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Bondic – How many times have you had to throw something away because it is broken? If you are anything like me, in a busy household, the answer is far too many. The main course of action, though, is first to try and repair it with Super Glue. However, have you ever tried to fix a ceramic mug or your favorite glass vase with glue?

If you have, then you probably know just how hard it is to make it work, if you can at all. As soon as you even try to use it, it will fail. That means you have wasted time, effort, and glue, just to throw it away. Not anymore, introducing Bondic.

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What is Bondic?

Bondic is a brand new type of glue that will allow you to repair anything that you can think of. Yes, I know, you are thinking: What about this, or that? Well, without even knowing the item that you are talking about, I can pretty much guarantee to say that it will fix it. It will allow you to repair anything, household or not, that you can think of. Do you have a crack in a water pipe? No problem. Your eyeglasses arm has snapped, but you need flexibility in them? No worries. This revolutionary product Bondic can bond anything that you will ever want it to, in only four seconds.

There is no mess like traditional Super Glue; you will not stick your fingers to whatever you are repairing, nor to each other. Say goodbye to long cure times or parts rebreaking, and say hello to your favorite mug again.


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Why should Bondic help me?

You already know how this will help you. But I will tell you anyway. Right after you break something that you love, you are usually quite upset. However, when you have Bondic, you can certainly turn that frown upside down.

You can repair that item in less than thirty seconds, and get straight back to using it, even if it usually holds water! What about the time that you scrape your bumper on the car, and break off a fixing tab? Again, no problem, clean it, and stick it. It does not matter what you break; this incredible product WILL fit it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Bondic Super Glue?

While Super Glue is the all-time go-to product for fixing things, there are three considerable disadvantages to it that this has fixed. They are:

  • Cure time – No matter how good the glue that you use is, you still have to hold the parts together and wait for it to cure. Yes, you may blow on it to try and speed it up, but it is still not as quick as we would like.
  • Messy – How many times have you dripped it onto your carpet? It ruins that too. Even if you haven’t done that, you have probably had overspill and stuck your fingers together!
  • It doesn’t work on everything – Ceramics, glass, and other household materials are inherently hard to stick back together, even with Super Glue.

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Who is the target group for Bondic?

Anyone who has household items that they want to keep for as long as possible, that’s who. We all have heirlooms or sentimental items. Unfortunately, sometimes, they break whether they get knocked by a child, pet, or yourself.

However, now, with the introduction of this wonder glue, you never have to worry again. All you must do is clean the surfaces, apply some gel, cure it in four seconds with the light, and you’re finished. It is as simple as that.

So, who needs it? Everyone.


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Are there any known side effects or problems?

The only problem with Bondic is that it is not in as many households as needs it. It is such an ingenious invention that it should be in every home, every town, and city in the world. Yes, you may think that we are making that up.

However, if you buy some and compare it to any of your favorite brands of Super Glue, you will never use them again. You could not compare it to anything that you have ever seen. You will be as amazed at the results as we were and will continue to be for as long as they make it.


Bondic technical facts

  • Extremely strong
  • Works on absolutely every household item, and much more
  • No mess
  • Will not dry out, ever
  • It is safe for everyone


Bondic Reviews

It is a super simple, safe, effective, and better alternative to Super Glue. IT has been tried and tested on almost every household item that you could ever think of, and many more. Whether it is repairing faring on a motorcycle, jewelry, fishing tackle, all you have to do is clean, apply, cure, and use it again. You can even use it to repair missing parts for things, as we all know, no break is ever clean. You will not realise how much you needed this product until you have it, and then you will never use anything else. You may even find yourself using it to fix things that you could never have imagined possible.


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Bondic quality seals and features

This product is of such excellent quality and ability that there is nothing more to say about it. While it is unlikely to get to you in any other condition than perfect, they offer you a 30-day refund policy, should it arrive damaged.


Where can I buy Bondic?

If you want to buy this fantastic “not a glue” for all of the jobs you have around your household, and why wouldn’t you? You can click here to go straight to their direct sales page. Simply select how many you want, add refills, and checkout quickly using PayPal’s ordering system for full peace of mind.


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Information about the manufacturer

BONDIC® Canada

235 Industrial Parkway S., Unit 18

Aurora, ON L4G 3V5


Distribution partner is the GiddyUp company.



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