Why James Paterek Believes You Should Strive to Empower Your Employees

James Paterek has worked with many firms to develop unique concepts for employee retention problems and other issues that plague companies of all sizes. As a result, he has created and implemented many fascinating strategies and programs that help make your workforce experience stronger and more effective. The best of these strategies is likely employee empowerment, a term that is transformational to the industry at large. 

Why James Paterek Believes in Employee Empowerment 

Over the years, James Paterek has become increasingly convinced that empowerment is the solution to so many employment issues and employee troubles. This concept is simple: you do whatever you can to make your employees feel important, accountable, and empowered to help transform your company. However, the execution of these strategies is more complex than it might seem and requires real work to pull off properly. 

Just how can employee empowerment help you stand out and improve your business? First, an empowered employee is a motivated one. In other words, they feel more connected to your company and feel its success is more integral to their own. They will work hard to gain more autonomy and make significant and vital decisions that improve their place and yours in the marketplace.

This benefit alone is enough to inspire James Paterek to push for an empowerment plan. However, he has also found that it can provide a surprising array of other benefits as well. For example, he has found that empowered employees trust their leaders more. Why is that the case? They feel like their leaders trust them and are willing to share responsibilities and look to them for real solutions. 

As a result, they feel more in-tune with its success and feel more vested in its failures. This benefit is critical because you want your employees to feel their success is connected to yours. Creating a unified workforce of employees who trust their managers and executives is one that pushes forward and produces creative and fascinating ideas. Empowered employees feel encouraged to offer innovative ideas to complex problems and can help you thrive. 

Just how can you empower your employees? James Paterek uses many different methods. The first is to ask for feedback from your employees continually. Survey them about what they think is important, what steps to take next, and any other information they want to provide. Don’t just do these surveys to please them: take their ideas seriously and implement them, giving credit where it is due to make an employee feel important and empowered. 

Recognition is so essential for this step. You can’t just take employee ideas and claim them as your own. Instead, it would be best to let them know that you appreciate their work and take them seriously. Let everyone know who created that fantastic idea. This step helps that employee feel better and sends a message to your employees: we care about and trust you.