Exipure Reviews – Are the Weight Loss Results True? Find Out Here!

Exipure Reviews (1)

Exipure is an all-natural weight-loss dietary supplement that makes use of eight components that can help your body recover from the slow metabolic speed it currently has right now. The supplement is available on their official website.

Weight loss supplements are usually hit or miss in terms of effectiveness. Some may even mislead you and take away your money without remorse or guilt. Luckily, Exipure is a legitimate weight loss supplement brand that can bring excellent results as long as you take it correctly in the long run!

With that much said, Exipure is something that we can look forward to. What are its functions? How does it work? Where is it from? What are the contents of its formula blend? We will take a closer look at this supplement from a more intimate and in-depth scientific perspective so that we can assess its advantages and disadvantages on our quest for proper weight loss routines.

Description of Exipure

Exipure is basically a dietary supplement you will expect – a weight loss solution that targets your body’s primary source of metabolism. It can burn excess fats throughout your whole body and give you massive stores of energy that you can harness throughout your day. We know that sounds cliché, but bear with this review to learn more about the product. This supplement started its development months ago and has just been released last October of 2021. While it is still a relatively new supplement in the weight loss market and industry, it has already garnered a 4.7 out of 5 trust rating in Trustpilot.

Exipure manufacturers found the secret after diving into so much research into alternative traditional medicines of the Eastern and Southeast Asian parts of the world. After hours of research, they were sure what causes unprecedented weight gains among adults in today’s busy and stressful world. According to Dr. James Wilkins and Jack Barrett, the primary reason you have increasing stores of fat and weight inside your body is the decreasing presence of your brown adipose tissue, or BAT for short. This type of fat, also called brown fat, can burn so many excess calories inside your body that it can change how you metabolize things. Long story short, its primary purpose is to burn fat for your body’s internal heat. As we all know, maintaining internal heat is crucial in making basic body processes stabilized. In addition, Dr. Wilkins and Barrett found out that people with less brown fat in their bodies tend to become heavier and laden with white fat – which basically stores all those calories for future use.

Exipure is made to prevent the increase of your white fat, stimulating the BAT along for the ride. With that kind of stimulation, you can help manage your weight while doing what you want without hindrance, hardships, or guilt. It is a unique formula to our weight loss routines since no supplement has been ever produced.

Exipure comprises eight organic, tropical, and exotic ingredients that work together to do its common goal of stimulating your brown adipose tissue maintenance and production. According to Dr. Wilkins and Barrett, you can ramp up your calorie-burning capacity with the formula that they have created for everyone in the whole wide world.

Exipure in a Nutshell

Name of Supplement: Exipure

Supplement Summary Description: Exipure is a supplement that supports weight loss while maintaining a steady rate of fat deduction healthily and adequately. It contains eight beneficial ingredients that, when combined together, can achieve excellent weight loss results. Its all-natural approach is deemed safe and easy to follow by many individuals worldwide. It primarily targets the stimulation of your brown adipose tissue.

Form of Supplement: It is a capsule-based form of dietary supplement. These capsules are primarily made of vegetable material that is easy to swallow and safe to ingest.

Creators of the Supplement: Exipure is made by a British doctor named Dr. James Wilkins and Jack Barrett.

Official Website: Exipure Official Website (this is also only the official outlet for the supplement)

Primary Function: Boost brown adipose tissue levels by employing the eight powerful ingredients found in the Exipure proprietary formula. These ingredients are carefully researched to have massive effects in the stimulation of brown adipose tissue.

Exipure Ingredients: Perilla, Holy Basil, White Korean Ginseng, Amur Cork Bark, Quercetin, Oleuropein, and Kudzu Root

Recommended Dosage: One capsule per day. Take each capsule with proper amounts of water. Do not overdose.

Notable Details about the Product:

  • 100% all-natural in properties, sourcing, and manufacturing
  • Works for adults of all ages (18 years old and above)
  • Ingredients are backed by science
  • Exercise and balanced meals are not required. However, doing both can severely increase your chances of achieving weight loss success
  • You do not need a prescription to get this product
  • Proudly made in the United States of America
  • The manufacturing facility is both Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified and registered in the FDA
  • It comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee

Exipure Benefits:

  • Can increase the ratio of your brown adipose tissue against your white adipose tissue
  • It can give you massive amounts of energy
  • It can help you maintain proper neuron and nerve cell connections
  • It can protect you from oxidative stress, thereby making you look younger
  • It can make your immune system more robust with fewer internal body inflammations
  • It can give you better cardiovascular health

Exipure Side Effects:

  • Nothing so far. If an event of an overdose, though, you might experience minor headaches and episodes of dizziness and nausea. The natural property of all the ingredients can give you less of a headache when it comes to things going haywire, which is excellent!

Expected Results: Don’t expect too much. A healthy weight loss stands at 2 to 5 pounds per week, depending on your overall body mass index (BMI). The higher the BMI, the more weight loss you’ll achieve. Therefore, the numbers are relative. There are reports, though, that some have reached the 10 pounds per week mark.

Credibility: Exipure was third-party tested before being released to the market last October. Ingredients are backed by research from the International Journal of Obesity. The manufacturing facility is FDA-registered.

Consumer Ratings/Customer Reviews: Trustpilot, 4.7 out of 5 stars (as of the current moment of writing)

Price Range: $39 to $59, depending on the quantity. This price range is by their currently ongoing limited-time offer (the original price was $199 per bottle)

Things and Scams to Know:

  • Exipure is only officially sold from their official website. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, CVS, or GNC does not have the authority to sell physical copies of this product
  • Bottles that are purchased from the official website are the only ones that have actual money-back guarantee offers. Other unofficial sources do not.
  • Unofficial bottles sold online outside of the official website may contain harmful, artificial ingredients

Company’s Contact Info:

Contact these channels to enact your 180-day money-back guarantee or ask a few questions about Exipure.

  • Phone numbers: 1-800-390-6035 (United States), 1-208-345-4245 (International)
  • Email address: contact@exipure.com

Official Website: Exipure Official Website

Exipure Function and Uses

The Exipure weight loss formula makes use of its proprietary formula to enact the stimulation of your body’s brown adipose tissue. It has eight well-researched exotic ingredients that can do such function. They all have their own standard procedures at triggering the continuous process of your brown adipose tissue, thereby giving you unprecedented calorie-reducing, fat-burning benefits that can help you through your weight loss struggles in one fell sweep. According to several studies, this brown adipose tissue can accelerate how you burn your fats by around 300 times!

Exipure can be summarized into being characterized as a never-before-seen weight loss solution and formula. It is the only diet weight loss support formula that contains this combination of eight exotic ingredients. Better yet, it is the only one that targets your body’s low brown adipose tissue levels, stimulating it to leverage itself against your white adipose tissue, which stores fat instead of burning it. Thus, according to the creators, this supplement can target the root cause of your weight loss troubles and issues.

Exipure can effectively boost your BAT levels while helping you melt off and decrease all the flabby pieces of fat that are found all around your body. It can even give you the proper energy levels that you need to finish your work. With this weight loss product, you can achieve astounding results in just a matter of one to three months of use. But, of course, if you use it for a more extended period, the results will even be better in the long run.

Exipure Formula Ingredients

Exipure is made up of eight all-natural ingredients that are catered to improve your brown adipose tissue levels. This fact makes it quicker for you to lose weight. The creators of this product tell us that they came up with this blend of formula after rigorous clinical testing and deep-dive research over different journals across the globe. This formula was eventually approved after repeated third-party testing.

Exipure makes use of these ingredients that have been already known to exhibit weight-loss benefits individually. However, by combining each of them, you can increase the rate of your metabolic processes and body thermogenesis at a faster pace, reduce stress levels, strengthen your immune system, improve your brain function, stabilize your mental health, and even strengthen the fortitude of your cardiovascular system including your liver.

Exipure Ingredients

Exipure ingredients are genuinely not something that everyone has already heard of. In all honesty, I would think that the only familiar ingredient on this list is Korean Ginseng! This is why we will be tackling all their uses and properties one by one to further get to know the ingredients that we’ll be getting in our system in the following days or months. Spoiler alert – they contain various general advantages to your body in general.

The Exipure official website tells us much about the ingredients in-store with every capsule of this supplement. However, we will do more than that and tackle everything there is to know about these ingredients at hand.

Exipure ingredients are:

  • Perilla
  • Holy Basil
  • White Korean Ginseng
  • Amur Cork Bark
  • Quercetin
  • Oleuropein
  • Kudzu Root
  • Propolis


Exipure starts off strong with perilla leaves. This herb can make for a tasty treat in several Asian countries. Several known health benefits of perilla include the strengthening of the immune system and mitigation of minor symptoms. Several claims even tell us that it can strengthen mental fortitude. However, that still remains to be seen by science. As expected, it can boost the capabilities of brown adipose tissue. Other uses include remedies for alcohol intoxication and better digestion due to higher fiber content inside your gut.

Holy Basil

Exipure has holy basil on its list due to its effective blood glucose management and reduction of stress. It is also seen to boost brown adipose tissue levels on top of strengthening the various nerve cell connections found in your body. In Asian traditional medicine, holy basil leaves are brewed to stimulate body heat and, indirectly, faster metabolism.

White Korean Ginseng

Exipure’s most famous ingredient. The white variation of the Panax ginseng brings about the same anti-inflammatory benefits as its standard variant, albeit less libido. In particular, this type of Ginseng focuses on your body’s metabolic function. Other properties include a more robust immune response and reduced levels of stress.

Amur Cork Bark

Amur Cork Bark is an excellent source of Berberine. Exipure employs the use of this substance to increase your body’s metabolic pacing. It does this by elevating your own brown adipose tissue levels. The Amur Cork Bark can also give you better cardiovascular and digestive health.


Exipure is not lacking when it comes to plant-based pigments and nutrients. Quercetin is one of these components. Commonly known to lessen fatigue and stabilize your body’s energy levels, it contains massive amounts of antioxidants that can give you overall health benefits down to the cellular level. It can even give you the anti-aging advantage that you need to keep up with your peers.


A common substance in olive oil, oleuropein is one of Exipure’s most beneficial ingredients. Dubbed as the world’s healthiest oil, it not only improves your cardiovascular health by stabilizing your body’s cholesterol levels but also boosts your brown adipose tissue’s functionality. It is, therefore, one of the closest friends in your fight against common heart diseases.

Kudzu Root

A typical weed in the United States has some highly nutritional roots. Therefore, it can give you a tremendous antioxidative edge that can relieve some of your body’s internal pains due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition, this extract can provide you with better BAT stimulation and production, which is highly useful in a BAT-centered supplement such as Exipure.


Last on the list, and we have bee glue or bee propolis. Do not worry about bee propolis, though. It is not harmful to your health. In fact, it contains a considerable portion of antioxidants that can help protect your cells from further oxidative stress. This version of bee propolis is also 100% positive for human consumption. This, in turn, helps preserve the youthfulness of your cells, making you look younger than usual. With minor cellular damage, you can also speed up your metabolic processes. This contributes to better brown adipose tissue function and metabolism, as expected of an ingredient from Exipure.

Exipure Advantages

Exipure benefits are numerous, as we have already seen from the nutshell backgrounder above. To fully understand these positive advantages and benefits, let’s discuss them in an organized explanatory way below.

Exipure benefits include:

  • 100% all-natural ingredients (non-GMO, vegan friendly, no stimulants)
  • Boosted BAT production and levels
  • Stronger cardiovascular health
  • Better immune system
  • Younger-looking self
  • Faster brain and mental function
  • Stabilized hormonal balance
  • Easy-to-swallow pills
  • Third-party tested

100% all-natural ingredients (non-GMO, vegan friendly, no stimulants)

Exipure is made out of the most natural possible components designed to give your body the best chance to fight your rampant, uncontrolled weight loss routine. It does not contain any genetically-modified organisms, is made out of plants (including the capsule), and is preservative-free. In addition, it doesn’t have any synthetic component that can compromise your overall state of health!

Boosted BAT production and levels

The primary goal of Exipure is to boost your brown adipose tissue levels. With such an advantage in mind, you can expect better fat metabolism, body temperature function, and higher energy levels that can propel you to do amazing things throughout the day!

Stronger cardiovascular health

Your heart is one of the essential organs in your body. The blood vessels and the blood within them are, too. Exipure’scomprehensive benefits, it can lower your cholesterol levels. This leads to well-regulated blood pressure levels, lower strain to your heart, and longer life expectancy!

Better immune system

A more robust immune system can always mean that your body is bound to function much better in the following days. Internal stressors are one of the primary causes of slowed-down metabolism. Exipure makes sure that your immune system is in tiptop shape by employing the help of Korean Ginseng to do the job.

Younger-looking self

Antioxidants are some of the best protective assets that we have right now. With these micronutrients running inside our bloodstream, you can expect cellular protection levels to the core. As a result, excessive oxidative stress, which may worsen the metabolic situation, will subside. In addition, the properties of these antioxidants will also stimulate the growth and regeneration of newer cells, which in turn can make you look younger than usual.

Faster brain and mental function

Antioxidants in Exipure can also have the added function of protecting your nerve cells and their connections. This means that you can reliably have sharper memory and better-thinking prowess when you start taking this supplement.

Stabilized hormonal balance

With fewer environmental stressors, Exipure can effectively stabilize your hormones. As a result, you can experience fewer episodes of stress, anxiety, and depression when taking this supplement for a very long time. You are also more likely to feel more motivated to do the things that you love.

Easy-to-swallow pills

One massive perk that Exipure has over its dietary supplement contenders is its capability to be easily swallowed into our bodies. Of course, vegetable capsules also have something to do with this ease of access, proving beneficial to your everyday endeavor in your weight loss routine.

Third-party tested

Lastly, Exipure is third-party tested, which means that you shouldn’t worry about the product not working as intended. This move was made by the creators so that the credibility of their supplement could increase tenfold than other contemporary weight loss solutions like them.

Exipure Maximum Weight Loss Achievement

The Exipure official website has put up some statistics regarding the maximum weight loss that we can get. However, as we have mentioned beforehand, this supplement exhibits results according to our body mass indexes and what we do in conjunction with taking the supplement regularly. Therefore, the weight loss results that we are about to get from the supplement tend to change from individual to individual.

For that reason, Exipure customer reviews can clearly tell us this type of much-needed data to douse our skepticism of the said product. We will be tackling the thoughts of three different individuals who have already tried using the supplement in the past month.

Let’s start off with Ewart Christensen from Melbourne, VIC, Australia. He has already lost a total of 7 pounds ever since he started off the Exipure program a month ago. He tells us that his family is a long line of short, stubby individuals who have their own share of problems with losing weight. Incidentally, before even using the product, he never shed a single pound in the last two years. This is why he became amazed when he started shedding off weight just seven days after his initial intake.

Next up, we have Annice Schofield, who is a native of Austin, TX, USA. She has two children and has struggled with losing weight ever since she got pregnant with her second child. Now, she has already lost a total of 4.53 pounds in the first two weeks of the Exipure weight loss program. She does this with balanced everyday meals.

Lastly, Jarred Landon from Tehachapi, CA, USA, expresses his gratitude to Exipure for giving him the transformation he needs. Before taking the weight loss pills, he weighs in at around 410 lbs. Now, he lost 16.5 pounds in just a matter of four weeks. This astounding result came with his application for a gym membership as well. He also started eating low-carb diets ever since he started on the capsules. This made that kind of weight loss result true.

According to the product’s creators, you are most likely to shed an average of 59 lbs. in six months, given that you constantly take this supplement in a rather non-stopping and continuous way. However, if you stop taking the supplement by just a mere fraction of a day, you might also bring your body’s metabolic processes to a grinding halt. Therefore, commitment is needed to make all these things work!

Exipure Related Scientific Studies

Exipure is a recent contender in the dietary supplement industry regarding weight loss and management in general, but it does not lack a scientific basis and formulation. Yes, it has already gone rigid third-party testing, as the creators claim, but we haven’t really tackled what there is regarding the scientific studies in place.

Exipure ingredients themselves are the primary source of all these scientific bases. The interactions between themselves are only secondary. However, as we can currently see in this formula, we do not intend to discount their efficiency when taken in a relatively combined way.

Say, for instance, a 2004 study that talks about the importance and effects of the brown adipose tissue. This study opened the avenue for this supplement to become a reality in 2021 by defining BAT’s primary function inside our body. Of course, this function is the metabolism of excess calories into heat, which lessens our body’s overall fat content.

The world is actual, though, when it comes to caloric deficits. To lose weight, you should have fewer calories inside your body. So it’s either you eat less or have your metabolism o that for you. Of course, the latter is the best option. However, when taking Exipure, it is recommended that you stick to a balanced diet plan all throughout to ease up your body’s weight loss goal.

Exipure manufacturers indirectly tell us that the formula blend they have made for their product increases the levels of brown adipose tissue inside your body, giving you quick, visible results that you can flaunt for days. But, while it may sound like the perfect standalone, a combination of exercise and proper diets should do the trick.

Ginseng, among others, has been found to lessen belly fat through anti-inflammatory and metabolic-stimulating means. In this 2014 study, research shows that these women lost a relative amount of weight in just eight weeks (or two months).

Meanwhile, holy basil seems to have taken the spotlight when it comes to losing excessive weight. Chinese traditional medicine has seen the rise of such components at hand, and with recent advancements in technology, researchers discover new breakthroughs every now and then – as is the case with this recent 2017 study.

That’s only some of the related scientific studies about Exipure ingredients. If we were to go on, we would have to talk about this for days. This only shows that this dietary supplement is worth your time.

Exipure Price and Costs

The Exipure official website is currently giving out the product at a meager and discounted price. Originally tagged at $199, this supplemental breakthrough is now affordable and worth it, thanks to the several benefits it provides. Interestingly, if you buy the product in bulk, the price even goes lower – up to as much as $39 per bottle.

Exipure prices are summarized below for your convenience.

As we can see from the simple infographic above, buying in bulk is your best bet at saving massive amounts of money to help you with your weight loss routine.

Exipure Price and Costs

Exipure Bonuses

As a further incentive, a bonus of two books is given to you when you purchase the three-bottle and six-bottle bundles from their official website.

These are the 1-Day Kickstart Detox and Renew You books, which generally focus on helping you with your weight loss regime through excellent and tasty recipes and the spiritual calming of the mind.

Exipure Wellness Box

To help you with the process, the creators even rolled out a wellness box consisting of five related Exipure products. These products are the MCT Oil Pure, Immunity Boost, Bio balance Probiotics, Ultra Collagen Complex, and Deep Sleep 20. These supplements, presumably made by the same company, can help your body adjust rightfully to enact great metabolic results.

Exipure Money-Back Guarantee

Exipure is currently offering a solid 180-day money-back guarantee for buyers on their official website. To activate this type of offer, one simply needs to purchase any kind of bottle. To enact it, simply contact them through their email at contact@exipure.com or call them at the telephone number mentioned above (1-800-390-6035 for United States callers, 1-208-345-4245 for international callers).

Exipure money back

Exipure Conclusion

Exipure is a dietary supplement that is proudly based in the United States of America. It is 100% all-natural in terms of property, and it exhibits no kind of side effect whatsoever. Their only official distributor is their official website, which is comforting since it secures consumers worldwide. This product was created by Dr. James Wilkins and Jack Barrett. Their research about the brown adipose tissue checks out. Therefore, we announce that this supplement is undoubtedly one of the books for your weight loss endeavors in life with great confidence.