Alpha Heater Price Reviews – Is This Heater Legit or Scam?

Personal heaters are a popular way to keep warm in winter. The Alpha Heater Price can be used to heat homes and transport people to work. Alpha Heater Price’s innovative design decreases monthly electric bills 30% compared to traditional heaters.

Traditional heaters can actually use as much as 1,500 watts an hour. Sometimes, the dosage may be slightly higher or lower. Imagine what your electricity bill looks like after a month, or even a whole year. It is becoming more common to find ways to save money and still maintain safety. As the temperatures drop, some families become more concerned about heating their homes with heaters. One group claims that they have developed a heater that is both efficient and affordable. This review will be focused on the Alpha Heater Price, and how it can work in a home setting.

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What is an Alpha Heater Price?

The Alpha Heater Price uses 30% less energy than other heaters. This is a vast improvement on the days of ice-cold floors. Our editorial staff was impressed by the Alpha Heater Price’s mechanism. Most heaters are designed to provide personal heating. This is only one aspect that deserves our attention. Do you have any other questions? When we go through the entire list of features, we’ll get to the bottom.

Are you familiar with the features of Alpha Heater Price?

The Alpha Heater Price is small but packs a lot power, despite its diminutive size. To put it another way, the Alpha Heater Price is simply powerful.

Small and Lightweight

The typical size of a heater is 27.88 inches long by 5.75 inches high by 2.56 inches deep. The maximum weight is 7 lbs (3 kilograms). The Alpha Heater Price is slightly heavier than the other models. All that is required by consumers is to plug the Alpha Heater Price into an electrical outlet. It is lightweight and compact and takes up space otherwise occupied by dirt or dust.

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To keep your loved ones safe, you can use

To ensure maximum safety, Alpha Heater Price features multiple anti-tip-over and overheat protections. If the temperature is higher than 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the heater will reduce the temperature to 104 degrees F. If the temperature is higher than 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the heater will turn on Alpha Heater Price. The heater will turn off if it is too hot. It is important to turn off the power supply.

Programmable Features, and a Quick Heat Up Time

One Alpha Heater Price unit can heat 350 square feet in 10 minutes. You can adjust the heat settings and set timers that range from 0 to 6 hrs. You can choose the heat setting that suits you best. To prevent the Alpha Heater Price from overheating, it must be turned off after six hours of continuous use.

Operation Silent is its name.

The Alpha Heater Price’s design reduces noise. It is not necessary to make noise. According to the creators, people will notice the difference within a matter of minutes.

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Energy efficiency

The most important financial problem you could face is your electricity bill. This is a huge relief, especially with winter approaching. Alpha Heater Price helps you to reduce utility costs while preserving your energy-efficient performance.

The Benefits of Alpha Heater Price

  • Modern, sleek style
  • The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Products that consume less energy are more sustainable.
  • Heating the room takes only 2 minutes
  • A system that evenly distributes heat.
  • Ceramic heat elements for PTC ceramics that heat quickly

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Why choose the Alpha Heater Price?

The Alpha Heater Price is superior to central heating systems and oil-filled heaters. To heat your home, the Alpha Heater Price uses ceramic plates that are enclosed in a plastic body. It can be assembled quickly because the plastic body does not heat up by heat. You are less likely to burn your finger when moving the plastic body.

If you forget to turn off the device, the timer function makes it simple. You must turn off the safety kill switch at the back of your machine to supply hot air. The button at the middle activates the auto feature when the device is dropped or lifted.

Alpha Heater Price can fight off mold, bacteria, and unpleasant odors.

Is there ever a musty, musty smell that your heater emits when it is turned on? Mold and dust can cause the heater to heat up too much. The Alpha Heater Price was equipped with an antimicrobial filter. This device prevented mold growth. Other heaters can emit unpleasant odors that could also be contaminated by bacteria. Filters dust and germs from the air they pass.

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How to Use Alpha Heater Price?

  • The Alpha Heater Price heats 350 square feet with 650W (low) and 1200W (high).
  • This is the first step. You can use a table, nightstand, or desk to place the heater.
  • To ensure safety, the safety button must be pressed. When the heater is turned off, there is no hot air coming from it.
  • Three buttons control the top of your heater. You can adjust the fan speed and set the timer.

What makes Alpha Heater Price so great?

  • It warms up the room in a matter of minutes.
  • Innovative heat convection systems produce consistent heat.
  • The most current PTC technology allows you to heat your home quickly and safely
  • Tip-over and Overheating Protections
  • All orders receive a 50% discount
  • Low operating costs

Where and How to Buy Alpha Heater Price?

You can purchase the Alpha Heater Price from the manufacturer’s web. Consumers have many choices. It is possible to order more than one device. Multiple purchases will cost you less than buying one unit.

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  • Customers can get a 50% discount at the moment.
  • Each Alpha Heater Price is $49.95
  • Two Alpha Heater Prices for $47.45 = $94.91
  • Three Alpha Heater Prices cost $134.87 each at $44.96 each.
  • Four Alpha Heater Prices cost $169.83 each at $42.46 each
  • $199.80 for five Alpha Heater Prices, each $39.96

Alpha Heater Price products can be returned within 30 days after purchase. Customers can return Alpha Heater Price products within 30 days to receive a full refund. All return shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the customer. (

  • You can reach us by phone or email.
  • Telephone number: (866- 895-6759
  • You can reach us at:
  • United States of America: Alpha Heater Price 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS).

Is Alpha Heater Price safe?

Yes. It can be affected by overheating and tip-overs.

The Alpha Heater Price uses 650W in low mode. The Alpha Heater Price consumes 1200W in the highest setting.

Is the setup of the Alpha Heater Price too complex?

Although the Alpha Heater Price can be started by anyone, it should only be attempted by one person. Turn the heater off before plugging it into an outlet 110-125V/50Hz. The ON button must still be pressed until the indicator light goes out. Users can adjust their temperature as long as they press the ON button until it turns off.

Alpha Heater Prices are safe for use in bathrooms?

Alpha Heater Price should not be used in bathrooms or other wet areas. These areas should only be heated by a UL-rated heater. They do not require an Alpha Heater Price. Make sure the heater is plugged in to a wall outlet. The heater should not be used in conjunction with extension cords or timers.

What components are in the Alpha Heater Price?

According to the product description, the Alpha Heater Price contains a blower grid and PTC element back grid, main switch and operating panel, plug and indicator lights, temperature buttons (high & low), display, ON/Standby and a timer.

What are some best practices to maintain Alpha Heater Price?

Before cleaning, turn off the Alpha Heater Price. To clean the device, you can use a damp towel or a dry towel after it has cooled. You can also vacuum the grills to keep them clean. The Alpha Heater Price can still be kept upright in its original packaging.

Does the warranty cover the Alpha Heater Price?

A three-year warranty is available. A three-year warranty covers consumers for defective products, scratches and dents, theft or damage to internal parts. A single Alpha Heater Price is $9.99, a 2-unit heater is $18.973 and a 3-unit heater is $33.97.

Let’s say the Alpha Heater Price isn’t being used to its full potential.

Alpha Heater Price guarantees the performance of its products for a period of 30 days. Please use this information to contact customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about our products and policies, please use the following information:

To reach customer service, please send an email to

Telephone number: (866- 895-66759

Main Address: Nu Lifestyle Marketing LLC c/o Alpha Heater Price 220 Faraday Avenue Suite 103 Jackson, NJ 08527 USA

Returned to: 2345 Vauxhall street Union, New Jersey 07083, United States

Final Thoughts

The Alpha Heater Price can heat even the smallest of dwellings. You can add more systems to achieve this. Based on our research, we were impressed by the safety features of Alpha Heater Price. It is important to warn people about the dangers of portable heaters. These issues are no more an issue thanks to Alpha Heater Price’s invention.

Children and pets should not have any access to the device. It was very energy-efficient, which is why we liked it. Alpha Heater Price can be used as both an air conditioner and heater. It produces just enough heat to keep your home warm while saving you money on heating costs. Although we don’t see any of the problems with Alpha Heater Price, there is one problem. This was expected. Contact customer service for more information about multiplying Alpha Heater Price units on one utility bill.


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