Silky Skin IPL Hair Removal Reviews – Advanced IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

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Silk Skin IPL lifetime use is 500,000 flashes. Do you need more than that? 500,000 flashes mean that even if you share it with whole family and friends and get an in-office level treatment at home, the Silk Skin IPL would suit you for 15 years! Imagine how much money you will save during these years!

Having unwanted hair is the bane of many people’s lives. While body hair is absolutely normal and not something to be ashamed of, the fact remains that most of us would like to get rid of hair in certain areas.

Why Do We Need to Regularly Remove Our Body Hair?

There is also the fact that many of us have to remove unwanted body hair on a regular basis due to the requirements of our job, certain recreational endeavours, and even religious regulations. Below are just a few solid reasons why a person might want to remove some hair on their body every single day, month, or at least a couple of times a year:

  • Modelling: If someone is a model, they might be required to have smooth skin on their face and body. While Photoshop is an option, most companies and other clients want their models to be conventionally presentable. Some organizations may be woke enough to allow for a more natural look, but we still have a long way to go on that count.
  • Swimming: If someone’s job has anything to do with swimming, the regulations might state that they have to remove hair from certain body parts in order to participate in practices and competitions. In fact, these rules might also come into play when we want to use a public or school swimming pool.

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  • Food services: Some organizations that deal with food may require some of their workers to remove their facial hair on a regular basis. This is mostly a matter of hygiene, as the hairs might find their way into the customers’ food
  • Personal choice: At the end of the day, it’s a person’s choice whether they want to accept their body hair for what it is or find ways to get rid of it. They might want a more presentable skin that they feel comfortable in, instead of a prickly surface that could make them self-conscious and under confident.

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Potential Issues With Hair Removal Methods

However, removing that hair can be a pain both literally and figuratively. There are several hair removal methods available, all with different results, levels of pain, and with varying chances of air growing pack quickly (or at all). The costs are also different, so let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of some of the most common methods of hair removal today:

  • Waxing: While this is a fairly inexpensive option if we do it at home, the sensitive areas of the body require a professional hand when waxing. This could ramp up the cost, though the results are usually great and the hair doesn’t grow back for at least a few weeks in most cases. There are also the allergic reactions to consider, as well as the varieties of wax we have to choose from. Rica wax, fruit wax, sugar wax, and hard wax beans are just a few options that might vary in convenience, costs, and side effects. The major downsides of waxing, aside from the service costs, include the fact that one has to wait some time for the hair to grow long enough for the process. The process itself might take a long time and cause some pain, especially if there’s a lot of thick hair to remove.
  • Epilating: This usually requires investing in an epilator machine. While the process is fairly easy for anyone to do at home, it does require some preparing beforehand. We have to charge the device (if it is cordless), moisturize our skin, and take out a large chunk of time to ensure that the results are good. However, the process is a bit painful unless one gets used to it.
  • Plucking: This is a potentially painful and very time-consuming method, not to mention one that increases our risk of getting infections.
  • Shaving: As compared to other methods, shaving is probably the quickest and cheapest of the lot. One can shave with almost any kind of soap or razor, though proper equipment is best for the safest and most long lasting results. The main downside, of course, is that the smooth hairless skin only lasts for a few days at the most (a few hours in many people’s cases!) Shaving can also cause some skin issues such as triggering acne, leaving cuts, or causing ingrown hairs if done improperly
  • Laser: This might be a more suitable method for those who want permanent hair removal. However, the sessions are quite expensive and might not be suitable for people whose excess hair comes from hormonal issues such as PCOS.


No matter what kind of hair removal method we choose, there will always be some downsides along with the perks. However, there is one method that we haven’t discussed so far: IPL or Intense Pulsed Light. 

IPL might be confused with laser hair removal sometimes, but the two methods are quite different. IPL produces non-coherent light in a broad spectrum, not a concentrated beam. With IPL devices, we might be able to treat spots and wrinkles as well as unwanted hair on the body. Not only that, but we can also purchase devices that let us conduct the IPL method at home ourselves.

This is where the Silky Skin IPL device comes in. When someone wants smooth, silky, and hairless skin on their face and body, but is not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for one session, this is the device they should try out.

There might be numerous hair removal options available on the online and physical market right now. Still, the company behind Silky Skin IPL states that it is the golden standard for at-home hair removal methods. Let’s take a closer look at this offering and see whether this title is a deserved one or not.

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What is Silky Skin IPL? 

The Silky Skin IPL device is a sort of gadget that one can purchase and keep in their home for the long term. Whenever we feel the need to remove some hair, all we have to do is take up the device and use it to zap off the offending strands.

How Does Silky Skin IPL Work? 

The IPL hair removal process is quite removed from the laser methodology. With IPL, the beams are put on the skin in the form of little pulses. The pulses target the detected hair follicles and heat them up so that they are slowly destroyed. With every session, the follicles get a little bit weaker and thinner.

Why Should We Consider Silky Skin IPL? 

There are several reasons why we should invest in the Silky Skin IPL device and use it as our go-to method of regular hair removal. The advantages might be obvious in many ways, but let’s look at them all in one place before deciding to place an order:

  • As compared to regular treatments by professional estheticians, the use of Silky Skin IPL devices means a lower output of energy. This makes them safe to use at home, even if one isn’t very experienced yet.
  • There is clinical backing to the statement that the Silky Skin IPL system is absolutely safe for home use by both men and women. However, a small patch test is always recommended before starting any device like this for the first time.
  • The energy on the Silky Skin IPL device can be adjusted. When it’s at the highest comfort level, the process is not even very painful.
  • Other devices for IPL hair removal can be quite pricey. However, the Silky Skin IPL costs less than $100, which places it in a very affordable range. Plus, the reviews on the Silky Skin IPL device say that it performs just as well as the more expensive options.
  • Along with the already low price, the Silky Skin IPL is now available at a huge 50 percent discount. This offer might not last for too long, but it’s an excellent deal that could save us even more money
  • The website for Silky Skin IPL gives us a range of skin and hair colors to consult. If we match any of these, we can rest assured that the device will be of benefit to us.

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  • The results of Silky Skin IPL include smooth, silky skin that lasts for a very long time. In the long run, this means that we can save hundreds of dollars on professional hair removal techniques and other at-home methods as well.
  • Yet another means of saving here is the free delivery, which is available in several countries all over the world.
  • The device is suitable for people with sensitive skin as well as for delicate places such as the armpits, face, and bikini areas. It can also be used to clear up larger surfaces like the legs and arms.
  • There are 5 energy settings on the Silky Skin IPL, so we can choose the one where the pain is the most bearable. After a few sessions, our skin might have toughened up and be able to bear the higher, quicker settings.
  • The Silky Skin IPL is very convenient for regular use, as it has an easy operation and simple process
  • There are no extra or hidden costs. The website will tell you all you need to know, while online reviews will supply further information. The price will also include safety goggles as well as a razor.


What to Remember Before Using Silky Skin IPL

Before we start using Silky Skin IPL, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the device is only effective in case of a certain range of hair and skin tones. This is a wide range, but some people may not fit the bill. In order to avoid wasting our money, it is recommended that we check the color range available on Silky Skin IPL’s official website and see if the investment will be a sound one.

Next, the purchase of Silky Skin IPL is done online through its official website. The device may not be available at such a low price or even in its authentic form if we go for a third-party selling platform.

As mentioned before, a patch test is necessary to make sure that our skin won’t react adversely to the treatment.

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How Long Will the Silky Skin IPL Last?

The lifetime of one Silky Skin IPL device is around 500,000 flashes. This is quite a lot, as even if several family members and friends used the device, it is expected to keep on going for around 15 years! The savings and convenience will be immense.

Remember: You need to start your treatment by first diligently reading through the instructions:

  • Start by shaving your skin with a new razor (included in the box). You want the area to be clean, dry, and free of any lotions or creams. It will help make sure your device is reaching your follicles easily and directly.
  • Patch test your skin before treating large areas. Start with a small skin area applying lowerenergy output and adjusting it after seeing the result.
  • Begin with the lowest energy setting and work your way up. It takes a few sessions to really get the hang of your device, so start slow and low to avoid mistakes and/or irritation.
  • Enjoy the results. Typically, after 8-12 weeks, more than 90% of hair grows much slower and significantly scarcer. Patience is key, y’all.
  • NB! Always wear protective goggles (included in the box) when using the Silk Skin IPL.


How to Use Silky Skin IPL

Before we start using the Silky Skin IPL on our skin, we should carefully read the instructions provided. The box includes a razor, which we have to use for shaving the unwanted hair first. This is similar to the preparation before a laser hair removal session; the beams target the hair follicle, not the hair itself.

Next, we have to ensure that there are no creams, lotions, or other residue on the area that needs treatment. A patch test is also necessary here, but make sure to use a low energy input at first. Remember, use the included protective goggles for extra safety.

Finally, we can start removing the main unwanted hair on our bodies. It might take some sessions to get the feel of Silky Skin IPL. The trick is to keep on going slowly, not to rush, and stay patient.

The results of the Silky Skin IPL can be expected to last around 8 to 12 weeks. Even after that, many users find that a lot of their hair is growing at a much slower rate than before.


If we were the fence about getting the Silky Skin IPL device and using it at home, this discussion should clear up any doubts or misgivings. With the low price, great deals, and glowing online reviews, it’s evidently time to give this little gadget a try! Don’t wait around too long; rush to the official website and book your order before stock runs out!

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