bother to correct these wrong practices. Contrary to that, this program especially focuses on correcting these mistakes. And it does by targeting the pelvic floor muscles. Alex, the creator of this program, holds a firm belief that Survival reflux is the major reason for people’s inability to achieve their maximal flexibility.

For that reason, he developed this super easy initiative to let people achieve the next level of flexibility by fixing the underlying cause behind this inability.

Hyperbolic Stretching Guarantee

This stretching of flexibility improvement program comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. This means that users can claim their money back if they are not satisfied with the results. Please note that this money-back guarantee runs from the exact date of its purchase. Moreover, the refund policy is simple which takes 2 to 3 working days to complete its process.




Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Tell me more about this Hyperbolic Stretching.

Hyperbolic Stretching is a program designed to help you in achieving maximum flexibility and mobility level. Importantly, this is a 4-phase program with 30 days of training and eight minutes of videos for each day. Furthermore, it includes split tests, stretching exercises, warm-up series, and last but not least brief instructions and strategies to improve flexibility. Putting it simply, Only 8 minutes a day for 4 weeks can provide your body significant health benefits for your lifetime.

What will I get inside this program?

Inside this program, you will get complete PDFs and eight minutes daily videos. Please note that the videos inside Hyperbolic Stretching are available online. You will not get any access or permission to download or save these videos. So, to get the utmost benefit from this course, a good internet connection is mandatory.

I’m a 70 years old man. Will that program help me?

No matter if you are 70, 80, or 90, the program is going to help you as per its makers’ claims. This exciting and gender-based program claims to restore your fitness and bestow you utmost flexibility even when you are at the age of 90 or nearing to complete ten decades of your life. Additionally, by practicing the mentioned exercises in this course,  you can get relief from all the pains and complaints about weak body and muscles in your old age.

I’m interested in this program, what’s next now?

The program comes in two versions with a gender specification. Choose your version and pay a one-time fee that is just $27 and get access to your online Hyperbolic Stretching program. Please note that this legit program is only available through its official website.

Hyperbolic Stretching Final Verdict 2021

Hyperbolic stretches offer plenty of health benefits as these exercises in this course are easy to do with or without equipment. All you need to do is save 8-minutes from your daily routine and watch these exclusive 8-minute exercises every day. These eight minutes that you will utilize on leading the secret strategies or exercises will give you lifetime health benefits. Moreover, you can have a fit and utmost flexible body at any age. As per its makers claim, the course is equally lucrative for individuals as young as 18 or as old as 90.

In a nutshell, the procedures inside this program are based on ancient Asian workout techniques and strategies. Therefore, these are guaranteed to deliver promising results as per their creator. Additionally, they are backed by thorough scientific research and customer reviews. So, there is no doubt, the program is fruitful with effective strategies and techniques. To reap the utmost benefits from this program, you need to be consistent and stick to these stretching techniques and exercises.

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