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Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 15th, 2021

CBD Paradise is happy to announce the launch of a new online shop dedicated to connecting people to innovative CBD solutions. The shop currently sells high-quality CBD products from best Canadian CBD brands –  CBD Magic, CBD2Heal and Zen Leafs. CBD Paradise offers a huge catalog of products to suit every customer’s needs. The products range from CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD edibles and several other formulations. All offerings from CBD Paradise’s online shop are specifically crafted to deal with issues like pain, sleep problems, anxiety and stress.‏

‏Future of CBD in Canada

In the near future, CBD Paradise plans to start it’s own brand of CBD goods. CBD Paradise aims to be the first of its kind in the country, developing various products based on customer feedback. The brand will focus on creating products to address specific issues faced by customers. These tailor-made products will be manufactured using top-quality raw materials in combination with the best technologies developed by seasoned chemists. As a result, customers can rest assured that they are using products that were created with their needs in mind.‏

‏The Mission

‏CBD Paradise is on a mission to distribute safe and effective CBD products globally. The brand holds itself to the highest level of accountability regarding matters of quality control and safety. Their products are the best when it comes to their refinement and extraction processes—additionally, the products are procured from top Canadian brands that employ trained chemists, engineers, and formulation specialists. ‏

Apart from offering top quality CBD products, CBD Paradise, via it’s partner CBD Magic, offers education of its valuable customers by offering answers to most common CBD related questions. Read this Ultimate CBD Guide .

‏CBD for pets‏

‏Apart from CBD products for humans, the new online CBD shop also offers CBD oil for dogs and cats. So for those with pets that get anxious on car rides or can’t stand fireworks, CBD oil for pets can be an effective solution. ‏

‏Affiliate Program

‏CBD Paradise will be launching an affiliate program in December with lucrative possibilities for affiliate earnings. The store’s CBD affiliate program will be well-positioned to enable many affiliate marketers to reel in extra income.‏

Launch discount

‏Currently, the shop is running a 30% discount on the entire catalog during the site launch time. If you want to save big on your next Hemp oil order, use coupon code “LAUNCHSALE” at checkout page. ‏

‏Please note: Consumers of CBD products from all available brands must be at least 19 years old. The shop is targeting only Canadian market for the time being, with plans

to go global soon.


For more information, visit the CBD Paradise website.


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