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Product Name: Virtual Coach

Product Creator: Eben Pagan

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If making a lasting difference in other people’s life is one of your goals, then the Virtual Coach program by Eben Pagan is for you. This program will teach you how to start a profitable coaching business by assisting people from your country and other parts of the world.

Its author promotes it as a comprehensive system that will turn you into a high-value transformational coach. He claims that the course will help you build a coaching practice and inspire you. Is that true? This Virtual Coach review will introduce you to the program, its author, and the benefits to expect.

What is The Virtual Coach Training Program?

Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan is a new training program that teaches people how to become great coaches and establish successful coaching practices. The Virtual Coach System is based on Laser Coaching, which was developed by Thomas Leonard who developed the modern coaching movement. Laser Coaching is a focused session, which handles specific difficulties or builds particular skills.

After joining the Virtual Coach program, you will get 25 laser coaching sessions designed to match your situation. The sessions will help you gain clarity, overcome your fears, and identify new opportunities so that you can move forward with adjusted support. Further, you will practice 25 laser-coaching sessions so that you can develop new Virtual Coach methods, automate them, and include them in your coaching style.

The 25 laser coaching sessions work in synergy and they will convert you into a valuable virtual coach with many real paying clients.If you are a beginner-level coach, Eben Pagan will provide you with all the techniques and skills you require to become a successful coach and establish an online business within 90 days. And if you are already a coach, this program will increase your abilities exponentially and help you get more clients.

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Who is Eben Pagan?


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Eben Pagan is the creator of Virtual Coach. He was born in Brooklyn on December 5, 1971, and his parents were surprised when he became a success at a young age. He is now over 45 years old and he lives in Santa Monica, California. Eben is married to Annie Lalla.

According to him, he started his first business after a friend taught him how to sell information products online. He spent around three weeks in his bedroom writing his first eBook. After posting it online, he made the first sale on that day and several others in the days that followed. That encouraged him to start a company and after a few years, his eBook had turned into a multi-million dollar a year virtual business. Eventually, the business employed over 75 people from many parts of the world.

Due to the high sales, Eben Pagan started receiving emails from different people asking for marketing and business advice. Pagan, therefore, decided to come up with a training program that would teach new entrepreneurs the best techniques and strategies for business, wealth creation, and marketing.

His other products include Get Attitude, which is a program created for young entrepreneurs aiming to establish their online businesses, and Wake Up Productive, which is a training videos series for entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed. The other programs include Ignition, Make Cash As A Modern Day Guru, Guru Masterclass, Guru Blueprint, Self-Made Wealth, Accelerate, Virtual CEO, and Digital Product Blueprint. Eben has helped many people from all parts of the world.

How Does The Virtual Coach Program Work?

Eben Pagan discovered that people need two distinct skills to establish excellent coaching businesses. The skills are the ability to deliver high-value coaching and the techniques to attract the clients their businesses need to grow. The Virtual Coach System covers all the skills you need to establish a coaching business and succeed.

All students of Virtual Coach participate in classes, do exercises, and get a certificate after completing the course. The classes are available in the evenings and on weekends, meaning that they will not affect your business schedule. If you miss any of the classes, you can watch the recorded classes in the members’ area. Here are the modules to expect in this course.

Module 1: The Inner Game of Coaching

The ability to transform the lives of your clients does not mean that you are the best coach. After all, you might be suffering from imposter syndrome. In this module, Eben Pagan will help you get rid of your limiting beliefs, insecurities, and inner conflicts.

This module might be all you need to build high self-esteem and confidence as a coach. You will feel deserving of your success because you will be doing valuable work besides making your clients trust you and continue working with you for many years.

Module 2: Targeting Your Coaching Niche

In this module, Eben Pagan will help you choose your niche and develop your competency. He will also help you brand yourself so that you can be more famous. You will get the best scripts, tools, and frameworks from Eben Pagan so that you can know what to say and do with your target clients. The training at this level will also help you feel confident in all situations. After that, you will learn new techniques from six and seven-figure coaches.

Module 3: Branded Coaching Package Design

In this module, you will get the skills you need to make a coaching package that most of your clients will be ready to buy. Eben Pagan will teach you how to provide long-term signup packages for your clients. You can create a 3 months package, a 6 months package, or even a 1-year package.

Further, Eben will teach you how to present the package clearly and irresistibly so that your target customers can buy it for an amount between $2k and $10k. In addition to that, you will get feedback on your packages from Eben during the training sessions.

Module 4: Attract Coaching Clients

In this part, you will learn how to create client invitations, which will attract more clients automatically. Eben will teach you how to enroll new clients on the spot smoothly and comfortably that will influence them to come to you severally. Furthermore, you will learn how to serve all your clients during the enrollment process. By serving the clients properly, they will feel empowered and ready to take action. Eben will provide you with a list of the best places to find more clients and the best way to position yourself so that more people can ask for help and work with you.

Module 5: Breakthrough Conversations

In this module, Eben Pagan will teach you how to help your clients succeed in life through simple conversations. He will also teach you many models so that you can always have impactful conversations with your clients. Furthermore, Eben will provide you with tips on how to help all your clients get faster results.

You will learn a Next Level Coaching model, which will enable you to support your clients through life-changing transformations and transitions. The coaching approaches, scripts, and frameworks will help you know what to say in every situation.

Module 6: Social Media Mastery

In this part, Eben Pagan will teach you how to reach more people on Facebook and create a subscriber list. This new online marketing technique helps marketers stay connected to people who want to work with them. The offered “5-minute a day” marketing strategy might be all you need to develop massive engagement and no-cost traffic from social media to your website. Eben teaches a strategy that his friend Bret used and got over 2.4 million likes on Facebook. He also used it to turn most of his audience into paying customers.

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Virtual Coach Bonuses

Virtual Coach offers several bonuses worth $32,000. You will get all the bonuses after registering for the program. Here are the bonuses to expect.

Bonus 1: Tech Tool Trainings




This is the first bonus to expect after registering for the Virtual Coach program and its value stands at $1,997. This bonus will walk you through the process of setting up online tools so that you can establish a system that automates your coaching business. You will manage to set up one online tool every week.

Bonus 2: Marketing Step By Step




This bonus is worth $997 and it will help you master marketing so that you can reach many clients. By the time you complete this course, you will manage to market, advertise, and follow up your systems so that you can identify those that work better than others do. Even more, you will develop a skill that is always in high demand.

Bonus 3: Wake Up Productive




This bonus has a value of around $497. This set of habit-creation systems and tools guarantees double productivity and is easy to consume. Eben promises to provide you with additional time for your coaching practice by making you double productive.

Bonus 4: Presentations that Pay




Eben Pagan claims that he has many types of presentations in his business and he already knows the elements that work to motivate people to invest in them. Presentations are the intersection between sales and marketing and to nail them,you need skills that are not commonly available. This bonus course will teach you the techniques, mindsets, wordings and scripts that influence people to make a purchase. The bonus course is worth $197.

Bonus 5: Digital Marketing Library




The value of these bonus courses stands at $24,000. The courses will help you create a digital information product. They are the recordings of valuable information that Eben offers in various training sessions.

 Bonus 6: One Ticket to Virtual Coach Live




This bonus allows you to spend 3 days with Eben Pagan going through all the lessons. Eben uses panels and presentations to teach and you will learn coaching techniques, models, and software tools from 6 figure and 7 figure coaches.

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Virtual Coach FAQs

Q: Is Eben Pagan’s Virtual Coach worth the price?

A: The training establishing an online coaching practice is worth the cost. You are unlikely to find other programs that offer similar information at the cost.

Q: Is Eben Pagan a scam or legit?

A: Eben Pagan is legit. He has made millions of money by selling products and courses online. He designed the Virtual Coach program to help you establish your online coaching business and make money.

Q: How long is the Virtual Coach Program?

A: The course is not very long. It has seven modules and you will complete them within 90 days. Some people complete it in lesser time.

Q: How will I benefit from joining this program?

A: In addition to helping you become a successful virtual coach, joining the program will free you from both mental and emotional stress. It will provide you with all the skills and techniques you need to manage your online business and improve your lifestyle. Furthermore, the program will help you grow professionally and personally. You will enjoy financial freedom after establishing your coaching practice.

Q: Who Should Join the Program?

A: Primarily, people who should join this program are:

  • Coaches & experts who want to turn their expertise into a big ticket group coaching programs.
  • Those are ready to inspire the people around them.
  • Those who would want to establish a home business.
  • People who have considered establishing a coaching practice before.
  • Personal development lovers
  • Heart-centered individuals that would want to radiate their light.



Virtual Coach is an excellent program geared for individuals who would want to improve their lives and that of people around them. While the price is very high, the many benefits outweigh it. Even more, the offered bonuses are of immense value. Eben Pagan will teach you how to convert your knowledge into a profitable coaching business. If you are already a coach, Eben will help you take your coaching business to another level while helping your clients achieve the transformation and success they need.

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