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ResveratoneObesity and overweight have hit an all-time high the world over. According to statistics, more than two million people suffered from obesity as of 2016. Seventy percent of this population came from low and middle-income countries, struggling with undernutrition and high BMI indexes. An estimated one out of every five adults will struggle with obesity come the year 2025. This rise will also affect health care expenditure, raising it to an estimated US $990 billion annually. This money takes care of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure rising from obesity. Gluconite seeks to help people reduce their weight and get healthy.

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 About This Product

According to the manufacturer, Resveratrol is an entirely natural supplement that has helped over 291,000 people lose weight and keep it off. The supplement, taken every morning and evening, comes from Japanese roots and supports swift weight loss that takes as short as a few weeks to give results. It works by getting rid of belly fat, eliminating bad cholesterol, and lowering blood pressure. It also helps the user’s joints regain their health.

Components That Make Up The Product

This supplement has several components that, according to the manufacturer, make it a potent formula capable of ridding users of excess body fat and reversing the adverse effects excess weight has had on them.

  • Resveratrol is the key ingredient used in this product, bearing the ability to eliminate excess cortisol released in the body during stressful episodes. This compound comes from a plant called Japanese knotwood found in East Asia. The manufacturer states this element can eliminate the root cause of weight gain.
  • They also state the compound has other notable benefits that get the body to a better position. It can supposedly reduce blood pressure, lower chances of developing coronary disease, and lower cholesterol levels through its antioxidative ability. This compound can potentially delay aging, cognitive decay, joint pain, and fight inflammation, making it an all-rounder ingredient in this product.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is the next ingredient in this supplement that gets produced in animals for the primary purpose of helping in the digestion of carbohydrates and creating energy for organism use. This organosulphur compound can quickly eliminate body fat to help users get to their ideal body weight. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties that aid the body get into a better state. This compound enables the body to thoroughly and quickly digest and absorb the nutrients in the food a person eats to function better while also improving their brain function.
  • Berberine is the next ingredient used that promotes weight loss in humans. It works by activating the AMPK enzyme that quickens metabolism in cells, making it easier to burn through nutrients without storing them up as fat. It also has beneficial properties that potentially keep type 2 diabetes at bay.
  • Chromium picolinate comes in to help beat fatigue and anxiety while regulating cholesterol levels. This mineral gets quickly absorbed into the system to aid in the efficient elimination of excess body fat while promoting lean body mass creation and rejuvenating the body after rest.
  • Zinc gluconate comes into this supplement to help users digest and absorb nutrients more efficiently by enabling the intestines to function at their peak. Zinc also has the power to help users sleep more quickly and have energized days.

Milk thistle, Banaba, and capsicum annuum make up the final ingredients of this blend that provide anti-inflammatory, weight loss, blood pressure regulation, and digestion benefits, among others.

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How Does The Product Work?

The manufacturer states that weight gain happens when a hormone in the body gets out of control. They claim it does not matter what a person eats or how much they exercise. As long as this hormone malfunctions, it causes weight gain. The hormone cortisol gets produced in the body when the body gets into stressful periods. It slows down the body’s metabolism to conserve energy while slowing down other bodily functions. Slowing down the metabolism causes the body to start storing up nutrients in the form of fat. Cortisol also negatively affects other bodily functions like the thyroid gland when it gets produced excessively.

This supplement targets this root cause of weight gain and eliminates it using specialized ingredients that help the body digest food better, absorb all the nutrients faster, eliminate excess body fat, and provide anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidative benefits. This product helps the body by accelerating its metabolism and effectively stripping it of extra fat stores.

Using this Product

This product serves the purpose of helping people lose weight using natural ingredients and avoiding dangerous weight loss methods. It supports the body and helps it properly digest and absorb food while eliminating excess fat. This supplement does not come to replace any conventional medication but comes as an added advantage. It does not treat any diseases and cannot get taken as medication. Those people undergoing treatment or surgery should consult with their doctors before taking this supplement, while pregnant or young mothers should abstain from taking it.

The manufacturer recommends users take the product for a minimum of 73 days to get the most benefit out of it. This recommendation applies to those over 40 as the supplement takes more time to reverse the adverse effects the body has undergone.

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The manufacturer has created a formula whose recommended daily intake goes into two pills. They recommend users take one pill in the morning and another in the evening, ideally after meals. Users can swallow these pills with water for quick absorption. Users should refrain from increasing the recommended dosage as it does not quicken the rate of weight loss. It may, however, give uncomfortable side effects. 

Safety Standards of the Product

This product uses locally sourced natural ingredients to make the formula. These ingredients safely target fat and help the body relieve itself of them. The product gets manufactured in a sterile FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility that ensures it has passed all safety tests for consumables. The facilities have their base in the United States of America, ensuring they keep a high production standard.

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Product Benefits

This supplement takes on weight loss at a very different angle from the other products in the marketplace. It directs its attention to the hormone that essentially slows down a person’s metabolism. It increases metabolism to quickly ingest nutrients into the body and not have them converted to fat. It restores their nutrient absorption by healing the intestines and helping them absorb nutrients the way they should.

The product also introduces healing and restoration to the user’s cognitive abilities. It helps eliminate free radicals using its antioxidative properties. It also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory capabilities that positively affect the joints, muscles, and organs, encouraging them to heal and protecting them from further damage.

Cost of Product

This product comes in 30, 60, and 90-day packages where users can get the 30-day pack at $69, the 60-day pack at $177, and the 90-day pack at $294. That translates to the 60-day pack costing $59 a bottle and the 90-day pack costing $49 per bottle. The 30-day box has a small shipping fee, while the other packages have free shipping.


Product’s Refund Policy

The company offers a 60-day trial period to its clients, who get to decide if the product worked for them or not. They can write to the company within those 60 days if they feel the product has not given them the expected results. The company promises to refund them their money regardless of whether they have used up all the product or have some left.

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How consistently does the company produce this supplement?

The company does not give a guarantee of the product’s availability. They say the product can run out due to demand, or they can get attacked by big pharma to close down operations. But they hope they can stay on for as long as people need them. 

How long can a person use the product before the refund option expires?

Users can use the product for up to 59 days, where they should have contacted the company and returned whatever unused product. If they don’t engage the company before 60 days have expired, they forfeit their right to get a refund. The company believes that this time allows users to assess if the product can help them in their weight loss journey. 

Where can users purchase this supplement from?

Users can only get this supplement from the manufacturer’s official website. This way allows them to access direct discounts from the company and shield them from getting counterfeit products.

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Weight gain and obesity continue to negatively impact the world, with more people suffering from these conditions than ever before. And it only gets worse. These conditions give rise to other diseases that alter lives negatively and can also lead to life-threatening conditions. It remains up to an individual to work on themselves and better their state by reducing their weight. Resveratone promises to aid in this battle to lose weight and keep it off.