Folital: Price, Dosage and Where To Buy? Side Effects and Customer Reviews

Folital is a hair loss supplement that is touted as a perfect remedy for baldness. By consuming Folital supplement on your hair, you can get back the black hair follicle that you’ve lost.


folital supplement reviews


Does Folital work? Or is it yet another hair loss supplement with false promise? This customer review on Folital pills covers everything you need to know about it.

What is Folital?

Folital is a nutritional supplement that you can buy online from its official website. The supplement uses a unique hack to restore lost hair, eliminate baldness, and regain lost hair.

The creators of Folital claim that their supplement is the greatest breakthrough in the hair loss industry. The goal behind the creation of this formula is to regrow your lost hair, including the hair that you have lost due to balding.

“This could be the greatest breakthrough in the hair loss industry. Its formulation was so unique and perfect that you can regain every hair follicle that you have lost from the day you were born in just a matter of weeks. ”

The FDA has only approved one treatment for balding hair that is minoxidil. Minoxidil has been proven to regrow your hairs over a short period. Some peoples apply minoxidil to their hair daily to regrow their hair. Since it is a supplement, so it doesn’t require FDA approval.

Follital sales page is filled with customer reviews who have managed to regrow their hairs and successfully eliminate baldness.

One should be skeptical when a supplement claims to regrow lost hair. There is no scientific evidence that claims any supplement can regrow your hairs that were lost due to balding.

Some supplements support hair quality and hair growth, helping you to enjoy a head full of hair.

However, no supplement is clinically proven.

However, manufacturers of Folital claims that their formula is proven and can regrow hair immediately.

Who Created Folital?

Dr. Robert Cyrus created Folital. Dr. Cyrus claims to discover a scientifically proven method to regrow lost hairs in a matter of weeks. Moreover, he claims to have 20 years of experience in the medical field.

Dr. Cyrus claims that his formula is poised to disrupt the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry. He assures that his treatment works on anyone who wants to regrow their hair or restore hair lost due to balding. Eventually, users get the same head of hair that they had at a young age.

Dr. Cyrus drew motivation from Steven Perkins, who was desperately looking for a cure for balding.

Steven Perkins visited Dr. Cyrus’s office. More than 70% of his hair disappeared completely, though he was only 20 years old. Steven was desperate to find a solution for hair loss. He did not want to look older than his age, and his fiancé was no longer interested in him.

In the pursuit of his efforts, Dr. Cyrus visited Dr. Philips. Like Dr. Cyrus, Dr. Philips had been in the medical field for 20 years. He had expertise in treating balding patients.

However, Dr. Philips treats his patients with natural ingredients. He always avoided minoxidil and other FDA-approved drugs.

“Just like me, Dr. Philips has been in the medical field for more than 20 years. He dealt with many extreme cases of alopecia and other serious hair-related irregularities. He strongly believes that the secret to hair restoration is hidden in nature, not a manufactured supplement.”

Dr. Philips claims he started losing hair when he was just 30 years old. He was motivated to find a cure for balding, so he developed a solution on his own.

To make a long story short, both Dr. Philips and Dr. Cyrus developed a formula to stimulate hair growth by streamlining blood flow throughout your scalp and hair follicles.

After handing over the same formula to Dr. Cyrus’s patient, he ended up with a head full of hairs.

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How Does Folital work?

Before you start using any supplement, you need to know how a supplement claims to regrow hairs, cure balding, and provide other significant effects. Therein the question arises how does the Folital work? What does the supplement do?

Folital is blended with 29 ingredients that can purportedly drain out toxins from your body. Thus, allowing you to regrow hairs. Toxins impeded the natural growth of your hairs. By eliminating toxins from your body, you can restore hair growth and enjoy miraculous benefits.

The goal of Folital formula is to equip your body with ingredients that cleanse heavy metals. Moreover, it gives your body vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it requires for healthy hair growth.

Folital precisely targets the toxin Thallium. Thallium is a heavy metal that is usually found in the bloodstream. Folital can eliminate Thallium from your hair and enable hair regrowth.

What Does Folital Do?

According to videos and sales page displayed on the, its formula works in a three-step process.

Step 1. Eliminating heavy metals and toxins that are hijacking your body and hair, including Thallium and other toxins. These heavy metals trigger hair loss by poisoning your scalp from within.

Step 2. Safely apply the nutrients to the bloodstream. The nutrients are linked to hair production. By sending these nutrients to your follicles via your bloodstream, Folital can purportedly start hair regrowing immediately.

Step 3. Once your body has sufficient nutrients for the optimal functioning of your heart and lungs, it will send excess nutrients to tiny blood vessels beneath your scalp. These nutrients feed your hair bulbs and hair follicles to produce new hair immediately.

Upon completing these steps, your scalp gets healthy from within, and regrowing of hairs will start immediately.

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Folital Ingredients

Folital is packed with 29 ingredients that purportedly help regrow your hairs in a matter of few days. These 29 ingredients include plant extracts, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients related to balding and hair loss.

Some of the ingredients are designed to eliminate heavy metals from your body. Others are designed to replenish your body with ingredients it requires to regrow lost hair.

The manufacturers of Folital claim its formula is 100% natural, with each ingredient is directly sourced from nature. The company sourced all of its ingredients from Africa, Asia, Northern Europe, and even the Amazon jungle in Brazil.

Collectively, these ingredients go through this five-step process.

Firstly, your body absorbs the nutrient blend in Folital. Eventually, ingredients begin to flush out Thallium and other heavy metal toxins from your bloodstream. The ingredients also claim to strengthen your immune system and allow your hairs to regrow naturally.

Secondly, Folital claims to purify the bloodstream and start nourishing your hair follicles. After eliminating Thallium and other heavy metal toxins from your body, Folital arrives at your hair follicles and equips them with the nutrients they need to rejuvenate themselves.

Thirdly, Folital stimulates the production of new and stronger hair. At this step, your scalp starts regrowing. According to the sales page of Folital, intermittent use of its balding will disappear completely.

Fourthly, Folital claims to eliminate hair loss while protecting you against all scalp conditions. According to the Folital sales page, the ingredients of Folital stops balding and prevent your hair from becoming prone to it again.

Finally, Folital claims not just to reverse balding and hair loss but also improves your entire health and well-being. The company claims to use ingredients that have mode-boosting properties. Thus, helping you to repair your hair loss issue fully.

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Advantages of VivaSlim Supplement?

  • Regrow hairs naturally
  • Boost energy
  • Enhance mood
  • Improved focus
  • Long and thick hairs
  • 100% natural hair regrowth solution
  • Stops hair fall
  • No side effects


You have to take two capsules per day with glass of water. This is the recommended dosage for effective results.

Folital Pricing

Folital prices are reasonable. You can order this hair support formula directly from the official website. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 x bottle of Folitals costs $69 + $9.95 shipping
  • 3 x bottles of Folital cost $177 + free shipping
  • 6 x bottles of Folital cost $294 + free shipping

Each bottle contains 60 capsules of Folital.

For latest deals and discounts, visit the official website of Folital here.

Folital Refund Policy

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs up with Folital. If you don’t see the promised result or at least a noticeable change within 60 days of purchase, then you can initiate a refund.

Does It Ship To Your Country?

Folital ships to almost all countries of the World including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand(NZ), Ireland, South Africa, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Nederland, India, Spain, etc. You can select your country during final checkout.




Is Folital Safe To Use?

Yes, Folital is 100% safe for daily use because it contains natural ingredients. Hence, this hair regrowth supplement is completely safe for your hairs. This means it is free from any allergens, chemicals, synthetic content and unwanted materials.

Folital Conclusion

Folital can help you to gain long and beautiful hairs in just few weeks of starting. The ingredients used in this product help to cleanse heavy metaks from the body while promoting the growth of new, healthy hairs.

Similarly, Folital can also help to stop your hair fall without any hard work. The product has already helped thousands of people in USA, UK and Canada to regrow hairs effectively. So, if you are serious about your hair health then you must go for Folital. The best thing is that it comes with 60-day money back guarantee. Try risk-free at home, no prescription required.

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