Orbis Heater UK Review: Is This Portable Heater Best in UK?


The cold weather season is a season where there is a presence of very low temperatures in the atmosphere. During winter, the sun’s rays minimize the energy from the sun to the earth and prevent the warming up of the earth. This contributes to the winter season, which is the most challenging and unbearable period in a year. Cold weather causes some health issues and physiological stress on the body.

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The air is extremely cold, and individuals have to improvise ways to survive during this period. Some individuals resort to lighting up fires in the chimneys, dressing heavily and warmly, and eating more to keep the body warm. These methods also have other side effects which may negatively affect the body. However, this need not be the case anymore. With technology, safer, newer, and advanced gadgets are being manufactured to counter these effects. Orbis Heater is the latest innovation in the heater category. 

About Orbis Heater

Orbis Heater is a personal and portable space gadget with a temperature control system with a built-in plug. This heater occupies a very small space and helps control and manage escalating electricity bills. The Orbis Heater is a pioneer smart product that keeps users cozy and warm during the cold season. This product heats faster than the ordinary heaters effectively and quickly warms up the space within 2-3 minutes. Due to the advanced heating system that is ceramic, the heater safely and quickly gets to heat. The adjustable system and innovative controls allow users to set the temperature and speed to the preferred levels they need to. The oscillators help the users project the heated air to any personal space and direction of choice.

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Features of Orbis Heater

  • Digital Thermostat Control Board: The thermostat control board displays the various temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures range from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Users can adjust the temperature by turning on or off the cycle depending on their preference. This also stops the heater from overheating.
  • Nano Filter: The NANO filter that is contained in this heater provides pure air. This ensures that the warm air released is purified, and users will not face any discomfort. The cold air will be dispelled, and pure warm air will be distributed. This also helps with users who have allergies.
  • Timer and LED Display: The timer helps users set the time at which the heater will run. There is an LED display timer button for between 1-12 hours with 1-hour increments. It also switches the timer to preferred time and number of hours. This also sets the fan in motion to start cooling the product.
  • Plug-In: The product comes with a plug that can be inserted into any compatible power socket and begins to work immediately. There is no need for connecting cables as the plug is enough.
  • Compatibility and Mobility: Orbis Heater is very light and compact. This product can be moved from one place to another and therefore does not need to take up space. With the lightweight, this product is invisible even as a traveling load.

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How does Orbis Heater Work

The advanced ceramic heating system technology in the Orbis Heater works differently. Once the plug is inserted into the power socket, the heater begins to heat the ceramic heating components that are installed in the heater. The NANO filter contained in the heater provides pure air. Then the oscillator in the heater begins to distribute warm air into the room or space evenly. The temperature control element controls the heated air for 2-3 minutes into the user’s personal space. The temperatures can be increased or decreased depending on the user’s preference. The timer in the product helps the user to time how long they would like the heater to run without any interference.

How to Use Orbis Heater

  • The product should be placed in the correct position.
  • Always use a regular electrical outlet to plug the heater.
  • Position the oscillator in the preferred direction of the warm heat.
  • Keep the heater away from being operated by children.
  • Always read and understand the instruction manual.
  • Test the product before fully accepting the gadget by turning the switch on and off.
  • Contact the technical team should any issues arise.
  • Can be used and carried anywhere, whether in the office or home.
  • There is no installation of the heater.
  • Do not touch or handle a running gadget with wet hands.

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Benefits of Orbis Heater

  • Compatible, light, and portable: Orbis Heater is small and portable and can be used and carried anywhere to warm the temperature. The small space occupied by the heater is also an advantage.
  • For personal or professional use: This product can be used for home or office use to help warm the temperatures in a users’ personal space.
  • Consumes less electricity: The advanced heating technology known as PTC consumes less energy than other traditional heaters, which keeps the electricity bills at the lowest. Users can make more savings on electricity bills.
  • Noiseless: Orbis Heater does not make any noise at all and is suitable for use anywhere. The silencing technology in Orbis Heater ensures that users will not be kept awake when the product is in use.
  • Protection and safety feature: This feature allows users to operate the heater even with kids in the house.
  • Fast heating: Orbis Heater heats the temperature very quickly, unlike traditional heaters. Within 2-3 minutes, warm air begins to circulate in a 350 square foot space. When the temperatures are down, the heater quickly heats the room and restores warmth.
  • Adjustable controls:  The product has adjustable controls that help manage and control the temperature and fan speed. These adjustable controls save on time as control would normally have to be done manually.
  • User-friendly interface: The interface of the heater is simple to use and friendly. Users do not need to memorize any buttons or instructions. The temperature control function helps users attain the preferred room temperature without any problem.
  • Controls bacteria and other diseases: The design of the heater has features that do not emit any gas. Traditional heaters accumulate dirt and other micro bacteria, which are then dispelled in the air by the fan, causing diseases and allergies. The heater is odorless. 


Side Effects of Orbis Heater

There are no side effects of using the Orbis Heater. 

Purchase & Price of Orbis Heater

Orbis Heater is available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website. Currently, the company has a holiday offer, and the prices are as listed below:

1 Orbis Heater @ $81.18 + free shipping.

2 Orbis Heaters @ $73.08 + free shipping.

3 Orbis Heaters @ $64.94 + free shipping.

5 Orbis Heaters @ $56.82 + free shipping.

Money-back Guarantee and refund policy

The manufacturers of Orbis Heaters are confident about the product they have released in the market and have therefore put in place a 100% 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. This refund can be redeemed by first contacting the customer care team. There will be no questions asked.

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Q: How does the Orbis Heater work?

A: The Orbis Heater is very easy to use by simply plugging the device into a standard power socket. The gadget will automatically turn on, and warm air will start circulating in the desired location within 2-3 minutes. 

Q: Where is the Orbis Heater ordered and purchased from?

A: This personal heater is only available for purchase online from the manufacturer’s official website. Prospective purchasers are advised to visit the website for further details.

Q: Can the Orbis Heater be left on overnight?

A: Yes. The Orbis heater is safe to use unsupervised overnight or when sleeping. The heater has been certified by the recommended testing organizations due to the automatic shut-off timer and adjustable thermostat. 

Q: Can the heater be used with an extension cable?

A: No. The Orbis Heater is a plug-in gadget, and therefore cables are not allowed as they may overheat the heater. The heater has been made using the latest cordless technology.

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  • Comfortable and Easy to use.
  • The heater does not make any noise when in use.
  • Has anti-overheating and anti-fire safety measures.
  • Safe, secret, secure, and private order process.
  • Stress-free refund policy.
  • Saves on power bills.
  • Guarantee and assured results.
  • Does not require any maintenance.
  • Compact and portable to carry
  • Cheap and affordable to purchase.


There are no disadvantages relating to Orbis Heater. 


Orbis Heater is the latest model of heaters that use this amazing PTC technology. Users will enjoy warm nights during the cold winters with ease. The compatibility features of the heater make traveling with the hearer hassle-free due to the lightweight light. Add more years, enjoy a stress-free winter while using the Orbis Heater. There will be no more anxiety or stress when one thinks about winter. The winter season should be enjoyed in the same manner that summer is enjoyed. Get the Orbis Heater and change the lifestyle both at home and work during the dreaded winter season.